A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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I respect the Christians’ rights to their beliefs (I was born into to a Christian family), BUT when a senior Christian by imputation attacks me and those investigating the afterlife, he’s got to think again.

Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Sydney, Peter Jensen stated, ''The decline of Christian faith does not lead to lack of religious belief; it just opens the way for superstition.''


Much of Traditional Christian religion is technically, ‘SUPERSTITION’ : Whereas properly conducted afterlife investigations are SCIENTIFIC and EMPIRICAL.

Here, read for yourself the outrageous 'beliefs without evidence' held by traditional Christians themselves.

SUPERSTITION 1. During a Christian service a wafer is turned into the body of ‘God’/Jesus and this Archbishop believes he is eating the body of Jesus!! To the objective observer that is 'cannibalism' – a Christian ritual based on Pagan beliefs.

SUPERSTITON 2. Wine is turned into the ‘blood of God/Jesus’ – and this Christian thinks he is drinking the blood of Jesus/God during the service!!

SUPERSTITION 3. Pouring water over your head in Baptism removes ‘original sin’ (Information from the other-side informs us that is absolute nonsense!)

SUPERSTITION 4. The 'Devil' - the Prince of Darkness - figures prominently in Christian beliefs. Christians copied it from Paganism and the Christian Devil became known as 'Pan the mountain Goat-God', with horns, hoofs and tail. Information directly from the afterlife dimension tells is that belief is superstitious nonsense.

SUPERSTITION 5. This Archbishop believes the traditional Christian theology that all who die will remain dead underground until Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet - perhaps Louis Armstrong's jazz riffs - so that Jesus will come to 'judge the living and the dead' - the greatest superstition in Christianity! This is when we have objective, repeatable empirical evidence that those who cross over continue to live in a much better place and directly communicate with us to enlighten what is happening in the afterlife.

SUPERSITITION 6: You confess your ‘sins’ (taken from a Roman pre-Christian era ritual) to a priest and ALL your ‘sins are forever forgiven’. Information from the other side tells us that’s absolute nonsense because no one can modify the Law of Cause and Effect.

SUPERSTITION 7. Receiving the ‘last rites’ will guarantee you a place in heaven because a priest will utter some magic words to that effect - and especially if you leave property to the Church.

SUPERSTITION 8. If you pay money to the Church they will help you to get to heaven (indulgences).

SUPERSTITION 9. That Jesus had to incarnate to save mankind because Adam and Eve ate an apple (because a snake, without a human voice-box, convinced Eve to do so) and cursed humanity to hell.

SUPERSTITION 10. That a child who dies before being baptized cannot enter heaven.

SUPERSTITION 11. The 'devil' can be driven away by making the sign of the cross or sprinkling holy water.

SUPERSTITION 12. That God judges souls and condemns anyone who dies in a state of 'sin' to Hell for eternity.

SUPERSTITION 13. That you will go to hell for eternity- trillion, trillions of years in tortuous hellfire - if you use contraception, if you remarry after divorce, if you masturbate, if you are gay, if you committed adultery (and eternal damnation some years ago if you eat a ham sandwich on a Friday) especially during Lent.

SUPERSTITION 14. Even if you are like Hitler and manage to say you are very sorry for your sins before you die, you will go to heaven!

WAKE UP BISHOP PETER JENSON - we are living in the scientific age of the twenty first century!

The real reason why ex-Christians are NO LONGER attending Sunday services is that they do NOT want to believe in CHURCH SUPERSTITION any more!

That is why Christianity is in a very deep irreversible crisis! People these days want EVIDENCE not superstitious beliefs written by unknown writers some THOUSANDS of years ago – where the original, authentic writings NO LONGER EXIST.

Science is taking over the study of the afterlife none of it has anything to do with religion or with beliefs or with blind faith or with superstition.

All religions began with direct experiences of a psychic nature which led people of every culture that ever existed to understand that life continues after physical death.

However since the end of the nineteenth century a body of scientists in England and America and elsewhere have set out to investigate large numbers of such experiences. They worked systematically, using scientific and empirical methods to reach conclusions that are based on sound research and on repeatable observations, thus taking the study of the afterlife out of the province of “religion” and into the realm of psychic science.

IN CONTRAST TO THE SUPERSTION OF RELIGIONS, AFTERLIFE SCIENCE uses at least seven major areas of investigation about happens when you die and the implications of this for how you live.

First, there are Near-Death Experiences, or NDEs.

Second, there are out-of-body journeys and the experiences of shamans and remote viewers.

Third, there is direct experience through apparitions, clairvoyance, clairaudience and deathbed visions.

Fourth, there are revelations through other than conscious states of awareness, such as hypnosis, dreams and holotropic states. (The word holotropic is from the Greek holos, meaning “whole,” and trepein, meaning “moving or oriented towards.”)

Fifth, there are revelations through mediums (mental mediums, trance mediums and materialization mediums) from loved ones who have died.

Sixth, there are revelations through electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental trans-communication (ITC).

Seventh, there are transmissions from spirit teachers of high degree speaking through mediums, channellers and automatic writers.

To learn more about their findings
Watch my video What Happens when you Die

or read Chapter 29 of my book
A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife.


Victor Zammit January 2010

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