A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



As a materialist:

1. I believe in materializm and only in materializm. I will not allow myself to believe in anything else.

2. I do not believe in anything else unless I can touch it, see it, hear it, smell it or taste it.

3. I will call myself a ‘skeptic’ even though I fully realize I am cheating and lying when I do this because a skeptic always allow for ‘doubt’ and for possible subsequent confirmation, whereas as a materialist I do NOT allow for doubt. I am absolutely convinced absolutely nothing beyond physical explanation of the world around can exist.

4. I regard secular orthodoxy and materializm as my gods and my salvation for this lifetime on this earth. As an extreme materialist I will always push selfishness to its extreme to attain maximum pleasure – even if I have to corrupt or prostitute my talents or exploit my position in life to attain all this.

5. I do not believe in helping the weak, aiding the poor, helping those who cannot help themselves or in doing anything unless there is a direct benefit in it for me or for my own career- especially in psychology.

6. I am strongly against spirituality, against religion, against ‘god’, and actively against anything else EXCEPT the ‘secular religion’ of materializm.

7. I live only for materializm and will do anything in my power to work against the paranormal, psychic phenomena and anyone who tries to show the afterlife exists.

8. I believe I will not be ultimately responsible for my negative actions, negative deeds, negative manipulations, negative conduct in any way.

9. As an extreme materialist, I will maliciously do anything to attain my goal – I will lie, cheat, misrepresent, deceive, deface, desecrate anything which is fundamentally inconsistent with my extreme belief in materializm.

10. Inevitably, I will always be a short term thinker and short term planner for my immediate gain with absolutely no thoughts past this lifetime on earth.

Victor Zammit January 2005



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