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A Pleasant week at Montcabirol, South of France with Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson by Mani Asvadi

I flew from Vienna to Toulouse on 24th of May 2010.
From Toulouse to Montcabirol is almost one hour and 20 minutes drive.

When I arrived in Montcabirol I was welcomed warmly by Kevin and Tom our hosts. There were other people who came from all over the world for the demonstration, from UK, Belgium, Australia and Netherlands.

The rooms in Montcabirol are decorated with expensive old furniture and antique objects. The whole place is very spiritual. I could sense the spirits around.
Monday night was a good opportunity for the guests to get to know each other, just sitting around and chatting.

Tuesday was also a good day to relax outside; the weather was also nice for a walk around or just sitting and talking with the people.

Tom cooked on Tuesday night for all of us, it was a big meal and very delicious indeed.

I was curious about ‘live healing’ of Kevin the healing Medium, because I had already an absent healing from him when I was at home in Vienna. I had experienced his good work from a distance of almost 1700 KM, but I was there then and I wanted to feel it one more time, we went to the healing room and Kevin was calm and peaceful as he is normally, he started to send me the healing. After a short time I felt very good and I have fallen in Trance, a woman spirit came through said some words not very clear to Kevin, I was 10 Percent conscious and I felt very cold in my body as it is usual in Trance, Kevin recognized and sent me warm energy and asked me If I am ok, the spirit lady left my body, I think she wanted to enjoy the healing too. I felt wonderful afterwards. Kevin - his healing is just wonderful.

On Wednesday we had our first sitting. We went to the séance room, a big room with blue colour on the wall with a cabinet on one side of the room. The fine and peaceful energy in this room was very strong to feel. We sat more than one hour in a very dark room, as the way it should be, because the energy and also the vibrations are stronger. As we settled Tom the Medium went to the cabinet, Kevin strapped him into the chair very tight I felt it must be too solid and maybe painful…

Yellow Cloud the Indian Protector of the circle of Eternal Illumination came through and the spirits John Sloan and Irene, they talked with direct voice through Tom.

John answered some questions from the audience, we had music in between and we could see in the dark room lights from levitated tables and trumpets were flying around, I could also see spirit lights in different areas of the room behind or in front of me then Irene came, she is an alive, a vigorous and a funny spirit who crossed over in 1967 when she was a young girl on the earth. She danced and jumped. I could hear and feel her jumping and stomping. The Medium has been checked several times during the séance if he was still strapped in to the chair.

Then the highest point of the sitting was when the spirits materialized in Tom, Kevin opened the curtain and we could see Tom getting light and lighter it was not ectoplasm but a high light energy from spirits who materialized, I myself could recognize my husband who crossed over 10 years ago.

Thursday was another relax day for me. On Friday we had the second sitting, this was even better and longer than the first one on Wednesdays, I sat in the first row, it was almost the same from the process like Wednesday but we could experience more contact and talking to the spirits. The spirits materialized in Tom again and I could recognize my husband one more time. I had a personal question to John Sloan and the answer made me really happy and it was a confirmation for my working as a mental Medium. I asked Irene if she could have a look at my flat in Vienna if everything was all right there, because my daughter hat a party in my absent, Irene left for seconds when she came back she said ,’it is a new house, it is not the same one as I visited you months before in Vienna ‘. Yes it is true she visited me in our old flat months ago and we moved to a new one recently. She said the party has not begun yet, because there are only two persons at home, my daughter and boyfriend, true!! Spirit of Phil Starr came through wanted to sing the song ‘I will survive’. I heard he was asking one of the ladies Alison who sat very close to me in the front if she wants to sing with him…he sang ‘I did survive’...… At this very moment I felt a strong men’s perfume or after shave, (the very cheap ones…) this smell was very strong.
When Kevin played the song ‘Imagine’ I could hear John Lennon’s voice singing with us, I mean his voice live!! The sitting closed with a prayer. Bless Tom, he made a good job! Everybody was excited after the sitting.

My personal view to the whole subject is, it was not only that I sat there in a dark room and experience something paranormal and extraordinary happenings or to prove if Tom and Kevin their work is genuine or not what is of course unique and true indeed, but also meeting lovely people who come over for a serious idea. Love is strongly to feel there, this place is full of love, harmony and peace. The balanced harmony from Tom and Kevin is strongly to feel and it makes it very peaceful .It is like a net from a lot of countries in different continents to be connected to each other, a lovely trustable spirit net with Tom & Kevin as leaders. This must be their job on the planet earth; they also belong to God’s army!!

I thank Kevin and Tom for their pureness and clarity. Bless!!

Mani Asvadi
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