A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



The following points should be observed whilst looking for genuine communication from the spirit world. Many times people do not know the difference, even some mediums themselves, as information can be picked up from the energy field of the person having the reading about their loved ones, and this does not always mean that the spirit of their loved one is actually present.

1) Always evidence is paramount: details of their passing, character, descriptions, life, names, memories etc. Also, situations that may have occurred since their passing can provide excellent evidence, when the recipient has to go and research.

2) The medium themselves must be aware of the power of the spirit. This means feeling the presence of the spirit world whilst communication is taking place. Otherwise details can just be pulled from the Auric energy field of the sitter. It is only with experience that the medium recognises the presence of the spirit, as opposed to the energy of the person having the reading. This is where a lot of mediums go off track, by not being able to discern the difference of the energies.

3) It is quite common for psychics/intuitives to gain information relating to a loved one in the spirit, just from the energy of the person being read. This may sound all very good and positive, but it is a means of just psychometrising the energy field, not necessarily communicating directly with the spirit person.

4) Intuitive /psychic readings are a reading of the soul, where a blending takes place with the incarnate reader and the incarnate sitter, and details relating to their material life, the past, present and their life situations, are able to be percieved.

5) One should always be aware that future information is always only a possibility and potential only, as people are responsible for themselves and their own decisions.

6) A true reading of mediumship is where the incarnate medium blends with the discarnate spirit person, to receive information through sensory perception, to bring about evidence of the proof of survival. Again, this must be developed through the means of developing the power of the spirit, to truly know the spirit person is present. A difficult concept to grasp sometimes, but those who endeavour to develop correctly, will understand through experience the difference between the two.

All mediums should consistently work to develop this power, and maintain it.

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