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I was watching a documentary this week on cable television showing anti-afterlife atheist Prof Stephen Hawking making a claim that he has a 'theory of everything'. He starts off the program by saying he can explain everything that happens in the universe. WRONG! He may fool those who want to be fooled but not others. Why not? Because for an hour all he did was to identify and describe the different energies and non-energies in the universe - gravity, electromagnetic forces, light, space, speed, time. But NOT ONCE did he give us any indication HOW these forces e.g. gravity came about and what maintains their particular quality. He used the 'smorgasbord argument' - choosing only that information which supports his deeply negative unsubstantiated prejudices- and ignoring anything that contradicts or invalidates his argument.-


Nor did he explain WHY the speed of light is what it is. Or why constellations contintue to exist. Or why there are different levels of vibrations in the universe. Or why 'positive' energies have to balance the 'dark energies'. Or why on planet earth 'growth' takes place or why evolution exists. Or what or who organized the laws of the universe and where the 'order' in the universe comes from. Scientists can only identify universal phenomena, they can only speculate, but they CANNOT tell us how the phenomena came about. Unless of course, this atheistic scientist blames it all on 'everything came by chance' - something the non-aligned scientists do not accept anymore.

Space, time and energy he said did not exist before the big bang (***there are other scientists who do not agree there was a big bang). But because he deliberately restricted his sources of information he negligently omits to mention that: empirically elicited information tells us that there is NO TIME in the afterlife dimension - but there is 'energy' vibrating at a higher level. So it is possible to have a dimension before the big bang where there is NO TIME but there is energy - since energy cannot be created or destroyed. This atheist is wrong claiming - without evidence and though sheer speculation - that "there was nothing" before the Big Bang. Accordingly, he is wrong when he said "there cannot be a first cause becuase nothing existed before the Big Bang."

No atheistic scientist has ever properly explained the intelligent first cause: that there was a first 'intelligent cause' which brought about the intelligent effects all obeying the universal laws - everything we observe in the universe.

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