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April 12th 2013

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COMMENTARY: The death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made world headlines this week. A couple of people put a question to me - words to the effect: because of her achievements what kind of a reception did she get on crossing over? That is a good question - and this applies not only to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but to those politicians, kings, queens, popes, and dictators - and others in powerful positions who claim significant achievements. Simply put, the answer is that 'spiritual growth' will be the only criterion that determines what kind of a reception these politicians and others will get on crossing over.

Political, commercial, industrial and other material achievements are irrelevant. Immediately relevant on crossing-over would be how much love you showed, how much selfless service you gave, how much spiritual growth you achieved.

PERFECT JUSTICE: For the record, what applies to every human being irrespective of position, power and authority is that whenever we perform spiritual service while on planet earth we increase the vibrations of our soul-body. Negative behavior will reduce our soul-body vibrations (our level of spirituality). On crossing over the level of our accrued soul-vibrations will automatically determine what kind of reception we are going to have. It is as simple as that for any king, prime minister, garbage collector and beggar! The average good decent honest person is very likely to go to the Third Level of the Light on crossing over.

"This is the world where the artist finds all his dreams come true, where the painter and the poet realize their ambition, where genius has full power of expression, where the repressions of earth are swept away and all gifts and talents are used in the service of one another ... There is not in your world one artist who could capture with his paints some of the glories of my world. There is not one musician who could record some of the glories of the music sphere with your notes. There is not one writer who could describe in physical words the beauty of parts of this world ..." (Silver Birch)

on out of body experiences. He says the exciting thing about OBEs is that you don't have to believe anything- instead you rely on your own experiences. He talks about meeting his mother who died in her 70s, and looked about 25 and was beautiful. He mentions pregnant women who talk to the soul of their incarnating child and his own recovery from stage 4 cancer due to out of body healing. Absolutely fascinating. Bill has a new book coming out in May called Adventures in the Afterlife. Read more about Bill's work from his webpage...

Path 11 Productions LLC's documentary trilogy aims to educate viewers and shed light on topics of consciousness exploration and investigate the many theories of the soul’s purpose. It will introduce metaphysical concepts to the mainstream audience with hard scientific and experiential evidence from the expert panel. Part II- Beyond the Physical has just been released. Read more...




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SCIENTISTS WHO ACCEPT BUT NEEDTO REMAIN ANONYMOUS: We must be making the inevitable progress when scientists are openly telling us that they accept the paranormal and the afterlife. While we salute those brave enough to "go public" and share their experiences we realize that there are many more who have had to keep quiet to keep their jobs or maintain funding.They too inform us that the paranormal will make more progress in the very near future on matters that will stun conservative scientists. One of these scientists tells us privately that he was on a mission for the United States government in Russia to help clearing up nuclear waste- with help from the afterlife.

Steven M. Greer, MD is Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Orion Project. Father of the Disclosure movement, he presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event in May, 2001. Over 20 military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Read more from his blog which gives details about a controversial new Documentary being released April 24th...

FORGIVENESS?: often I am asked how to get a good deal on crossing over. One of the most important thing to do is to seek forgiveness from those whom you maliciously offended or did something wrong to in some way. This is because ultimately, we all have to be forgiven by the person/s we offended. If the person you offended or cheated in some way refuses to forgive you, you could have some serious problems. So, while on earth, make sure you sort out all problems you have with those you have problems with. It will be of enormous help to you on crossing over. No one on earth - no priest, no mullah, no religious person - nobody has the power to forgive you except those people you have offended.

National intelligence in Australia - and these days in other countries as well- refuses to acknowledge the use of psychic spies to gather critical information. But those 'in the know' will tell you that China, India, Russia, the U.S. and other countries do use psychic spies. Scott Carmichael is an author and senior security and counter-intelligence investigator at the US Defence Intelligence Agency. He is writing a book about how in 1999 he used a psychic to identify a suspect who was found and later jailed for 15 years. Mr Carmichael stated, via email, that the use of psychics to identify ''unknown subjects'' had been common among US intelligence agencies in the 1980s and was used until 1995. He claims although it had been officially "phased out" by the time of the Wispelaere case, he decided to use his own initiative to get in contact with psychic Angela Ford to conduct an operation that was not officially authorized. Don't be surprised by the attempts of the government official at the end of the article to deny or minimize the use of psychics.

