A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
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Just some thoughts, as briefly as possible, on how I became convinced of the existence of the afterlife.

I shall be 74 in July 2009, my parents were Catholics as most of the French. I was not going often to the church when young, doubting very soon that what the priests were teaching was the truth. Then, having succeeded in becoming a doctor in veterinary medecine and a microbiologist whose professor was the most materialistic minded one, Jacques Monod, author of the scientifico-philosophical book "Hazard and necessity", Nobel prize of medicine the year I was in his class, I was not prepared at accepting easily the idea of the afterlife.

However, the subject interested me very much. I read books on the main religions hoping to find answers to my search of truth, but nothing convincing seemed to come out of it. A long thinking over the years led me to the simple conclusion that God must exist but that was all we could know.

After being married during 44 years my dear American wife from LA died from a lung cancer. We have worked hard together during all those years to contribute to develop solutions for one of our two sons who is mentally disable, contributing to create and manage specialized structures for him and other teenagers and adults. This long term daily adversity drove us so close to each other that immediately after she passed in my arms I felt strangely that she was still present in an other way.

Using a few weeks after a method close to oui-ja I began to get probable contacts. My first question was to ask my wife to identify herself. As an answer I thought I could get either nothing making sense, or some fantasy of my subconscious mind, or her first name Isabelle which would be marvelous. The answer has been none of those three possibilities. It has been CARMEN which is her second name, which we never used, followed by WILLIE which is a nickname given to her by one of her brothers when she was a little girl, and that we never used either.

Isabelle had chosen an answer so totally different from what I expected that it was highly unlikely to have come from my own subconscious mind. It was so unbelievable for me that it took weeks before I realised that this could be considered as a very probable evidence of her having an afterlife. Compared to what I used to think of afterlife before, it was so enormous a surprise that I needed to be convinced again and again. That’s what similar significant messages did, always in English. I finally admitted the truth: Isabelle was alive somewhere and she was able to communicate some words.

But the best convincing evidence had still to come. In one of your Friday reports you mentioned Rob Smith performing EVP. I read the available details of how Rob was operating and before the end of that friday I bought the necessary equipment, a small digital magnetophone connectable to my PC.

And to my greatest surprise, right from the first trial I registered
Isabelle’s voice, in French that time, saying BONJOUR (hello) JACQUES (name of our disabled child, as if to say "I keep being concerned by our son’s health and hope you can take good care of him") ENFIN (at last, in Isabelle’s typical tone of voice) JE T' AIME SWEETY (I love you Sweety). The doubt wasn’t possible anymore, it was a registered evidence of my Isabelle’s afterlife.

Since May18th 2007 I obtained 156 messages in English through the oui-ja method and since February 15th 2008 153 messages in French by EVP. It would take a lot more time to comment the most significant messages.

So I am now totally convinced of the afterlife. I thank the Providence
that guided me towards your Friday reports, and consequently to Rob
Smith experiments and authorized me to communicate with Isabelle, though I
miss her a lot.

That’s the short story I wanted to let you know. I intend to send a copy of these informations to Rob Smith.

* Please note names have been changed to protect privacy