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Report April 4th 2008

Thanks you to all of those who have emailed me or sent copies of books, articles etc. I regret that I cannot always answer you quickly since I usually am inundated with urgent work - but will reply as soon as I can.

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COMMENTARY: WHY SHOULD YOU QUESTION TRADITIONAL BELIEFS? The battle for the mind is ongoing. Many forces in the environment around you are trying to control your mind and manipulate your decision making process– the media, the education system, your own family beliefs, culture and values, your community and friends. Giant companies carefully prepare to extract your dollar by expertly orchestrated mind-manipulating advertising. Politicians try to impress themselves on your mind to get your vote. Traditional 'priests and parsons' try to control and manipulate your mind to disseminate their thousand year old religions. So, would it not be in your own interests to be very careful about what information to accept, what values to hold dear to your heart? Whilst we acknowledge that we have been conditioned and programmed to accept certain beliefs and reject other beliefs, in our interests we have to rise above that. If you were born in Iran to-day, you are very likely to be a Moslem. If you were born in India – a Hindu. In Japan, you’re likely to be embracing Shintoism or Buddhism or both.In urban China to-day, you’re likely to be an atheist. If you are born in Israel to-day, your beliefs would be totally opposite to those you would have if you were born in Iraq.

If you must have faith – investigate. Why is blind faith stupid? There are suicide bombers who have enormous ‘blind faith’ in their religion and conditioning that if they blow up and murder innocent people they will go to heaven and find some fifty virgins waiting for them!

Base your faith on knowledge and evidence. Accept only beliefs that do not insult your intelligence. Follow teachings that uplift and inspire you, that encourage you on the path of personal and human evolution.

In the search for independent thinking relying on the science of the paranormal has a huge advantage: objectivity and repeatability. Those with a vested interest – for their own survival - do not want you to accept any scientifically based evidence. Instead they push people to have ‘blind faith’, whether it be in a religion or atheism. They discourage you from accepting the evidence for the afterlife because their minds were manipulated not to accept such evidence. Why should anyone reject the paranormal and the afterlife when there is a huge amount of empirical and scientific evidence for their existence?

My recommendation is for you to read and put value on the empirical evidence for the afterlife. If you want to have beliefs, then have the beliefs which have the substance of objective and repeatable evidence – and you will be on the winning side - guaranteed!

AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES APPLAUD THE FRIDAY REPORT. Last Sunday night we had a most fantastic materialization session with medium David Thompson. The Circle of the Silver Cord has been working quietly to build the energy and it was one of the very best we’ve ever had. Three brilliant British mediums, Gordon Higginson (pictured) , Leslie Flint (pictured right) and for a very short time Helen Duncan, and one dedicated investigator of physical mediumship Allan Crossley materialized to pass information on to us. Gordon Higginson, highly gifted medium and President of the Spiritualists Union in England when on physical earth stated, was very encouraging about the Friday Report...Listen to audio file. So was Allan Crossley – who described me as one of his ‘ilk.’ Listen to audio file. It is so encouraging for these wonderful afterlife intelligences to converse with us – and wonderful evidence for the afterlife. When these afterlife intelligences converse with us, we know with absolute certainty, we are on the winning side – guaranteed!

This book is very disturbing for closed minded Christian fundamentalists. If you can perceive the world, beliefs and knowledge with a truly open and a balanced mind, you will begin to ask questions about traditional Christianity. You will be devastated with this documented information that nothing, absolutely nothing in Christian theology is original. We have been told when we were young that everything in the Bible is original. You read the first few chapters of Arthur Findlay – and guaranteed you will be absolutely stunned. For example, baptism, communion, confession, salvation by a crucified savior – and all the parables one finds in the Bible were taken from previous oriental religious writings. This knowledge of plagiarization on a grand scale is now filtering into the mainstream media and the people who bother to read are getting to know the truth about where their beliefs really came from.

AN ADVANCED CHRISTIAN VIEW ON FAITH. Edited by the Rev. Michael Cocks and The Rev. Victor MacGill the latest journal of a group of most intellectually and theologically advanced Christians who are ‘Exploring Science, Mysticism and Experience Together’ is now available online. “It comes to this: each of us needs to get out from under our faith (or lack-of-faith) community's beliefs and expectations, and to base our faith on what we have experienced and discovered for ourselves. To do that, we don't necessarily have to reject our faith community: it's only that, if we lack personal experience of Spirit, spirit-talk is just words that we don't really understand. I suppose we can regard our churches as schools, where the pupils range from the very young to the very old, and all are at varying stages of development. A good church will be one that encourages us to mature and think and experience Spirit for ourselves.” Read more...

