A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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by Victor Zammit

That flamboyant closed minded skeptic from Florida Randi for years mistakenly stated that , “no one can prove Victor Zammit’s afterlife evidence because ‘no one can prove the negative.’!!

That is irrelevant in professional debate. Why? Because this closed minded skeptic- shows he is clearly ignorant of the professional debating rules - saying that he ‘cannot prove that the afterlife does not exist.’ That statement is immediately made INVALID when I presented some 23 areas of afterlife EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife.

This uninformed closed-minded skeptic was NOT asked to prove that 'there is no afterlife', but to properly rebut the expressly stated 20 areas of afterlife evidence I presented.

It is either sheer skeptical idiocy - or this guy knowingly and deliberately wants to mislead and fool the readers and journalists. He is well known for his 'Machivellian' principle he uses - 'the end justifies the means' - to lie, cheat, be dishonest as long as you can fool the public. But not every journalist and member of the public are stupid - and unexpectedly, I'm getting huge amount of 'sympathy' votes by those who were not committed either way - they can see the dirty tricks of the Florida closed minded skeptic..

This closed- minded skeptic does NOT have to prove anything – all he has to do is to rebut MY evidence- WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the evidence I presented is not right. Further, there is not only my evidence I presented, there are at least a thousand investigators around the world who produced their own afterlife evidence.

Also there have been some of the most intelligent scientists and professionals who walked on this planet earth early last century (Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Sir William Crookes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle et al) (see chapter 2 in my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE) who AFTER they empirically investigated the afterlife, they conceded the afterlife evidence is absolutely irrefutable.

So that the statement that no one can prove the afterlife does not exist (no one can prove the negative) is absolutely irrelevant, immaterial, inadmissible and invalid.

Only some uninformed skeptics in Europe – in Italy, a few in Austria and a couple in Denmark have not woken up to professional debate to drop the absolute idiocy ‘you can’t prove the negative.’

This skeptical guy JR will be remembered for uttering the most idiotic statement about the afterlife evidence.