A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Question: Is the quality of mediumship related directly to the level of spirituality of the medium?

I believe that this is not necessarily true, as we cannot measure one's spirituality. There are some wonderful people who work in many different ways, whom I would believe to be of a higher spiritual nature than some mediums. It is the role of the true medium to unfold their spirituality alongside their abilities, as the ability itself is just a faculty of the mind.

One should endeavour to work towards growing spiritually and expressing and living the virtues of the spirit, which are compassion, understanding, listening, sharing, kindness and tolerance etc. As mediums who work with the spirit world, we have a responsibility, as we know we should always endeavour to understand the spiritual nature of ourselves, for it is no use to just espouse words and not create the action alongside it.

In my understanding the medium who works towards being the spiritual medium, does enhance their abilities simply by bringing what they talk about into everyday life; this then shines through the person they are. Many people put on facades, and use spiritual words, but real spirituality is about being in real life and self realisation about how we act and react to people and situations.No one can measure the other's spiritual growth with a yardstick, but one does know when another is expressing an aspect of their spirituality through kindness and understanding etc.

Mediumship and the ability to connect with the spirit world and gain great detail in spiritual communication, or be a wonderful healer, does not mean that person is necessarily a spiritually progressed soul. We can only hope that we as mediums are growing spiritually and expressing our soul's growth with our work, but it is by no means a measure. There is a line of thought that the more we grow spiritually the more we refine our auras and this enhances our connection with the spirit world. I do believe this to be true but it is a journey, not something that can be taught in the mechanics of mediumship.

It is also not necessary to become a vegetarian, or live the saintly life. We need to be real, find balance and recognise our dark sides as well as our good sides. Honesty in recognition of these things and making positive changes determine our growth as people, thus having a positive effect upon people around us, therefore creating more harmonious environments to live in. Every soul has a different window with different views, and it is about acceptance, tolerance, compassion and finding truth, knowing that we are all part of the whole. It is within the journey that we become.

Christine Morgan CSNU