A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


I was watching PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS on television and was very much impressed by the psychic abilities of Carol Pate who helped Memphis Police Department catch a serial killer. The police officer in charge of the murder case, Captain Ken East stated that Carol Pate was extremely impressive by her psychic skills and thanked her for the critical information which led to the arrest of the serial killer of some four prostitutes.
Carol Pate informed police that:
1. they were wrong in arresting a man of the murder of a prostitute in Memphis red light district.
2. The killer in fact is a serial killer still at large,
3. his description included a man with a goatee beard, around 5’7-8’’
4. the killer had a multiple personalities,
5. the killer’s name was ‘Al’.
6. the killer will kill again,
7. the killer would strike again near a stone Church,
8. the clothes of one of the victims would be ‘by the water’, identifying specifically where the clothing was.
Carol Pate was born with psychic abilities. By the age of 12, she was working with law enforcement agencies in helping them solve cases of embezzlement, homicide and missing persons. She is now a licensed minister, a teacher and a practicing psychic counselor.
No cold reading, no guessing, no wrong information and something that it would be more than 2,000,000,000 to one chance to get all variables correct. This means according to professional statisticians that her psychic skills have to be real. No skeptic, no materialist, no nihilist - nobody could produce that kind of information unless they are psychically gifted.
Carol Pate is another expert psychic who has demonstrated that psychic skills – especially her specialty psychometry is very much real where she showed she has access to past, present and future events.
Very well done Carol Pate!
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