There are still some people who are contemplating suicide thinking that by suiciding their problems will end. WRONG! The evidence available shows very clearly that the problems are very likely to INCREASE if one commits suicide. Save yourself huge negative consequences here and in the afterlife dimension: read online the best book I have come across on Suicide (see below).

Most sincere apologies to the person who sent me a message through Youtube after watching my video
Suicide is not the answer. I tried to reply to you but the message was accidentally deleted. Could you send the message again or email me from here … . I do have some very important information for you.

Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? This provocative study by Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Klimo explores what happens to those who commit suicide. Drawing on communications from the spirits of more than 100 " successful" suicides, it offers an intriguing look at what the dead themselves say about suicide, its repercussions, and their experiences in the afterlife. Bringing together the channeled messages of three types of suicide -- traditional suicide, assisted suicide, and the suicide mass murder adopted by terrorists -- the book covers a wide range of topics, including why people commit suicide, what it is like to cross over, adjustment problems, what suicides would say to those left behind, and what they would tell others thinking of taking their own lives. Additionally, the book conveys powerful messages from suicide bombers, warning potential terrorists of the serious karmic consequences that await them. For anyone contemplating suicide or euthanasia, the book offers profound, sometimes unsettling, insight into the ramifications of these acts.
Read parts of this book online now at Google Books

Sarah Estep (pictured) and her transition is featured in the latest issue of the AA-EVP journal. Tom and Lisa Butler (directors of AAEVP) report that they were deeply moved by Becky's (Sarah's daughter) eulogy and included it in the issue. Becky also made a contribution to the AA-EVP and asked people to contribute as well, in lieu of flowers. The result is that now they have a research fund and hope to use it to establish capability to manage grants. One exciting result of people trying to reach Sarah via EVP can be heard on the AA-EVP website where some of Sonia Rinaldi's examples are posted. Tom and Lisa say the voice is very much like Sarah's. They continue
" You will see in this issue that things are changing very fast, and we think real-time, two-way communication is fast becoming a practical possibility. It is happening now, but there are some pretty big issues to figure out before we can realistically recommend any of the techniques to new members. Figuring out those issues will be a priority for the Sarah Estep Research Fund. Of course, your contributions to that fund will be appreciated. :-)"
If you would like to support the exciting work of AAEVP become a member now.

THE ACADEMY OF SPIRITUALITY AND PARANORMAL STUDIES was formed in December, 2005. Its primary purpose is
to encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas and cooperation between clergy and academics of religion and philosophy and scientists, researchers and academics of all scientific and humanistic disciplines in the fields of psychical research and new disciplines as well as the historic sciences. Its ANNUAL CONFERENCE will be held from Friday May 30th to Monday June 2nd, 2008 at De Sales University, Center Valley, PA. The conference program is shaping up to be most interesting....

THE CONVERGENCE OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY Dr Dean Radin is a researcher and author in the field of parapsychology. His professional career has focused on experimentally exploring far reaches of human consciousness, primarily phenomena like intuition, gut feelings and psi phenomena. He is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Petaluma, California, and on the Adjunct Faculty at Sonoma State University. He is the author of Entangled Minds and The Conscious Universe. In this video he explains how science tends to give rise to a fractured system of disciplines, while spirituality connects an individual to the rest of the universe in a meaningful way. Watch short video

THE ULTIMATE PSYCHIC MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: My former experience with intelligence agencies precipitated this interesting thought: is it theoretically possible to have someone who was once in the intelligence services on physical Earth on crossing over decide to continue his intelligence work for his country? He/she would be able to get the most intimate intelligence information about anything and relate it to a medium engaged by national security on earth. Of course, there could be problems of interference with ‘free will’, and the information would always have to be transmitted in the best spiritual interest of the country. But those who are highly spiritual would inevitably be with the Forces of the Light and would perceive anything in the best interest of mankind generally. We must never forget one of the most brilliant remote psychic viewers in the U.S.: Pat Price. He was a brilliant and successful remote viewer for the CIA- mysteriously killed after revealing Soviet highly secret military basis in Mount Narodnaya, Russia. And I do restate, any country which fully masters the paranormal will rule the world – guaranteed. Evidence shows that China at the moment is doing extremely well in military psychic espionage. The Americans might just lose the psychic war espionage because of the crude materialists in high places are fighting against the paranormal. As Dean Radin said in his blog on 1-21-08 "One would think that merely out of curiosity the Department of Defence might allocate, say 0.1% of their annual budget to study what happens after death vs. the hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year on techologies designed to produce death: 99.9% devoted to the death machine, 0.1% to the follow-up question, then what? Seems reasonable to me".

