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By Dr Ken Saari.

I just thought I would share with you a just a little bit of what I experienced this past weekend with this most remarkable and extraordinary man, Alexander Imich PhD.

On February 4, 2012 I had the great honor, joy, and privilege of spending the entire afternoon with the worlds most dedicated and oldest parapsychologist – Dr. Alexander Imich. It was his birthday and just happened to be turning 109 years old. He is obviously the oldest and I say that he is also the most dedicated because he has been studying, researching, experimenting, and writing about all aspects of parapsychology and the paranormal for the past 78 years. Although his PhD. was in zoology, after the war, he came to the states from Poland, lived in New York, and worked as a chemist.

His real interest though for the past 78 years, has been the paranormal.

What a joy it was to see him again and to be with him on his birthday. Having the same interests, we talked incessantly all afternoon about afterlife evidence, physical mediumship, ectoplasm, psychokinesis, telepathy, ufos, extra terrestials, Uri Geller, etc., etc., etc. We talked for several hours nonstop until we were both physically and mentally exhausted. What is most amazing about this man is his completely insatiable appetite for knowledge about mediumship, the afterlife, and all of the aforementioned subjects.

He has the zeal and enthusiasm for knowledge of someone 90 years younger. He also realizes how vitally important it is that we, as a society, should learn as much about these subjects as possible because, as he puts it: “it can help us individually and can help the human race tremendously”. One of his main life long goals was to try to convince the government that they should provide more funding for paranormal research. Unfortunately, as we all know, this has not been the case. This saddens him as it does me.

A few months ago, fourteen boxes of records, files, documents, and correspondence with scientists were taken from his residence by the University of Manitoba, and according to Alex, they are going to be placed in some kind of museum or research facility.

We looked at dozens and dozens of great photos of ectoplasmic materializations and his eyes would light up as mine always do upon seeing these earth shattering photos. We also discussed the current state of physical mediumship and the phenomena that some of present day physical mediums are producing. He then pulled out an entire drawer with dozens of bent, twisted and distorted metal objects like knives, forks, and spoons. These, he said were bent and twisted mentally by two gentlemen whom he knew well who both had highly developed psycho-kinetic ability - Dr. Safwat Al Amin and Joseph Nuzzum. Psychokinesis is the ability to move or deform inanimate objects, such as forks and spoons mentally. He also displayed several glass and plastic bottles that had never been opened and contained objects that would be completely impossible to insert through the small opening on the tops of these bottles. He indicated that these feats of psychokinesis were performed in front of him by both of these very gifted individuals.

One of the gifted ‘psychics’ whom he would see fairly regularly and knew very well was Dr. Safwat. Sadly, when I asked about Dr. Safwat (whom I had met on two separate occasions) he told me that he had passed two months ago. He told me that Safwat was in his sixties and passed during an operation.

Alex told me that during World War 2 he had lost over thirty members of his family in concentration camps in Poland during the holocaust. He told me that he still thinks about it.

He also told me voluntarily that he believes the secret to his longevity is that he eats very little. He pointed out a study which showed that mice that are fed less live longer. I also happen to know that he is and has been a big proponent of nutritional supplementation. For many years he took a host of micronutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidents, vitamins, minerals, etc. and was even interviewed by the Life Extension Institute.

Once again, it was a great to see Alex again and be with him on his birthday. I look forward to my next visit, which will be very soon, and our ongoing discussions about the most important subject of all – survival after what we ‘death’.


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