ARE THERE ATHEISTS IN THE AFTERLIFE? This is a frequently asked question. Essentially, atheists, agnostics and religionists will all automatically judge themselves for what they have done when on earth. You will have atheists who unselfishly helped others - and you have atheists were into cruelty and extreme selfishness.The answer in fact comes directly from a very well established authority from in the afterlife:

"When the atheist finds himself in these lands, he discovers also that he has made a tremendous and vital mistake. The existence of the Father needs no proof in these realms. The fact is evidence upon every hand in an immense variety of ways. The atheist does not require convincing. No lengthy or profound argument, no deep delving into debates are necessary. He convinces himself, and most frequently in the shortest space of time, that there exists not only a God, but that same God is the Father of us all." (Mons. Hugh Benson, directly from the afterlife in Life in the World Unseen)

watch one of the world's best mediums in action. How does this medium get to know the circumstances of loved ones who crossed over? Here's Lisa on the Ricki Lake show in March 2013.

WHY 'DEATH' TERRIFIES SOME PEOPLE: over the last few months, I came across a number of people all expressing exaggerated fear of death. That is not unusual - in the West this is very common. I grew up in a Christian environment where religion tended to terrify people by the frequent use of the threat of 'eternal damnation' for the least thing. And whilst things have changed, there are still many people who are really terrified about what is going to happen to them when they cross over. Fear normally is a 'leaned process'. Anything learned can be un-learned. The critical antidote for fear of death is KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE - and about what is going to happen to you when you cross over. So, I suggest that every day find a quiet time where you can read highly credible information directly from the afterlife which tells us that crossing over should be your greatest, most beautiful experience. Books by Silver Birch, the Anthony Borgia books (Mons. Hugh Benson transmitting information from the afterlife) and Arthur Findlay books about the afterlife are the classic proven brilliant books that will give you confidence. Of course, there are other brilliant books about the afterlife such as Michael Tymn's The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die.


According to Dr Weiss,
" The awareness that we have multiple lifetimes, separated by spiritual interludes on the other side, helps to dissolve the fear of death and bring more peace and joy into the present moment. And in his latest book Miracles Happen, personal stories, accompanied by Dr. Weiss's inspiring teachings, reveal how getting in touch with our past lives can profoundly and permanently heal mind and body. In the end, we come away inspired, renewed, and assured of the truth that we are eternal beings who are free to heal our current wounds by better understanding our past. It's a practice that helps us improve our current lives, evolve along our spiritual paths, and live each day with purpose.



WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR PET WHEN THE PET CROSSES OVER? Over the years, I had many enquiries about pets. There is a great deal of interest about what happens to pets when they physically die. Do they still survive? Are they being looked after? Will they be reunited with their masters when the masters cross over? Do the pets ever visit their masters? Evidence shows that pets survive physical life. This means on crossing over they will find themselves with full consciousness and memories. In one of David Thompson's materialization sessions a dog materialized and ran to its 'owner' with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and heavy breathing. It was quite a reunion for the lady owner of the dog. The barking was caught on tape. There are special spirit-people in the afterlife who welcome the pet when the pet dies. The pets are looked after until their owner crosses over to be reunited with the loved pets. But pets do visit their humans and the homes they lived in. No doubt, pet lovers are in for a beautiful surprise on crossing over - meeting up with their beloved pets.
FInd books on animals in the afterlife.


KINDNESS TO ANIMALS Reports from the afterlife tell us that on the higher levels people have a strong sense of the interconnection of all life. This video of Michael Fishbach, co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy, freeing the entangled humpback whale and the joyous whale’s reaction, is extraordinary.
If you are short on time fast forward to the 5 minute 30 seconds mark or Read similar report...



FEEDBACK:(3 only) 1) Simply loved the Rupert Sheldrake TED lecture . It was so intellectually honest and refreshing. I can't for the life of me understand why this lecture was banned !!! Skanda.

2) Thank you once again for the consistency of the weekly afterlife report and hope you are well .. Thanks for your enlightenment and please keep up the good work. You are doing a selfless job. Much love, peace and respect to you. G. D.

3) Hello Victor, I enjoyed looking through your content. There is a lot of information that was both practical and insightful, just the thing for some who is looking to grow their psychic knowledge. I really like that your site provides a place for psychics to come together. Your site provides a place for people to come together for support and to get answers to questions they may have ... Yours Truly, Luke

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