A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



By Howard Abraham (New York)

I would like to begin by stating that while I have always believed that our spirit lives beyond the human body for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted physical proof – I needed a knowing. If you are reading this and have never experienced a gathering of spirit (this was my third, the other two I witnessed were the two nights prior to this one, and were just as incredible), I hope that this first-hand account gives you more solid proof to help dissolve away the skepticism that we all naturally feel.

On Friday, October 12th 2007, in Glasgow Scotland, I entered the room where spirit hopefully would greet us the next day. I examined the entire room from top to bottom very carefully, as I would help during the preparation for about five hours. I want to express myself with honesty and sincerity - this room was a plain, ordinary room. The medium, David Tompson, was not there, nor was any member of his circle team. As a matter of fact, they arrived in Scotland toward the end of the day.

To create the absolute darkness necessary for the mediums safety, the room had to be “blacked out”. (Previous Zerdin Buzzsheet articles explain why dark conditions are necessary, and this has been explained for years from many sources). We started in the seance room with the two windows in the front. Heavy black vinyl was stretched around wooden molding, creating a panel that fit over the long windows. This panel was nailed into the parameter of the window. Then, heavy duct tape was put around the panel where it met the window frame.

The room to the right when facing the windows (please see diagram) also had windows, and the same method was applied to black them out. I also blacked out the door in this room that led into the main hallway and stairs. I taped the heavy black vinyl around the parimater and then put the duct tape on top of that. Believe me, if any door was to be opened, it would make a lot of noise. This room also had an extremely heavy and difficult to move partition that seperated it from the room that I just described.

The room to the back also had windows and doors that we are blacked out. Again, I would like to stress that if one were to try to open any door or window, it would make A LOT of noise, if they could even open them at all. This room also had a heavy partition seperating it from the seance room.

With all partitians closed, the seance room itself had one door, the two windows I described earlier that were blacked out, and a fireplace. I looked at the fireplace. Nobody older than the age of 2 would fit through.

The cabinent the medium would use was ordinary wood painted black. The cabinent was borrowed, not brought over from Australia where the medium resides. I helped to put the cabinent together myself, including to help cut the material for the curtains that would drape in front. The cabinent was ordinary, and had enough room for a chair that the medium sits in and maybe another foot around him.

Now, each of the forty individuals were ready to enter the seance room. First, we were each frisked quite thoroughly, having been required to take everything out of our pockets, and even taking our shoes off.

Additonally, each person was scanned with a metal detector. We were then able to enter the room.

The chairs were arranged in a semi-circle around the room, blocking all doors leading out of the room, except the door we entered in from. The chairs also blocked the fireplace. It was tough to navigate to the seat that we were to sit in becase the chairs were so close to each other. Once the last individual was in the room prior to the start, a huge piece of heavy vinyl, which I helped to prepare, was placed over the door with the same roll of duct tape that I used. Taping the door took almost ten minutes.

While the door was being taped, David Thompson explained that he himself is a skeptic, and wanted to make sure that our minds were put to rest that nothing but the truth would be shown to us that evening. (The truth being that we don’t die and those in spirit live on). So, the medium chose two individuals to search him, to search his circle members, the cabinent, the floor, adjoining rooms, whatever and wherever they wanted. First they checked the leather straps and the cable ties that would bind him to the chair. I happened to be seated in the front directly next to the circle leader, so all of this was going on right in front of me. They checked the gag that went around the medium’s mouth, they turned the chair that he sat in upside down and knocked and pulled on it. One of the two individuals then frisked David Thompson himself, checking all of his pockets, inside his shoes and under his shirt. He was so thorough that everybody started laughing. I must mention that I spoke to the individual doing the searching before the seance, and I feel 100% confident in saying that he never met the medium before that moment. (He also checked the trumpets (cones) with tape that glows in the dark on both ends, and a little plaque that glows in the dark). Last, David put on a outer sweater, with plastic ties that looped around each button. I will explain why this was done later.

After thoroughly checking the cabinent, behind the cabinent, the next room and frisking the mediums circle team members, the next step was to strap David to the chair. First, he was strapped in with leather binds. They were then reinforced with the plastic tie downs. I promise whoever is reading this, no human could get out of this. Magicians pre-plan their tricks, and certainly would not let anybody thoroughly seach their equipment. Additionally, I must mention that the chair David sat in was a chair that was in the room before he even arrived in Scotland. Like I mentioned, I know this because I spent hours preparing the room and I saw that it was the same chair. It was an old antique chair with a slightly odd shape. Last, they put on the gag, with a plastic tie to reinforce the knot. (The heavy plastic ties were from new packaging, opened for the first time at the seance). The medium was now secure to the satisifaction of any healthy skeptic, I’m sure. The cabinent curtains were then closed.

