A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife




(through medium Andrew Russell-Davis)

DIANA SPEAKS - right from the heart!

" Why was I seen as a problem? I held power purely and simply that and knew it and it was recognised that I was not afraid to use it which naturally made certain people very nervous. What would I do next? I was a woman scorned and to a certain extent bitter, resentful of the way in which I'd been treated and in consequence of this vengeful against those who I believed were responsible for causing me so much unhappiness.

Losing the title had been the last straw and heads were going to roll as I felt it incredibly unfair all be it rightly or wrongly of me to do so. I was the mother of a future King ostracised from a family that I had been part of for fifteen years as if it meant nothing at all, rejected and abandoned again in my life and fuelling in me powerful insecurities that all my life I had to battle hard against. Now having to do so again but this time with the knowledge that I had the people behind me which is why I was determined and made sure that I would secure this valuable support in any ways that I could and consequently immersed myself in my work and deliberately made sure that it got full focus of attention.

To be seen shopping in "Harrods" by example not as powerful an image as detonating a landmine in Angola, attending a charity function not as emotionally moving as sitting on the hospital bed of a little girl with half her guts blown away and in saying this I do not mean that I solely used these and other experiences for my own publicity, of course not, naturally I was personally involved in my work finding it extremely educational as well as humbling and knew that the very fact I was involved was making a tremendous difference but I was equally aware that it was having an impact I wanted! I had the world's attention in compensation for the attention I had lost.

I also was very aware that the boys would now be steered in a very different direction than I'd had planned for them and was helpless to interfere in this which is why in our times together as well as treating them to a film, show or a day at an amusement park, I also took them with me to visit the homeless, the sick and the dying to impress upon them how priviledged they were and to show them a side of life that otherwise they were not encouraged to see. I was in my way keeping things real for them which I considered important for their future, one I knew would be immersed in tradition and protocol, rules and regulations, not much fun!

In my private life making all kinds of mistakes in a desperate search for love which at times led me to behave in ridiculous, obsessive ways that at the time I denied of course needing to protect my own interests at all costs! Having been emotionally played with, I was not above playing emotional games myself with people! It is not something I am proud of doing, quite the opposite infact, I am ashamed of it and the trouble it caused for certain people who know who they are! I want to apologise to you now and hope you forgive me.

I will end in saying this, that all be it suspected, I admit initially there might have been a ploy on my part to be seen escorted around by Dodi the son of Mohamed al -Fayed who like me found himself unpopular with the establishment knowing how this would certainly ruffle powerful feathers but this backfired on me in a way I more than welcomed...I fell in love with him and know he loved me in return and we planned to stay together, whether this resulted in marriage or not was something that needed careful consideration as I was aware that my behaviour up until this point had done damage to the Monarchy and was an embarrassment to them and did not want to be the cause of further problems to an institution that was after all my eldest son's future but in Dodi I found my soulmate which explains why perhaps we died together and now share eternity!"


© Copyright Andrew Russell - Davis 2008



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