A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



From Death’s Sleep (The French Revelation by Edward C Randall, p.197)

“We (E.C. Randall and medium Mrs French) had participated in one of the most remarkable experiences that it has been the privilege of man to have. We had talked with one who had left the physical body, and witnessed his awakening.” Read on:

… (cont.) …

Spirit: refusing to accept he’s dead-
Well, sir, finding myself in this unfamiliar situation I will not be lacking in courtesy ..

Randall: For many years, I have been engaged in psychical research, with this psychic (medium Mrs French) who sits opposite me, trying to obtain a practical solution of that great physical change called death.

Spirit: What has that to do with me? I am not dead nor am I interested in the subject.

Randall: Wait a moment please. You will be interested when I tell you that I have discovered something of the daily life and environment of the individual after he has ceased to be an inhabitant of the earth-plane.

Spirit: You are entirely mistaken in your statements; there is no survival- no continuity of life. Death is the end.

Randall: Are you sure?

Spirit: Absolutely!

Randall: Suppose I could prove to you here and now, that death, so called, is but a physical change, the separation of the life force from the flesh garment, that substance with which it is clothed during its journey on this plane – suppose I could demonstrate here and now that the individual has a spirit body composed of matter with form, feature, and expression during his entire earth-life, and at dissolution simply becomes an inhabitant of the next plane of consciousness with the same spirit body, in short, the same identical man?

Spirit: There is no such thing as life after death … I cannot accept a word you say about life after death. There is no other life-there can be none- a man dies like a dog …

… do you mean to tell me you have talked to dead people?

Randall: I did not say that; I said that I have talked to those who have made the change called death. There is, in reality, no death, there are no dead.

Spirit: Talk sense … we have all seen dead people, have seen their bodies buried and you tell me there is no dead.

Randall: … what do you recall about your last illness?

Spirit: My memory seems hazy … I recall lying on bed, the physician waiting, my wife and children sobbing … The doctor said, “He is passing now” that did give me a start; there were some who would like to see me dead- but I fooled them- for I did not die. If I had died, how could I be here? …. There are no dead people, and if there were, I don’t want to see them. I have enough trouble with the living without bothering with the dead.

(with the co-operation of the rescue spirit team, people the spirit knew had crossed over from his time start to approach him …)

My God! People, people, people! … and all looking at me, all with bodies like my own; what strange hallucination is this? Where am ? What am I?

Randall: You are no longer an inhabitant of this (earth) world but are actually living in the afterlife. Is there no one you know among those you see, who, to your knowledge, are counted among the dead, so-called

Spirit: None one … but WAIT.. there comes John – my old partner. Why does he … of all men, come? He is dead! I helped bury him. I was his executor. Take him and that woman and the boy away. I won’t see them, I tell you. They are dead, all dead. They are coming to arrest me. How can they, when they are all dead? Tell me, tell me, tell me quick.

Randall: What wrong did you do ….

Spirit: Wrong? Who said I did them any wrong. I was faithful to the trust.

IN ANSWER ANOTHER SPIRIT SPOKE: ”No, you were not faithful. You stole the money entrusted to you for my wife and child, and left them to suffer. There never was, and never can be a secret in the world. When you kept from my loved ones that which I left for their support, and let them die in want, I saw, and all your friends in spirit life saw your act and working of your mind”.

Spirit replies:“No secret in the world? My crime known! The dead alive! Have I too left my physical body to find life when I thought to find oblivion? Am I to meet all those I have wronged? I cannot face the future! Darkness is gathering! I am falling! God help me!

(The voice faltered, struggled for further speech, and was lost. The gross material that clothed his organs of respiration disintegrated, and he spoke no more.)