Next, the red light was turned on. Like I mentioned, I was sitting next to the circle leader, so I knew about his presence at all times. We were required to hold hands when spirit materialized, so he never moved other than to place the trumpets on the floor for Timothy, which he said aloud when doing so.

Please remember, I am one seat away from the cabinent during the seance, so I heard and was aware of everything at a close proximaty. The red light was turned off, and so it begins...

Words of love and positive intent were spoken, and then the mediums circle leader put on music, explaining that it would relax us and would also help create the positive emotion and conditions necessary for spirit to join us. After I believe three songs, a deep reasonating voice came from the cabinent. The voice identified himself as William Caldwell, David’s friend in the world of spirit. We were then asked to all hold hands. Next, we hear a “whoosh” sound. And then this voice had a body.

William clapped his hands and stomped his feet. He then spoke and answered questions as he walked around the room. As he came near me, I felt the floor depress a little. This man was fully materialized and in that room, I promise you.

One incident sticks out in my mind in regards to William. There was a young man from the Netherlands who I spent time with prior to the seance. His name is TappaJohn, and he, like most of the other individuals I spoke to, had never met David Thompson. During a question and answer session with William, TappaJohn asked what might happen in the year 2012. Without missing a beat, William walked up to him and said something like “It is very nice to meet you, TappaJohn”. Now, in the pitch blackness, I couldn’t recognize TappaJohns voice, though I spent some of the day with him and others. But William knew his name in the dark. This was amazing to witness.

Timothy, a little boy in spirit who helps control the ectoplasm (I know this from the two David Thompson CD’s I have listened to) took the trumpets and, in pitch black darkness, touched many sitters gently with them to the rythmn of a song. He also whirled them around in the air. Like I mentioned earlier, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anybody to navigate the room in the pitched darkness. And I know for a fact that there was no other apparatus in the room for anyone to utilize, such as infrared glasses, etc. Timothy also walked around showing us his little fingers on the plaque. They were as real as our fingers are.

I would also like any healthy skeptic to be aware of another factor. There were only forty or so in the room, who each paid an extremely modest fee which went to the coordinators in an effort to arrange this. If major money was to be made and was the driving force behind this, a room with hundreds of people could have easily been arranged, possibly even a stadium. I am trying to convey the fact that what was happening was indeed the truth and complete evidence of life after life. Financial gain was obviously not a motive.

There were many voices of both men and women who came through. Some sitters were crying and extremely emotional. The information they gave, including names of relatives and other extremely private details, were 100% accurate. I know this because I knew one sitter who heard from a relative. I met her two days prior, and talked and conversed with her in another venue entirely, and I am completely sure that she never met the medium. I didn’t recognize her voice in the dark, and when she told me after the seance that she was one who had heard from a relative, I was both surprised and happy for her. Think about this: how could these relatives come through (both male and female voices in different accents), know names and facts of the sitters, reach them in complete darkness, and touch them gently on the face or hands without a mistaken touch? I couldn’t even see my hand 1/2” from my face (I tried). I promise whoever is reading this that this is 100 % true.

In the middle of the seance, we were told it was ok to turn on the red light and for the two individuals to check out the medium in the cabinent. They confirmed that his binds were still intact, and we all saw him in there. Please remember, being so close, I would hear any type of noise coming from the cabinent if anything funny was going on. I NEVER heard a thing. And like I mentioned, I was holding the circle leaders hand much of the time as requested, and I knew he was there even when we weren’t required to hold hands as when I shifted my weight in my seat slightly, I accidentally rubbed against his arm or shoulder.

Others that materialized, besides relatives of sitters, were well known. Thomas Edison had a conversation with another couple who I met and spent time with. This couple is heavily into EVT, or capturing spirit voice on tape. They had questions, and apparently spirit knew this and Mr. Edison came through. They spoke about very technical information and received some incredible answers according to these sitters, with whom I had dinner with that evening. Quite amazing.

