How to Prepare to sit with the Yellow Cloud Circle

It is a great idea to let people know how to prepare for a sitting, especially first timers.

Of course we expect people to have some knowledge of what Physical Mediumship is and we ask visitors to listen to some of the previous recordings on our web site and read what others have experienced whilst sitting in our circle. Read full testimonials here.

We ask that people do not eat meat and drink alcohol in the 24 hours before a sitting. This is because we are an energy based circle. We don't use ectoplasm as such. Instead each and every one of the sitters plays a small part by giving off a small amount of their own energy and meat and alcohol can disturb the flow of this. We also ask that people do not attend with a full stomach because this also reduces the amount of energy available.

I always think it is very important that people enter the seance room in a jolly mood as this also enhances the vibration; if someone shows fear or negative attitude it can have an adverse affect and even cause the medium harm; the better the mood of the sitters the better the sitting will be.

We recommend that people wear loose fitting clothes preferably of natural fibres and no perfume since many perfumes contain artificial ingredients. We could well be treated to spirit perfumes and would live everyone to be able to smell them.

We ask that people leave their personal belongings outside the seance room or in their cars. They will be subjected to a pat-down search (by someone of the same gender) to make sure that they have not forgotten anything especially anything that can create light- even though we are an energy based circle we still need total darkness and the medium could be harmed by light.

We also ask that people leave their shoes outside- this is because we expect several spirit visitors to be moving around the room and the absence of shoes by the sitters will make the noise of their feet more evidential.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of our guides about general philosophical issues and about your own mediumship development. An important thing to remember is that when questions are answered by our guides that you respond with a clear voice, this is what Big Elk says about it.

" We do need to hear your voice during any communication. The voice is the confirmation to us concerning the information we have tried to bring to you. The voice indicates the information has been received. We would however ask you to make sure the information presented has been fully understood; if there is the slightest doubt about the validity of the information being presented, we would ask you to say so. As there are occasions when even though the words have been presented, they could be misunderstood, so if this happens it is better to say no, and have the information verified."

We do find that certain people find it very difficult to digest what they have witnessed, when their belief turns in to knowing. Many people go into shock at the reality of it all. It is a life changing experience but it can cause an imbalance in the lives of people who are not ready for it. So anyone who wants to sit should be very sure that this is for them.

A few seats only are available for Sydney sessions.
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