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VICTOR, First I hope you receive this email and are able to read it directly. I am a retired NYC police sgt. After the attacks on the WTC in NYC I was assigned to the fresh Kills landfill on Staten island NY. Our mission there was to sift through the entire WTC debris fields looking for human remains, the planes black boxes and personal effects.

In feb.2002 I suffered a massive heart attack and subsequent NDE in my hospital room where I had a vision of my deceased Uncle sitting on the end of my bed. I was lucky enough to survive this attack because I was meant to do something with my life and my gift of mediumship. I wrote a book "Running with the Bulls, The Road to Fresh Kills. A Journey into the Paranormal"> I conduct readings in the NYC area through my web site http://www.theghostcop.com. with amazing accuracy.


I am Clairall and depending on the method the spirit chooses to pass on survival evidence. I have been a guest on Coast2Coast radio with George Noory and my my story televised by Bio channel MY Ghost Story.

I live with the dead everyday from apparitions to tactile contact almost daily. Poltergeist events, rappings are a daily event for me.In my book and website I have included many spirit pictures taken throughout a remoldeling of my two homes in NYC and Clearwater Florida. I am writing another book which will detail my life with the paranormal to this day. I feel that I am supposed to bring my story to the forefront. Especially since I spent a life in police work which as you know dealt with only the facts. I wanted to pass my story on to you/ I have ordered your book and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival {Ordered todays date} I commend you on your research.

Mediumship and the afterlife are fact, because I live between two worlds everyday of my life. Take care and keep up your wonderful work.I can only imagine the skeptics you have encountered. as I do everyday,on a much smaller scale. If you could provide an address I would love to send you a copy of my book. Or if you choose it's available on Amazon and my web site ThankYou again Joe lani

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