A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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During the week of May 20, through May 25, 2013, ten people came together on the Spanish island of Ibiza for a gathering including three highly developed physical mediums, each demonstrating their gift over five successive days. These five cabinet sittings were described in a previous report.

In addition to the extremely remarkable cabinet sittings, there were also a series of six ‘table’ sittings, which took place over six consecutive days. The amazing things that occurred at these table sittings are worth noting because they were all extremely evidential in that so much more took place than just movement and communication through the table.

Historically, this phenomenon was known as ‘table tipping’. This is where a simple wooden or plastic table is utilized as a focal point for the concentration of psychic or spirit energy and hence, the spirit communicators are able to communicate by moving the table, usually using the alphabet to spell out words that they wish to communicate. This has been mastered by some circles, such as the Rainbow Circle out of Harrogate, England.

It must be noted that the movement of the table is not achieved psycho-kinetically by the sitters. This simply means that the table is not being moved because ten people sitting around a table are willing it to move with their minds. It is moved by the spirit communicators who are present in the room, and they utilize energy from each of the sitters in order to achieve this. Each sitter places at least one finger gently on the outer perimeter of the table. Some place one, some five, some place all ten on the table. It really doesn’t matter, as long as at least some of the sitters have contact with the table.

It is the intension and vibration of the sitters that is important. There must also be harmony in the group as well as a positive state of mind with each sitter. Fear, lethargy, and negative thoughts impede the process, as it is difficult for those on ‘the other side’ to achieve this connection without the right vibration.

Rather than going into specifics regarding what transpired at each session, I will attempt to group these table sittings together and describe some of the truly amazing phenomena that took place at each of these sittings.

I must preface following descriptions by saying that each of these sittings lasted for approximately one hour. They can best be described as an hour-long roller coaster ride with nonstop excitement, laughter, joy, screaming, with almost nonstop, heart pounding, physical phenomena and verbal communication by the spirit communicators. This kind of excitement only serves to enhance the communication and phenomena because simply put, it ‘raises the vibration’ in the room by generating more energy for the entities on the spirit side who make this communication possible. It is also known that lively music and speaking helps too as they utilize sound waves to facilitate the process. Moreover, it is expected that each sitter share their personal experience with the other sitters when it is happening so each person is expected to verbally and loudly describe what is happening to them, when it is happening, so others can appreciate it.

These sittings had everything. The table came to life. It moved almost constantly throughout every sitting and in every direction possible. Several times the table would rise quickly off the floor and go straight up to the ceiling. I, and the sitter next to me (Lucius), both of us being six feet (two meters) tall, would quickly rise up out of my chair and try to ‘keep up’ with the table. Several times, the table would go so far up, it would lose contact with my hand. I would stand on my toes, providing me with about an eight foot reach, and the table would still go beyond my ability to keep my fingers on the top of the table. At times, the table would shake so much that it became impossible for anyone to keep their fingers on it. This kind of movement could NOT have been accomplished by any one of us individually, or by all of us collectively.
At several of these sittings, the voices of some of the spirit guides could be heard speaking to us at different times from different parts of the room. They were guides from the circles of Bill Meadows and Warren Caylor. This was amazing because both Bill and Warren were never put into trance. They usually have to be placed into a deep trance in order for the spirit team to speak verbally. This is accomplished not by the medium, but by the spirit chemists, as they are called.

In addition to spirit people delighting us with their wit and spontaneous humour, we were ALL touched physically MANY TIMES by several different spirit entities. Most prevalent and active were two spirit children, from the Meadows Circle. We were all touched and stroked on our hands, arms, shoulders, and faces, several times by these two playful entities. We could easily discern that they were children by the small, soft, fingers that touched us all. It happened at several of the sittings and it happened more than once during each sitting. These tiny hands approached us from the middle of the table.

At one point, the ring from the finger of Bill Meadows was taken off his hand and placed on the finger of the gentleman (Lucius) who was seated across from Bill. They must have dematerialized the ring as he did not feel it come off and furthermore, we are all aware that the ring fits very tightly on Bill’s finger.

At one of the sittings, the spirit children tied the shoe laces of Bill Meadows together, unbeknownst to him. This was discovered after the sitting had ended and the lights were turned on.

At another sitting, these same spirit children tried very hard to pull off the wedding ring of Julia, Kai’s wife. They pulled and pulled and pulled and eventually succeeded, then proceeded to place the ring on the girl directly opposite Julia. During this attempted and successful ring removal, Julia was screaming and laughing hysterically as she desperately attempted to describe what was happening. It sounded like she was being tickled incessantly as she could not stop laughing as she valiantly tried to describe the experience. This brought much joy and laughter to the room and this only served to raise the vibration even further.

The spirit children were not done with her. Next, they then attempted to take her eye glasses off the top of her head. Again, the hysterical laughter and joy exuded from Julia brought more laughter from all of us as she shared what was happening to her in real time. They finally succeeded with taking her glasses from her and handed them to the girl sitting opposite her at the table.

At one point during the sitting, I was grabbed on the right shoulder and arm, and pulled by a spirit entity for about fifteen to twenty seconds. It seemed like an eternity. It felt like he was trying to pull me out of my chair. It is such a thrill to be touched by spirit that it almost reflexively causes one to laugh aloud with joy. The following day, I found out at the next cabinet sitting that it was a spirit communicator named Albert Gardner, the main control and guide for medium Mani Asvadi. Mani also advised us that the spirit children had placed their little fingers on her eyes. She indicated that this startled her slightly at first and subsequently, one of the spirit children apologised by caressing and patting the back of her right hand.

What I have reported in the aforementioned paragraphs is less than one percent of all the amazing phenomena and communication that occurred during these eleven amazing sittings at Ibiza. It would take a thousand pages to report in detail all that occurred during the sixteen hours of direct, overt communication with these wonderful beings who once walked the earth plane as we do, but now exist in another realm or dimension known as ‘the spirit world’, or what some like to refer to as: ‘the other side of life’.

Ten people witnessed what I have reported here. This shows once again that when the conditions are right, it is possible to make extremely good contact with people on the other side whom we think are dead. The truth is, there is no death! What we call death, is merely a transition from the physical body to a dimension of a higher vibration.

It is time for all of us to put aside of our personal beliefs about death and examine the evidence for the afterlife. Once you do, you will come to know with absolute certainty that life continues once we leave this world.

Dr. Kenneth Sarry
New York, USA