A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



(Date Posted:10/10/2005 15:01:17) '9'.

" In the United Kingdom there is what's known as the "Official Secrets Act" and this is something that forbids any in depth discussion of what could be seen as controversial issues an example of which naturally being foul - play involvement in the events in Paris. This also therefore dictates what can and what can't be publicised in regards to things of this nature. I was also forbidden as part of the royal divorce settlement to discuss my marriage as I had been seen to make mention of in my infamous interview which ultimately resulted in it's ending in divorce. Here on my site and being physically dead, I am at liberty to speak about these things and more, something I am taking advantage of and which naturally I am doing albeit through Andrew which is why my site is one of such validation and importance on the net as it provides evidence of certain things which are not generally known in the public domain and my purpose in doing so is to make them apparent, things that will become public knowledge eventually and will therefore be proven to be real and not the crazed imaginings of a lunatic as has been so wrongly suggested by people on the net.

This is very unfair and so ignorant of people to do and particularly people on sites that revere me and my memory so albeit strangely enough includes site moderators themselves who seem so quick to judge and feeling for whatever reason that they have the authority to do so.

I warned in one of my messages of a bomb about to explode in the U.K and Andrew contacted a newspaper in regards to this, his being advised by the journalist he spoke to at that tabloid to seek the professional help of a psychiatrist, a few days later the bomb attacks in London with a loss of life took place .... as I reiterate such ignorance which lead to people's deaths, so quite frightening! Had he been believed or taken seriously those people would still in all probability be alive, something worthy of great consideration!Andrew has since contacted the media to make them aware of my site and typically has been met with resistance resulting in his correspondence having been ignored by them ........ most probably the men in white coats on standby to drag him away at any moment!........ it is tragic that this view is the one that at the moment anyway seems to be taken by those who with influence could utilise it in such a powerful, productive and useful way but sadly human nature being to question, disbelieve, and even worse discredit something that cannot be proven logically to be possible and here I am speaking of the subject of " Life after death ".

I fully realise that it is something that is pretty amazing but there are plenty of people around who do believe in it's reality and with reason to do so having experienced proof of it for themselves in all kinds of ways but never the less within the ratio of things, a minority group and no doubt by the majority considered to be in need of psychiatric help! On my site I have spoken a lot about my life and gone into detail about things that others have barely mentioned and hopefully in such a manner to make sense of things that until now anyway have been shrouded in mystery and of course I have much more to say which I will be doing when the moment is appropriate for me to do so, as I must naturally exercise a sensible degree of caution in all that I do speak about even now. The site's purpose though having been established, as somewhere that people interested in doing so can visit and the truth about things consult and that in itself makes it a worthwhile thing for me to have been inspired to create and something that in the future will be seen to play its part in the achievement of a tremendous result far greater than something possibly imagined at this time ........ but it is a mistake and being human, understandably so and particularly for the uninitiated to underestimate the powers of " Spirit" for whom all things are indeed possible!"


(Date Posted:10/10/2005 15:01:17)