Michael Tymn's blog this week has a fascinating article on why spirits communicating through mediums sometimes have difficulty getting very simple and obvious information across. "Sometimes I lose some memory of things from coming here," Sir William Barrett told his wife in a February 8, 1927 sitting. "I know it in my own state but not here." He went on to liken it to having a dream in the physical state and to explain that when he goes back to the spirit world after a sitting he realizes that he did not get everything through that he wanted to." Read more...
We find this fascinating because in the Circle of the Silver Cord William, the afterlife convener, has told us something very similar. We have been told by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that it takes a huge effort for them to materialize and they seem to have to focus on the most important thing they want to get across - usually messages of love or thanks or encouragement.

Those who love literature may find the following very interesting. One of the world’s greatest poets winner of a Nobel Prize for literature, conceded the existence of the afterlife. He wrote: “Certain things had happened to me when alone in my room which convinced me that there are spiritual intelligences which can warn us and advise us'" This great poet was not a New Age guru or some New Age dilettante. He was a professional with an international reputation. The intelligentsia respected him. He influenced millions around the world. He organized the Irish Literary Society, wrote some thirty five books and he was a Senator from the Irish Free State.

NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSITUTION FOR MANKIND: The word "Noosphere" is best described as a sort of 'collective consciousness' of human-beings. This is a very special project by a group of advanced thinkers who are working for global consciousness. Whereas the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 was a product of its time, this constitution is a document which lays the foundation for possible new form of legal regulation in the world community. Read this brilliant document and tell your friends about it. The document can be modified to incorporated the very much needed spiritual objectives.
Read more....

THE ORIGINS OF ‘HELL FOR ETERNITY’. For some 1700 LONG years Christians have used eternal damnation – the greatest HOAX in the history of the world! – to scare the daylights out of people to control and manipulate their hearts and their minds. In the West most of us grew up with threat of eternal damnation for the least transgression. Where did this eternal damnation nonsense come from? Whilst many modern Christians do not accept it, strict Christian theology still promotes ETERNAL DAMNATION IN HELL – and many of the Bible preachers – use the threat of damnation to control the minds of people. It now appears that this ‘eternal’ hellfire and ‘eternal ‘damnation’ came about through the willful mistranslation of the word ‘eon’. Whenever the word 'eon' preceded the word 'punishment' in the Bible, the early Christian translators MISTRANSLATED ‘eon’ as ‘ETERNAL’. But when ‘eon’ preceded something which was neutral, these Christian theologians translators translated ‘eon’in its true meaning A PERIOD OF TIME- which in time of the Romans was 100 years. I want you to read this carefully, because this is something that not even some of priests and ministers know about. You can check it yourself– and if you want to dispute it , send your researched reasons to victor@victorzammit.com: Read more …

BEQUESTS: in the past a couple of people – potential cash donors - asked me if I could recommend registered charity organizations doing systematic afterlife research so that they could leave bequests. Clearly people need to know that that they are leaving money to people they can trust. Making a list or reputable organizations will give people options about where the valuable cash will go – the list will be publicized in the near future. If you would like to recommend a suitable afterlife investigation organization, kindly contact me victor@victorzammit.com

OBAMA V HILARY: Result below: it was just so interesting how close the vote was! The results do not really give a definitive indication one way or another. News report tell us Obama is the favorite, but we'll have to wait and see until next week. Remember, I stated that the United States is showing that it is maturing with its spiritual tolerance and for the first time in American history, the Democrats are going to be led either by a female or by a ‘black’ candidate. This situation could not have happened some fifty years ago – in fact it would have been unthinkable. So congratulations to the U.S. for its ongoing maturity. It is acknowledged that notwithstanding the national problems, there is spiritual evolution on a national level across America to have reached this political state. So, congratulations to Hilary for being the first woman to take on the Presidency challenge and certainly congratulations to Barack– who critics say has got a lot of courage to take on the Presidency – and congratulations for the people who are making it happen. RESULST: there was no significance in the voting pattern of those who claimed they had psychic abilities to those who did not. Hilary Clinton obtained 48%, Obama 49%, others wanted other candidates.

'MEDIUM' - Allison Dubois left, and 'GHOST WHISPERER' Jennifer Lovitt - right- two fine psychic shows commenced showing again on Australian national television this week - on Thursday nights. Check newspapers for details.

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