as told to Mr Grenyer's daughter Christine Morgan (2011).

Mr Grenyer met Mr Alan Crossley whilst being a working medium himself in the early 1980s. During this time Alan Crossley was investigating physical mediumship, and had been doing so for many years.

During the friendship with Mr Grenyer, Alan Crossley was invited to sit with the wonderful physical medium Rita Gould in Leicester UK around 1984. Mr Grenyer was told that Helen Duncan had materialised in a seance and asked for someone to track Alan Crossley down, as she knew him personally and requested he attend a seance with Rita Goold. Alan was a researcher and writer for physical mediumship in those days, and he had actually written a book about the work of Helen Duncan. (The Story of Helen Duncan: Materialisation Medium )

Alan Crossley then attended a seance where Helen conversed with him, and he became a regular at Rita's seances. Consequently, this led to Mr Grenyer being invited along on eight or nine occasions. Mr Grenyer recounts the wonderful phenomena and evidence of the communicators, and the many discussions he held with his dear friend Alan Crossley right up until the time of Alan Crossley's death at the end of the 1990s.

Helen Duncan was one of the main controls of the circle, along with Laura Lorraine, Rita Goold's own grandmother. Rita's seances were all held in the dark and no ectoplasm was used; Helen Duncan said that the reason they were not using ectoplasm was because it can be dangerous- she had died after being harmed by inappropriate action in an ectoplasmic seance.
Instead the spirit team said they were using an energy as old as time itself. They said that Rita Goold was extremely rare in having this energy in abundance so that it could be used for materialization of spirits.

The spirit produced some of the lighted conditions on occasions, where the silhouette and solid form of the spirit could be seen. On other occasions evidence could only be taken from what the spirit said. Eddy Grenyer was present on one occasion when Raymond Lodge visited the circle and conversed with the sitters. There were spirit lights produced and sitters could see the clear outline of Raymonds boots and army uniform. He did not look completely solid but he was clearly materialised.

Laura Lorraine, was a very significant character at the seances, she actually died giving birth to Rita's mother, and had been a singer in the old music halls, of her time. It is said she died at approximate age of 22. Mr Grenyer, attending these seances along with his friend Alan on two occasions was taken from his chair and waltzed around the room with Laura Lorraine, who sang wonderfully in the seance too. Laura asked Mr Grenyer to run his hand down the outline of her body to prove the solid form, and that she indeed was a female with feminine curves. The strong smell permeated the seance room when she was there of an old perfume she was fond of.

Helen Duncan materialised and conversed with Alan Crossley many many times, and Mr Grenyer was witness to this, as well as having direct conversations with Helen himself in his capacity as a medium.

There were quite a lot of apports, and they always said the spirit were experimenting. A friend of theirs was given a small toy furry mouse,which he was told to give to children to hold whilst giving them healing, of which he did and it is said the furry mouse used to radiate a heat and energy throughout the healing process.

Alan Crossley passed to the higher life, and Mr Grenyer conducted his funeral, and he is still fondly remembered by all that knew him at that time, especially Mr Grenyer whom was afforded great experiences of the spirit world, which aided and inspired him for his own work with the spirit world.


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