A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

A UNIQUE International Conference in Mystical Malta (an E.U. island in the Mediterranean, close to Italy) - Highly recommended!
BOOK NOW FOR A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY - Life Changing Experience NOT TO BE MISSED! Fri 8th -Sun 10th October 2010 Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta

JOEL ANDREWS: Evidence of our Divinity & the Omnipresence of Miracles
Speaker:: Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos
ANTON MIFSUD: Is Malta the lost Atlantis of the Gods?
PHIL GRUBER: The Truth of the Indigos, the Enduring Magic of Malta and the Road to 2012
Speaker: Awakening the Co-Creative Power of the Feminine
ADRIANO FORGIONE: A Journey into the hidden side of alien contacts
COLIN ANDREWS: A detailed look at the Conscious Circles ...
SERAFINA ANDREWS: Prophecies of Awakening – Revealing the steps to the highest aspects of Human Potential
GEOFF STRAY: Prophecies, oracles, Mayan calendar, near-death
experiences and theories that all meet in 2012
SYNTHIA ANDREWS: Embodying Changing Consciousness’ – how we change positively as we head towards 2012

(Why is Malta historically fascinating? - The picture left shows high walls especially built built in Valletta harbor by the Knights of St John circa 1563 - where Islamic forces there were beaten by the Knights of St John during the decisive 'Great Siege of Malta' (1565) which successfully stopped the Islamic invasion of Europe...2) Malta - as a British military base was bombed heavily on civilians over three years by the Germans and Italians- during World War 2 "MALTA:The Most Bombed Place on Earth', from S.A.M. Hudson's book ''UXB MALTA).The bravery and determination of Malta’s civilian population not to be defeated was recognised when the island was awarded the George Cross by George VI in April 1942.
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