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by Carla Wills Brandon.

Author of "One Last Hug before I Go- The Mystery and Meaning of Near-Death Visions" and forthcoming book "Heavenly Hugs".

This article is a response to Victor Zammit's commentary on the 4th May 2012 which stated:

" Within the world of mediums, psychic writers and researchers there are also some bitter jealousies which periodically come to the surface...These unfair attackers have to rise above their negative prejudices, their jealousies, their envy and negativity. In unity there is strength. We will attain more brilliant results where there is support for honest, quality mediumship, where there is peace and harmony in our endeavor to spread the Light throughout the world. "

Dear Victor!

Finally! Someone is addressing this concern! After 13 books and a lot of egos, I must say I’ve truly never seen anything this territorial before. There is a great deal of back stabbing going on. Those who see themselves in positions of power are taking advantage of others and have expectations that their behavior should be accepted. I’ve been blindsided by a few of these folks myself and I have to tell you there was nothing spiritual about it.

In the 80s and 90s I was part of the “Recovery Movement.” My first 5 or 6 books were dedicated to addiction, and trauma. At first I believed we were all team players, and were there to help the hurting person recover and heal. I was very young and really thought we were all working together for the better good. Was I ever wrong. When I saw how vindictive self help authors could be I got out. The egos in the field killed the Recovery Movement. A very sad state of affairs.

Around this time I started publishing books on deathbed/departing visions. For some strange reason I thought the Survivalist Movement would be different. We too are supposed to be working toward the better good by relieving society of its overwhelming sense of death phobia. In offering proof of an afterlife, grieving is easier and the fear of death is diminished. Shouldn’t we be supporting new researchers, while at the same time appreciating those who broke new ground – giving the rest of us permission to speak out? Shouldn't we be there for one another?

In working on my latest book on deathbed visions I’ve had the pure pleasure of communicating regularly with Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson. You talk about a kind, giving, and supportive mentor. I’ve also kept in contact with IANDs cofounder John White and Dr. Bruce Greyson for years. Both of them have listened to me moan and groan for almost two decades. Dr. Kenneth Ring, another grandfather in the near death research field, was always kind to me. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is one more researcher who has been there, along with author Michael Tymn, Dr. Jeffery Long, author Brad Steiger and a host of others. Michael Tymm even sent me a fantastic historical book full of deathbed visions. And, how could I forget you Victor!

Sadly, there are those who are incredibly territorial. And it seems to be getting worse. A number of mediums, psychics, researchers and authors are jockeying for that top position. I thought I’d seen the worst of it, but in doing this most recent book I had a really rude awakening. After contacting several seasoned afterlife investigators, along with a number of new deathbed vision researchers I was surprised when very few responded. If they did respond, they were often demanding or very territorial. There really is no other word for it. So, I thought, “Forget this” and showcased some really new authors in their place.

There really is room for everyone. When my readers contact me asking for information on what book to pick up next, I have a list I pass on to them. This list is comprised of authors and researchers in the field who are trying to make a difference. This is how an “awakening” happens. Folks don’t just read my books or anyone else’s, and then stop there. They always want more information. Same can be said for mediums. There really are some very humble souls out there, but there are also those who are incredibly pompous.

We really are all in this thing together and if we aren’t careful the Survivalist Movement will die the same death as the Recovery Movement. As it stands now, the Survivalist Movement is beginning to out pace the Recovery Movement in instances of expressed bitterness and jealousy.

I’m so glad you brought this up Victor. The topic really does need a good “airing!”


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