A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


The universe, I believe, is composed of a gigantic scale of vibrations. Those which we appreciate on earth are only a small range of vibrations between two fixed points, namely between 34,000 and 64,000 waves to the inch, or from 400 to 750 billion waves to the second. That is the section of the universe which appeals to us, the one which makes up to us the physical world. Now the physical world is only a very limited scale of vibrations compared with all the other vibrations in the universe.

We have recently discovered how to produce another range of vibrations which we are able to tune into, as the result of the various devices which go to make up our wireless set. We have learned how to make these vibrations and convert them into sound, but before we knew how to do so they had not existed, though the medium through which they reach us has always existed. Without this ether we should be blind and frozen, as it carries to us the radiation of the sun.
Official science recognizes solely the physical universe, and only within the last forty years has it discovered that the physical universe is made up of these etheric vibrations. That is about as far orthodox science has reached today, but those of us who have taken the opportunity afforded to get into conversation with the scientists in the etheric world are able to build on this in a way that no orthodox scientist can.
That other vibrations exist is well known by scientists, but only certain ranges, one the X-rays, which are waves of greater frequency than those which constitute physical matter, and the lesser frequency waves called dark heat waves and long electric waves. These are proved to our senses by instruments, but there are vast spaces still unknown to physical science. There is a big gap between the most frequent physical vibrations and the X-ray vibrations.

The vibrations of the etheric world, I am told by my informants there, commence just above those of the physical world. We have confirmation of this through the knowledge obtained from psychic photography and clairvoyance, and from the fact that etheric beings, called ghosts, have been seen from time to time through the ages. Thus their lowest vibrations must be just about touching our normal physical range of sight. The chart above makes this clear, and shows how limited are our sense perceptions. Only the black portion represents the physical world. This is all we sense of the innumerable etheric waves making up the universe.
We are told from the etheric world of this vast range of vibrations, and, knowing what we do of physical vibrations, we can appreciate how and where the two worlds meet. We have now no difficulty in relating physical matter to etheric matter. Physical matter is made of vibrations within two fixed points. Etheric matter is made up of vibrations just beyond 64,000 waves to the inch. The etheric world is just a continuation of the vibrations beyond what our senses can perceive. We cannot sense beyond the physical range, so long as we inhabit the physical body. Clairaudient and clairvoyant mediums can do so to a limited extent, but they are exceptional, due to their etheric ears and eyes being less heavily coated by physical matter than those of normal people. How far beyond the physical range of vibrations the etheric goes we do not know.

Source: Pages 151 and 152 of The Rock of Truth by Arthur Findlay