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APM ATWATER on children's NDE'S

I have written a lot about children and their near-death experiences, and how the aftereffects tend to affect them somewhat differently than with adults. And I have asked, even begged, for child experiencers to write their own story themselves - then send me a copy.

Well, another one just did.

Kathryn Diamond wrote a fictional account based on her own near-death episode, that is so vivid, so real, so in keeping with what I have seen with hundreds of other children, that I am convinced this is no fiction. She said her spirit guide helped her write it. Maybe so, but what I am sensing is that Kathryn herself reached deep within her heart of hearts to touch ours with this story. She has promised me she will write another book about what actually happened to her, and yet another geared toward parents to help them understand their child and what he or she may face as the years pass. For now, though, I want to tell you about her so-called fiction.

"RACHEL'S MAGIC SWING" by Kathryn Diamond is self-published, large type, 80 pages long, and is available via her website http://www.rachelsmagicswing.com.

She does have PayPal capacity. Sorry, there's no postal address, but her e-mail is kathryn@kdiamondbooks.com. Ask her about different arrangements if PayPal bothers you. Although the book was written for 7 to 12 year olds, it is truly for everyone!

Rachel was born with a serious physical problem and had to deal with frequent illness and hospital stays. At the age of 11 she began to have a visitor by the name of Jonah stop by. He was an angel, as things turned out, a special guide who occupied the swing next to her whenever she went outside.

Shortly after their friendship deepened, Rachel became very sick and had to be rushed to the hospital, where she died. At the point of death she ventured into the heaven-worlds and had many adventures. After she revived, she wanted to talk about what had happened to her but was hesitant because of the reactions adults displayed when she said anything.

This is where Kathryn shines, as if she were Rachel, telling about what the child went through afterward in believing her own story and then learning how to tell others. What Rachel experienced in trying to understand her parent's rebuff is incredibly insightful - so much so that I wish every child experiencer of a near-death state could read this book and then hand it to their parents and care givers so they could read it, too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if books like this were stocked in hospital waiting rooms and children's wards? Here's hoping this someday happens.

There exists a few other books about child experiencers and their near-death episodes - each very different. Although they are listed on page 55 of "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences," a very special book that should have been included on that list, missed the cut-off for publication. Because that happened, I will list them all again, this time mentioning that extra book first:

"Talking With Angel: About Illness, Death, and Survival,"
Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino. Edinburgh, Scotland; Floris Books, 2005 (available in the U.S.). Evelyn is not an experiencer, she is a researcher; but she has worked so closely and for so long with experiencers, that she was able to write a book of profound depth. Like Kathryn's book, this is no fiction. The little girl in this piece who is facing her own death, is comforted by a fellow patient who told her what it was like when he died and what he saw on the "other side." A book of courage and inspiration.

"A Journey with the Angel of Light,"
Aafke H. Holm-Oosterhof. Self-published, 1999, in the Netherlands. No English translation yet. Contact: aafke@holm.myweb.nl. Website is http://home.hccnet.nl/p.g.holm. I have tried for years to entice a U.S. publisher to take on this book, so far no luck. If you are able to obtain a copy, the paintings alone tell the story and they are fabulous - so don't worry if you don't speak Dutch. You might explore my YouTube presentations as I displayed this book in one of them.

"In His Arms,"
Denise Mendenhall, with Doug Mendenhall. Self-published, 2006. Available from Publishing Hope, P. O. Box 282, Mount Pleasant, UT 84647. This is the first book I know of to be written by a child experiencer who is still a child! Influenced by the teachings of her church, Denise is quite upfront about what is true and not true as per what she learned from dying. Although her aftereffects may seem bizarre, I can attest that they are not. We are too used to sanitized and stereo-typical versions of the near-death phenomenon. This one is somewhat different.

"The Door to the Secret City,"
Kathy Forti. Still available after its 1984 publication, now from the author at 12401 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 306, Los Angeles, CA 90025, or e-mail kjforti@aol.com. Like Kathryn, Kathy used her own near-death experience as a teenager to create this fictionalized account for children as a way to help them understand a near-death experience. She has written other books for children - you might inquire about her other titles.

"A Bridge for Grandma,"
Carol McCormick. Edina, MN; Beavers Pond Press, 2006. This is a much lighter fare for the very young, with beautiful, colorful drawings. A fictionalized piece, Carol based this on actual cases. She has a long history of being a storyteller for kids of all ages and has performed at countless functions.

"Near-Death Experiences,"
a section in the book series entitled "The Unexplained," Michael Martin. Mankato, MN; Capstone Press, 2005. Linda A. Jacquin, a child experiencer of a near-death state, served as consultant for this section. The series is for 3rd to 6th graders.

If you know about or hear of any more, please let me know.


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