A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

FLAMBOYANT SCIENTISTS UNABLE TO ANSWER CRITICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT GOD Scientists like Prof Richard Dawkins and Prof Hawking, claim that there is no evidence for the existence of God - not the anthropomorphic God of the Old Testament, but the self-aware consciousness which underlies the Universe. They say that everything came by 'chance'. WRONG! Do these scientists have the moral courage to answer these very important questions? I will publish all answers by these skeptical atheistic scientists.


1. THE UNIVERSE: For the record, do you accept the existence of the universe - with its constellations, solar systems, planets and stars? (Of course, your answer will be yes - but first we state what we agree on).

2. 'ORDER':
Do you accept that there is 'order' in the universe - constellations, solar systems, planets and stars are not crashing and colliding with each other?

3. LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE: Do you agree there are definitive LAWS regulating the functioning of the universe?

4. GRAVITY: Do you agree that there is 'gravity'?

5. INTELLIGENCE: Do you agree there is universal INTELLIGENCE OR MIND that controls the UNIVERSE - as former atheist Prof Albert Einstein has stated.

6. LIFE ON EARTH: Do you agree that scientists have not been able to create even a single living cell and have no way to demonstrate how life created itself?

7. GROWTH: All 'growth process' human and non human are an effect from a First Cause.

8. CELLS IN A HUMAN BODY: Scientists conclude that the average human body contains approximately 37.2 TRILLION cells, all obeying the laws of physics and biology, operating by a universal intelligence! That too came by chance?

9. HUMAN BRAIN: The average adult human brain has about 100 BILLION cells. Linked by synapses, each brain cell can connect to tens of thousands of other brain cells. (That too came by chance?) There would be several trillian other phenomena in existence in the universe - did they all come by chance?

10. THERE HAD TO HAVE BEEN A FIRST CAUSE: What is accepted as 'God', everything we know, everything seen and unseen, is in fact an EFFECT from the FIRST CAUSE. Many scientists accept this to be physical and non-physical proof for the existence of the true God.