The Book

Report on Bill Meadows Seance Jenny's Sanctuary Banbury England.

By Dr K.

Just thought I would take a minute to share with you some of the highlights of the seance that I attended with Bill Meadows at Jenny's Sanctuary last week in Banbury, England. The event was put on by Zerdin, a wonderful organization dedicated totally to the study, development, and promotion of physical mediumship internationally.

There were 25 sitters in attendance and all of the usual precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the medium. Everyone was searched at the door as usual. All jewelry, handbags, wallets, cell phones etc., were left outside of the seance room. I was seated in the front row, directly in front of the cabinet. Bill's wife Colleen sat to my left.

For the sake of brevity, I will only touch briefly on the highlights of the demonstration.

At one point, five different objects were levitated and flying aroun the room simultaneously - two trumpets, a drum, and two drum sticks. This was truly amazing. As I was observing this phenomenon, I recall thinking that three of the greatest magicians in the world could not accomplish a feat of this magnitude. Later, with the red light turned on, the trumpets were levitated in front of the cabinet, suspended in mid air. I was asked by spirit to come up and retrieve one of the trumpets and return to my seat.

At the end of the seance, the spirit communicator named Johnathan announced that he was going to materialize his hand and allow some of the sitters to come up and shake hands with him. I felt truly blessed that I was one of sitters to be invited up to shake his hand. The hand was alive and as real as any that I have ever seen or felt. With the red light on, I was able to look very closely at the hand. I can say with absolute certainty that it was not the hand of Bill Meadows, the medium. I took a mental picture of the mediums hand before the seance started and the materialized hand was much different. Also, the medium had a ring on his hand that I attempted to remove several times during the seance (when asked) and each time, with sincere effort, I was unable to remove it.

After releasing our grasps, the materialized hand retreated slowly back into the cabinet. As it retreated, it appeared to shrink or dematerialize. Again I was approximately 18 inches away from the curtain when this happened so my vantage point was excellent. I must also note that it was a hand, a wrist, and a forearm - almost up to the elbow.

It must be noted that throughout the seance, ten times spirit asked sitters to come up, open the curtain and check the medium, to make sure that his arms and legs were still firmly tied to the chair with the cable ties. The medium was checked just before the materialization of the hand and immediately after. The spirit team wanted everyone in the room to be absolutely sure that there was no possibility of fraud taking place. Not only did they use plastic cable ties, they also used velcro straps to keep him tied to the chair. This ensures that if the medium attempted to remove the bindings, it would be heard by most of the sitters. The only way to remove the cable ties is with an extremely sharp knife or a pair of wire cutters.

Six times spirit asked me specifically to go up and check him. Each time, I was very thorough in my examination of the bindings. Again, I was situated exactly five feet from the curtain. Sometimes, the spirit people would open the curtain themselves. Nevertheless, each and every time I was asked to go up and check the medium, he was firmly tied to the chair and appeared to be in a trance. I recall the bindings being on exceptionally tight and was somewhat concerned about diminished circulation to his hands.

It is also worth mentioning that whenever the lights were turned off, everyone in the room was asked to hold hands. This is done so that everyone knows where their neighbor is and so none of the sitters can get up. Again I must reiterate that I was seated next to Colleen, the mediums wife, throughout the seance. She had the same excitement and enthusiasm that I had. She appeared as excited as one would be if it was their very first seance. This, for me, was more proof of it's authenticity.

This demonstration of physical and materialization mediumship is concrete proof that we survive what we know as death. There are mountains of evidence for survival and yet, the vast majority of the population of the world are precluded or totally unaware that it even exists. Aristotle once said, "life is a banquet and most people are starving" How true his words were. The greatest food for thought, dangling precariously from the trees of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment, and the multitudes unable or unwilling to savor it's nourishing, life sustaining juices, due to what Arthur Findlay calls - the curse of ignorance. When is it going to end? Needless suffering, so unnecessary.

9th February 2009