A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife




Why are there so many differences in quality levels in mediumship?Is it because some mediums are untrained or under-developed or less gifted?"

Many different standards of mediumship today exist, simply because of the variation in methods and personal standards of those teaching it.
As with many skills it can be developed, but not everyone is an expert or brilliant at it, nor is every medium a teacher. The subject, should be researched and examined as much as possible by those wishing to develop, so they at least have an understanding of what their development is about.

Different teachers use different methods, but the rule of thumb is that one must always develop the Power of the Spirit, through sitting for this to build and develop within a group or by oneself.

If sitting by oneself, eventually a group will be needed for expansion and practice.

The Power of the Spirit is totally separate from meditation, which is just a disciplined train of thought. One can meditate to relax, balance oneself and contemplate, but to build the Power of the Spirit takes time.

Some people develop gradually as their abilities unfold, and they should be guided by an experienced teacher and medium themselves, who knows the difference in energies, and can sense the presence of spirit. The teacher should always be able to link into the contact the student has made also.

Many only develop a psychic level and psychometrise the spirit, without flowing with true communication. Many facts can be pulled like this, but the essence and presence of the spirit is missing.

One also needs to know that it should be the spirit people who decide what abilities to unfold, not us; we should work alongside them without expectation or demand, and be grateful that we have this wonderful communication.

I believe true mediums are born, but many can develop abilities to varying degrees.

One should always wait to be invited by their teacher or leader to work publicly after their standards have reached a certain level. This must be consistent and evidential.

Many teachers only take their students to certain levels, and it is then up to the student to work upon their spiritual unfoldment as well as any abilities.This sometimes means changing teachers etc.

Much misunderstood information and many uneducated people are out there, and one must always be aware of the subtle differences between psychic and spirit communication.

The quality of true mediumship has declined today, because people are demonstrating before they are ready, and many will only stay at a certain level if they are not open to change, be flexible and prepared to give to the spirits rather than always having an expectation of them.

This is why we have a lot of psychics working and calling themselves mediums, when actually they are not mediums. True spirit communication is a majestic union between the two worlds, and should always be treated as such.

You do not need to use strange methods, protect or ground yourself from the spirit world, to achieve development, for it is much more simple than we realise. We are the ones that complicate it. If working with true intent then the spirit will always know this. Never have I met a true medium that needs to protect or ground himself from the spirit world.

It is a world of thought, and one only needs to have good intentions and a disciplined mind to keep the balance, which is important. Grounding is simply switching the mind into something material, after the work is finished.

I believe that one is always a student and when one thinks they have gone beyond learning they should stop development.

Another factor is we have allowed poor standards to become the norm in some way, so as ambassadors for the spirit world we should always aim to reach the very best with our abilities in any area of mediumship, and this applies to those who are teaching too.

Always be open to change, but always follow the true flow of the spirit within you and that of the spirit world and you will always then be upon the right path.

Always be of the right intention to serve the spirit, not for self gratification and you will become the true medium. The responsibility lies with us to keep the standards at an acceptable level and educate those who wish to understand about the after life and the intelligence that it is.

Christine Morgan. Medium, teacher of mediumship and of the paranormal