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(Andrew Russell-Davies medium)

1. Were you pregnant just before the Paris incident?

When I died was I pregnant with Dodi's baby? I have never heard anything so absurd! I may have been in love and known at times to act on impulse but not to this extent! We had known each other intimately only a short while, certainly not long enough to consider a child, there were the boys to consider ! It had been a bombshell enough that our relationship was developing so intensely, so quickly. I've said in London, I spent the majority of my evenings with Dodi at his Park Lane apartment, we couldn't bear to be away from each other but it was not the time to consider a child seriously though of course we'd discussed it and ideally I wanted a daughter.

Selfishly we were enjoying each other's company at the time too much to want to share it and we also knew that it would mean many changes as would marriage! We were going to take one step at a time and certainly there would be no question of my being an unmarried mum. We were very aware that pregnancy would invite further criticism, the media having a field day with us already plus the fact that we needed to consider the repercussions on the child. At the time, it was inappropriate for a number of reasons all too obvious to us! Marriage to Dodi could have meant my becoming Muslim and all that entailed, something therefore that needed careful planning if it was going to happen at all, a Muslim wife does not work and I was not about to give up mine and Dodi appreciated this fact and encouraged me with it.

We were together when I went to Bosnia and he had been all for me doing so knowing how important it was for me and how politically beneficial it was for me to promote the landmines issue that I personally felt so strongly about! The decision of marriage to Dodi or anyone would also for me first have needed the blessing of the boys after all it would be them who would be most effected by it and would therefore be given first consideration! 2005.

2. “My wife is from the UK, and has had an admiration of Diana for years. She mentioned that Diana wrote about some 'men in gray', (not aliens, just their apparel) and how much power they seemed to wield among both the Royal Family and the politicians like the PM,etc. The question is if she could now identify their purpose and origin?”

The men in gray spoken about by me being the faceless so one of the same of the dark forces mentioned to Paul Burrel by Her Majesty ... if indeed she was so free with such information to him ? Also though of course the Palace flunkies who basically run the show albeit behind the scenes so who decide what engagements will be attended by me, which ones ignored and sent official letters of apology / rejection instead, which tours will be undertaken so which ones stood to be politically correct, given that as a royal member there can be seen no political bias at all so by example a state visit favouring the Tibetan's would not be seen to be in order in respect of the Chinese regime that has precedence in the region with the devastating results of that being felt by its population ! This is why of course without the title I was free to enter into more political arenas under the guise of doing humanitarian work resulting in my being called a " Loose - Cannon " naturally !

3. You said somewhere that in the ambulance immediately after the accident you were given injections. Where you fully conscious at the time? And if you were, was there more than one person ‘treating’ you?

Following the accident I was attended to in the tunnel initially wasting valuable time of course considering the crash had already claimed two lives instantaneously and resulting also in two people so Trevor Rees - Jones and I, albeit divorced still being the mother of a future King seriously injured. I more than initially thought or else I'd have imagined a helicopter transfer to the hospital might have been arranged as opposed to a ridiculously slow ambulance journey which immediately ought to arouse suspicion. that and the fact of course the ambulance crew members have never stopped forward publicly anyway to detail their story of events happening that night or even surprisingly so I have to say sold their stories to the papers ... they might of course be tremendously humanitarian as opposed to all those who have not followed their example ! I was indeed given injections yes and I clearly remember to males attending me in the ambulance but was of course in and out of consciousness the whole time.

4. Do you accept that the Law of Cause and Effect will mean that everyone who caused you harm, directly or indirectly will have to call on you and ask for forgiveness? If that is that case do you think you can forgive those who murdered you?

My main objective initially anyway in making my return clearly apparent albeit through Andrew of course is to expose the truth about events happening in Paris so those responsible will be very frightened, it is a personally necessary thing for me to do for the sake of my boys, they merit the true explanation as to why Mummy died, something they have not had actually ... and as for forgiveness at a higher level, I would imagine that this will be something automatically given to those responsible, accountable, in the sense that their destiny, their pathway if you like was to be involved and had I not died, I'd not be returning of course to validate the reality of "Life After Death" which in a universal way is considered of far greater worth than the life of one human individual who was "Diana, Princess of Wales" in her most recent incarnation. Man's evolvement dependent upon things of this nature being proven with as you say, Victor, empirical proof.

5. Are you getting help in the afterlife with your missions?

As for my being helped with my mission in the after - life by those in the after - life, naturally or else Andrew, by example, would not have been utilised by me to assist me in my work as he has already explained to you, Victor, initially being the representative of his original Guide "Cheng". For further information I would suggest those interested to visit both my sites where a mountain of information is available as well as listening to all said by me though Andrew during the interviews with Rose which are highly informative about a number of issues! The latest one NO.9 in the Then & Now series having been posted yesterday.

With love to all,

Diana xx

© Copyright Andrew-Russell Davies 2008

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