The Book

Victoria's Tragic Bushfires and Souls Crossing Over.
by Stuart Rolls Ph'D.

Continent wide, we have been agonised with grief and it's not over yet. We had a most moving and tender Memorial Service. The Nation came together as one; we said our farewells and resources gathered strength to fight back flames, still not completely quelled and which tears still could not hold back.

Of neccessity we have to grieve as much for so many more souls left behind, as for those passed on so terribly. Church leaders, dignitaries and others at the Service, generally wished peace for the dear departed, and solace of course for their loved ones here. There was so much left to do and the threat was and still is, in our psyches. We are still in ongoing shock. Eventually, many will take in more what the Friday Afterlife reports are all about. Especially what it's like to die and what we might expect on 'the other side'. I'd like to help by briefly adding my 'astral travel' experiences, etc

I've written psychic books. My more autobiographical one (as a Medium) naturally scanned a lifetime's psychic experiences.

So! as a very young person I lived awhile in still bomb scarred London. My guides took me in my young sleep at nights, to help 'rescue' souls not realising they are stuck- often endlessly in between Earth and higher spheres. One's personal 'guides' or spirit 'guardians' are not so able to reach the semi or actual 'earthbound' and need earthly carers - often psychics and their energies, as go betweens.

We create our own habitats in the next world, more so if a group soul conciousness is present. I would see in my nightly travels, souls not realising they had passed over. In one case some somehow stuck in the astral shell of their once earthly home - bombed roof off, plaster and wallpaper hanging, I saw some boys (brothers, I sensed) still acting out their earthly play. I didn't know what to do but my 'guide' told me to explain that this was years after the war and I should explain that though all now seemed real to them, they had physically died. Then I had to get them to concentrate on their already known and passed over loved ones and will their presence. Seemingly from above, a shining light descended and a lovely Grandmotherly spirit reached out, to take the boy's 'home'.

Some souls still take their battle and all sorts of scenes over with them, re-living their horrors. I've astrally met with dead miners too, one who thought - when I asked him, it was still about 1911. In an outback astral scene of Australia, I was 'guardian' directed to rescue or enlighten a lost young bearded guy who thought it was 1947. It's as if they awake from their dream, as time after time, the link is made and their loved ones progress them. My own long deceased Mom still recently thought she needed a wheel chair! I told her she could fly if she wanted to!

So! Do pray and will your departed loved ones on, if finding it hard to adjust to 'soul change'. I'm trying with our fire victim spirits. I've been uncertain as to whether or not I've got through to them.
More loving, enlightening thoughts must 'pass over' too, to our bushfire victims, from more of us. This will help create a loving - seen as safe, environment for them, helping them connect with true realisation of spiritual life and their loved ones already beckoning and welcoming them, into the beautiful states that can be - heavenly in fact, by degrees, reflected by where we feel we're at, or ready, but can always be led higher.

27th February 2009