The serious part of the evening came when Maurice Barbanell, an individual apparently heavily into this sort of thing before passing over, informed us that Silver Birch, a highly evolved spiritual being, was to come through. We were told that Silver Birch never had plans to come to the earth plane again, but he felt it was necessary now to do so. (I honestly never heard of Maurice Barbanell before this, and knew very little of Silver Birch.) Let me tell you, when Silver Birch came into the room, the cabinent shook, I mean shook. I wasn’t sure if the cabinent would stay together the noise was so powerful. I could feel the emotion of the room become serious, and I remember that my palms were sweating. Now, we heard footsteps and he started to speak. I quite honestly remember him saying that we must be a beacon of light to spread this truth that death does not exist. One moment that I also remember quite clearly was when he stopped in front of me while talking, he touched my face. I felt quite humbled, as even though I didn’t know much about Silver Birch, his prescence was something that I will never forget. I am in the process of learning more about him. He passed more than 3,000 years ago and is an incredibly highly evolved spirit. I cannot describe in words what this was like to experience.

Next, Louie Armstrong came through, and with his unique voice, sang to his tune “Wonderful World” along with his recording. Then he played the harmonica while stomping his foot.

The last phenoma I saw was incredible. William told us that he was going to levitate David out of the cabinent and bring him out of trance. The red light was switched on, and David was still in the cabinent with his binds sitting on the chair. The snips that were being held by the gentleman next to me (who searched the medium prior to the seance) were requested, and the plastic tie was cut and the gag removed. The red light was then switched off. We all sang a song along with a recording. Once the song was over, there was silence. We heard to curtains open, and then soon heard the mediums voice high above us. We also heard William’s voice as they conversed. Now, I have personally held up chairs at weddings, and not only is it difficult to balance the chair with somebody on it for just a few moments, it requires four people to accomplish this. David was in the air for at least two minutes. We heard no footsteps on the floor, but yet the voices still came from above. I don’t think that William was materialized at this point, but probably spoke through a voice box created by spirit that I have read so much about.

We then heard the chair come to the ground. The red light was then turned on, and there we saw the medium about 10 feet away from the cabinent, all binds verified to be intact. If you remember, I described the fact that each of the buttons on the mediums sweater were secured with the heavy plastic tie downs. Well, his sweater was now reversed, with the buttons to the back, and the plastic tie downs still in place. This meant that matter went through matter. 100% proof.

The entire evening was literally miraculous. I know that I will never forget it, and I am sure that nobody in that room will either.

If you the reader have never experienced physical mediumship, I strongly suggest that you do. It is life-changing.

As for the message the Silver Birch gave, I believe we must listen. There is proof that we don’t die everywhere. There are books filled with information about this. Physical mediums of the past such as Leslie Flint & John Sloan have both been documented in many different ways, both in books of first hand accounts and actual recordings (recordings of Leslie Flint are available through Zerdin, as well as recordings of David Thompson, and I really encourage you to give them a listen). Of course, here in America, mental mediums John Edward & James Van Praagh (among others) have had television shows and have written books.

I want to encourage anybody reading this to support Zerdin and all that they are doing. In this material world, many if not most of us, are tainted by an “agenda attached to an offering”. I promise you, with all sincerity that could be described in words, that Zerdin works in pure honesty and commitment to bring relief to the masses who miss a loved one who passed over. And we need to help them, to plant at least a seed of this real truth that we don’t die. Many that you speak to will be relieved in some capacity instantly, while others might dismiss it now, but remember what you said years from now when they might need it. I find that those who I speak to want to believe, but need the knowledge and information that Zerdin can provide. Zerdin has access to the most gifted physical and mental mediums known on the planet. And Zerdin is run by wonderful people who tiresly work to show and prove to the masses that life continues.

I believe, when you support Zerdin, you are directly supporting spirit and the message they NEED to get across. And if you think about it, those in spirit are already there, this is for our sake. So this cause is really supporting all of us. And I think that you would agree that this planet needs this information. I promise you, I am not tied into Zerdin in any way. I am not a board member nor do I have any affiliation other than my belief of how important this all is. That is the common bond that I sincerely hope we all establish, whether it’s referring people, purchasing past Zerdin publications or purchasing CD’s., etc. (The fee’s are extrememly reasonable, one night out for dinner will pay for a years membership). We can sincerely make a difference in this world.

If I could sign a document that that, if I was lying or even embellishing what I witnessed as I have explained to you, the consequences to any untruth would put me in a cruel jail without ever seeing my family again, I would sign it without breaking a sweat. I have heard and felt 100% undeniable proof. Let’s tell everybody and let the healing begin. Thank you for your time to read this article.