A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife







Some representative feedback....

April, 2010.


1) The church has been pulling the wool over our eyes from the very beginning so why stop now?

2) Someone charged in court would not be let off because someone unrelated outside the court was tortured - so how exactly does the execution of Jesus Christ liberate people from 'sins'.........how is it possible for one person's suffering to annul another's wrongdoing?! Finally common wisdom declares "an apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

3) It is nothing but religious mental torture to control and suppress the minds of billions of people over the ages and aimed especially at the free will of a woman

4) What is there to say?

5) For further info on what REALLY happened read "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman

6) I also have a theory on Adam and Eve. They may have been the first spirits to 'volunteer' for incarnation. They did not appear on earth because they were cast out for wrong doing, but they left the spirit world willingly to experience physical being. This type of discussion could go on for years, decades, possibly centuries and probably will! Yours, Sean.

7) I believe in what you said if this happen then we are all related by incentous relations of Adam and Eve and their children.

8) Utter rubbish....

9) I love this analysis since I had always laughed at the story-- "God" threw quite a temper tantrum just because Eve ate an apple! A stupid apple! Children constantly are disobeying but what Father condemns them and his own grandchildren , great grandchildren it shows the father to be severly unbalanced mentally ill so to speak.

10) Like many Biblical and other myths and stories in ancient religious texts, it is extremely harmful, obviously written by a very retrogressed person spiritually probably for a political motive: i.e. to control and justify all sorts of things, such as mysoginy for instance. The whole Bible belongs in the trashcan along with other ancient religious texts, but perhaps excerpts could be preserved (such as the Sermon On The Mount and some other supposed sayings of Jesus) along with wise sayings of other highly evovled spiritual beings in this world and the next, including atheists like Sir Bertrand Russell who said: 'Remember your humanity and forget the rest'.

11) Bullet 18 about the Genesis being incompatible with the International Covenant on Human Rights was a good point. However, it not only violates the UN base law, it doesn't follow reality either. I guess the author's writing was a silent wish... :-)

12) I am a Catholic. I also was taught the Adam and Eve story. Now after thinking about it makes no sense. It would be like putting a chocolate candy bar in the middle of the table and put liver around the outside and tell my son he could not eat the chocolate but could only eat the liver and all he could ever do is look at the chocolate. How long would that last? That would be mean. Then to be told if he ate it he would be punished and all generations for all eternity would be punished if he ate the chocolate. That is stupid. That does not say much for God. After all we our all a part of God.

13) All in all, the hugest defect in the whole story is how God HAD to know, due to his Godly nature, what was about to happen, and STILL put the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Thus, it is my perspective that under these circumstances, it is God who should have been punished, and that High Courts all over the world would agree to charge God with a guilty verdict.

14) I find that most people lack common sense when it comes to so many things in the Bible. GOD all loving all forgiving! peolpe read this, in one ear and out the other.for if you believe this to be true of GOD then how can you believe anything that would suggest otherwise...!!!! I believe the bible to be the writings of how humankind perceived there world at such a time for need of power and control. they used the Name of GOD as a tool to gain even more power over their victoms, the way a bully uses words and sticks. FEAR has overrun common sense for many life times. remember all loving all forgiving GOD? trust that if you live the same way, all loving all forgiving, our world could transfrom overnight!!! eliminate the need for power, or to be better then the one another, just live life for the experiences the world has to offer, thats a world I would love to live in and leave behind for my children. This is just my loving opinion. Bobbyjo

15) It is the stuff of myths, legends and folklore.
They were told they could partake of every other thing in the garden but NOT that tree. God would have been more successful if he'd used reverse psychology! Perhaps it's really about listening and being obedient. It's fun though to take the story, pick it apart and make us think.

16) Even as a child I could make no sense of this, and certainly no sense of a Father letting his son suffer as Jesus did.

17) Men supposedly created 4000 years BC had already very good artistic skills when painting caves such as the "grotte Chauvet" in France 32000 years BC (proven C14 method). Johannes Greber also was totally wrong in his explanations of the bible.

18) This sounds like pure mythology. And isn't Genesis supposed to be about only 10,000 years ago? Science proves that we've been around longer. Another thing is I used to wonder why some characters in the Bible live several hundred years; now I know it's because it's not literally true. If God created everything and everything that happens he knows about beforehand, then he shouldn't be surprised that Eve ate the apple. And Eve is innocent because she was like a child incapable of knowing right from wrong.

19) I too with Catholic upbringing was told that God incarnated and basically became Jesus so that he might understand his human creations. Strange! God is all powerfull, can create man from dust and yet has to become a man to understand what man is all about. The Bible is part truth part myth but definitely totally man made.

20) I could not think of anything to add to your very excellent 25 Victor.....

21) It's all rubbish!

22) I am 91. When I was 12 at confirmation class (C of E) I leant to repeat the Athanasion creed, in order to become a full member. However, with the cold logic of a 12 year old I thought it was mostly nonsense. If Jesus was approximately one third of God how could what happened to him apply to mortals. It can't be logical for one person to suffer for some one else's sins in any perfect system. If there is a god it must be of the whole Universe not just parochial for the Christians of this earth. So I became an atheist until I was jolted into psychic investigation by a friend turning out to be a trance medium. George


22) You often refer to biblical text as myth. Why? Where is your evidence that any of it is? The apple that Eve ate for example, is merely a symbolic interpretation to depict that fruit from the tree of life was eaten. No one knows what the tree of life looked like, so symbolic representation would be a natural replacement. I've been a spiritual follower of God for many years - I quit the church 16 years or so ago, simply because it didn't feel 'right' to be going to church, to learn about God, when God loves me for who I am. As anyone who reads their bible on a daily basis and lives their lives in total faith to God's teachings, will tell you, the bible can be very paranormal in its own way. I would ask that you don't diss it so easily, especially if you're a non-believer in the teachings of it. Just as those of us that do believe in it respect other beings' beliefs, please reciprocate that respect.

23) Over the last few weeks you have been taking a shot at Christianity which is totally uncalled for. You started the recent spat with a message to Richard Dawkins suggesting that he laid off talking about things that he doesn't understand. As for your recent scour at the Adam and Eve story, firstly you say that we can't use the fact that it is a symbolic story or words to that effect because the Authorities of the Church say that it is literal. C'mon you must be joking right! I provide for my two sons, somewhere to live, that is relatively safe and I hope nice for them, however in one of the rooms on the wooden table lies an Apple (Mac) it contains a lot of stuff that the kids don't need to look at and in fact doing so could screw my schedule up, depending upon what they took for themselves and deleted from my apple. I bet that some people have them that if the kids told the teachers at school what they had found it would result in the kids being taken into care. So I consider it part of my Duty of care to tell the kids not to go surfing with my apple. Now some person at school could quite easily tempt them to disobey me.

What by not informing them of this possibility, "I am failing in my duty of care" as you are suggesting? If you can't relate the Adam and Eve story to things that go on today, then you have not got a chance of understanding it. Your definition of "people of the book" is pretty unimaginative too. Time is an illusion, if a story you reed has no apparent use in your current situation then its usefulness was in that it challenged you to judge whether it was useful or not.

Presenting your information as it comes is good and useful, however there is this line, He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. Kindly stop taking your sword to the Bible as this act kills off, your ideas and those of many others, within the minds of those that do find the book useful.