A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


COMMENTARY: EXORCISM: Some traditional religionists unfairly attack the paranormal claiming people become 'possessed by devils' when they use psychics and practice Reiki, T'ai Chi and Yoga.

This was the claim in an article on Catholic exorcism in a Sydney mainstream newspaper this week. Similar claims have been made by fundamentalists all over the world- and even led to law suits in the USA.

Time for the old time theologians to wake up in the twenty first century. Why? Because there is NO EVIDENCE linking Reiki, T'ai Chi and Yoga practices to being possessed. And consulting a genuine gifted psychic according to the CHURCH OF ENGLAND (see report) does not make anyone obsessed.

In the old days when people were highly superstitious and ignorant, the Church terrorised people's minds with eternal damnation into everlasting fire. Now we are informed some 97% of the Catholics do not accept eternal damnation. But now, some religious Christian extremists are trying to terrify the people in a different way, making dishonest, unfair claims about 'devil possession' because one is into Yoga, or T'ai Chi or sees a gifted psychic. Read more ...



Information transmitted directly from the afterlife - in fact a Catholic Monsiginor Hugh Benson, tells us there are no 'devils' in the afterlife - there are spiritually retarded spirits. The story about angels rebelling against God and became devils is a fiction of the imagination written thousands of years ago and the Church believed it - all without evidence. 'Angels' are the spirits who are spiritually highly advanced and are still in the realm of the Light - sometimes they help us.

1. Just because a person does not act in the normal way does not mean that person is possesssed by the devil. Psychiatrists to-day can explain abormal behaviour - and tell us abnormal behaviour has nothing to do with a person being possessed by evil spirits. That's Hollywood hogwash which terrified those people who went to see movies about exorcism.

2. We get highly gifted clairvoyants who tell us that on rare occasions they can see a spirit - someone who lived on planet earth as a human being - certainly NOT devil - who tries to follow a particular person. There are technical reasons for that. It could be karmic - it could be that there was some kind of a relationship between the spirit and the person he is trying to follow for one reason or another.

3. When the exorcist article stated that Fr Gabriele Amorth claims to have exorcised some 160,000 devils and demons - it's time for this priest to see a psychiatrist himself. Gifted clairvoyants can see spirits - and know what is going on - and even can communicate with some of them. But the Church does not want to deal with clairvoyants. The Church allows only priests 'trained' to be an exorcist (apparently in one weekend) to do exorcism. All he needs to have is a Bible, a crucifix and holy water. A clairvoyant reported an attempt by a priest to do exorcism - to get rid of a benign spirit by sprinkling 'holywater' on the spirit. The clairvyoyant saw the spirit laughing his head off!!

4. People who accept exorcism are usually very superstitious people who were taught that possession is real and only priests can exorcise devils. This is huge ignorance. A priest is not usually a gifted clairvoyant or a medium.

5. The 'spirits' who give trouble in the afterlife are labelled 'evil'. In fact, these spirits who follow some people on earth are people just like you and me who lived on planet earth. Sometimes they want to seek attention - but not in a negative way. And other times where you have ignorant spirits - several things could have happened:

a) the spirit never accepted there could be an afterlife and strongly believed there was no afterlife. On crossing over, their mind would not accept that they are in the afterlife and continue to refuse to accept they could be in the afterlife. So these lost spirits get lost amongst the people living on earth wandering from person to person hoping someone could listen to them.

b) if a person was cruel on earth, his-her vibrations would not have been high enough to reach the realm of the light - and gets caught in the lower darker region closest to earth. That is something that could cause a problem to people on earth as this low vibrational person tries to seek attention by entering the aura of people on earth. Some of these spirits could give trouble to people on earth. But these 'spirits' have to be dealt with, but they are NOT devils or demons or Satan.

c). Those who stay in the home after they die. Some of these 'caught' spirits then after they die, try to frighten the new occupiers by physically attacking them. Other caught spirits just make noise, or throw things around. This is what happened in the poltergeist case where the caught spirit did not attack, did not 'possess' the new comers, but made a lot of noise. The very widely publicised case was the Enfield case where the spirit was very mischievous doing all kinds of things in 'his' home throwing things around. But a medium was able to converse with the 'ghost' and convinced him he was really dead - and the problem was solved.

6. The extreme cases: again I say, that there are no devils, but former human beings who lived on earth and are living in the dark region of the afterlife causing trouble. Some of these low spirits could become troublesome to some people. In these extreme cases what is needed is a skilled clairvoyant/ mental medium and others trarined in dealling with alleged 'possessed' to converse with the spirit. We are informed by highly credible afterlife teachers that during our lifetime we get those who help us to stay with us - they come and they go. But as stated above, the lower astral spirits - human beings who lived on earth could give trouble to some people. We are also informed and the Church accepts that from birth a special guardian is assign to protect and help us.

THE DEVIL? Those who want to do research to see where the Catholics obtained their 'devil' from see great British historian Arthur Findlay's ROCK OF TRUTH in the chapter 'The Old Religion'. He says among other things, "The devil figures in all religions in one form or another. The one Christianity copied came from Paganism, and to it he was known as Pan the mountain Goat-God, with horns, hoofs and tail. He was God of the mountains, and the legend of Jesus being taken up a high mountain to be tempted by the Devil is just the story borrowed from the Pagans of Pan taking Jupiter to a mountain-top and offering him the surrounding country."

MONS. HUGH BENSON - Catholic Monsignor, directly from the afterlife transmitted much valuable information correcting many of our supersitious Churchian beliefs. In one of his books- FACTS - he transmitted, among other things:

"That there is one who is indisputably the Prince of Evil, no, he simply does not exist. Every inch of the dark realms has been surveyed by beings of the highest realms and they have failed to discover the devil or Satan ... The knowledge that all such high beings possess tells them that there is no such person as the devil." (Introductory).


Surely if there was a devil who wanted to destroy the Catholic Church, planting ideas about pedophilia in the minds of holy priests would be a very effective strategy.

So whilst it has been proved that priests sexually molested and penetrated young boys as young as 11 years and some pedophile priests have been sent to prison, - why is it that we never read or see a report of priest being 'exorcised'? All over the world there are horrific reports of the pedophilia effects on very young boys and girls. Victims who appeared on Oprah's television program claimed that Church has paid over ONE BILLION dollars in damages - just on the East Coast of the U.S. alone!!

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