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'Scientific Materialism versus Apparent Vagueness of Mind Format'
George E Moss - from the SALUMET group.

There is a progressing conflict that desperately requires clarification. This follows a most interesting article in Network Review by Dr Larry Dossey concerning the paper entitled “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect” by Dr Daryl J Bem of Cornell University, published in “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”.

Needless to say, that original paper I also found most interesting, albeit it seems to have taken some readers by surprise. And the paragraph of Larry Dossey’s article that really fired my interest includes words attributed to Douglas Hofstadter of Indiana University:

“If any of [Bem’s] claims were true, then all of the bases underlying contemporary science would be toppled, and we would have to rethink everything about the nature of the universe....opening the floodgates to frequent publication of crackpot ideas in top-notch journals [to] spell the end of science as we know it”. My own study and experiences concerning consciousness within the universe firmly indicate that it is indeed a time to topple, and this toppling should also “spell the end of science as we know it”. I will endeavour to demonstrate that this is no rash statement; bearing in mind that contemporary science fails to recognise a vast reality that exists, exterior to space-time and beyond the reach of standard laboratory methodology.

Before pursuing various observed facts that require explanation or pointing to any applicable evidence, it should aid our clear thinking to consider the universe as consisting of two major components:

1. The space-time creation comprising the various particles that exhibit mass, electric fields, gravity, light etc. Space-time has its familiar rule book, embracing the time-honoured mass-energy equivalence E = mc2 and a rigidly imposed speed restriction—nothing travels faster than light. Humans and all life molecules are of course clearly part of this structured material world—that includes our brain cells.

2. Energetic void or that less tangible part of this universe that is not subject to the above space-time rules. Meaningful names have been assigned to aspects of this void by those few who have seriously pondered its nature. It is the ‘Aether’ of Sir James Jeans, sometimes called ‘Creative Vacuum’; more recently ‘Zero Point Field’, A-field, ?-field or ‘Quantum Vacuum’. Many non-scientists use the term ‘Spirit’, and ‘Akasha’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Aether’. This seemingly paradoxical component of our universe permeates all known existence but cannot be considered as part of space-time per se, since space-time rules do not apply here.

It should also be stated at the outset that I am not an erudite scholarly university professor. Before retirement, my UK consultancy, ‘Commercial & Forensic Laboratories’ provided a scientific service to industry and to lawyers—forensic casework ranged from road accidents to terrorist bombing trials. It follows that my work experience has a pronounced practical, rather than academic, bias. I would suggest however, that practical considerations are paramount in resolving this dubiety. Theories that ignore or fail to explain observed phenomena are of no value, and will obviously fall short of any accurate description for mind and consciousness.

Referring to Bem’s two-curtain-experiment—one concealing an erotic photo, the other a blank wall—53.1% (statistically higher than an expected 50.0%) managed to pick the curtain with the photo. BUT the photo was placed there after the selection had been made. So there are two issues that require explanation:

1. Why should some participants know the photo position without being able to see?

2. How could they predict the future placement of the photo into that position?

The key to answering both questions lies in the fact that ‘mind’ is of the void and merely connects with physical brain. A minority of minds, in the conditions of Bem’s experiment, will reach sufficiently into the void to sense both its ‘knowing’ and its ‘timeless’ qualities. This non-material information from the timeless void would then be conveyed to brain. The majority participating in the experiment make no significant contact with void and come up with an ordinary 50 / 50 material-world guess. The 53.1% bias of Bem’s result is just the sort of value that I would expect, from considering my own work—this to be described in due process.

We have to accept that the void is the domain of mind—it also contains much else but its format excludes time and space. It may be helpful to compare ‘brain and mind’ to ‘computer and Internet’. The two are connected. The computer is of fixed position within biosphere while the ever changing Internet extends everywhere; and a computer has the ability to download selected Google-searched information. This analogy could be taken further to include the workings of séance groups. A meditating group of people, who have good intent, are deliberately opening their computer-brains to information sources within void—in protected mode (examples of unprotected mode might involve drugs or Ouija board). As with computers, unprotected mode is not to be recommended! But just as computers logged onto Internet can download and record enormous amounts of valuable data, so can a dedicated mixed-ability séance group do precisely that.

Séance Experiment in Downloading from Void: What is now described is selected data from an experiment conducted by dedicated participants and spread across a period of 17-years. All exchanges / transmissions have been recorded and transcribed. During the last decade three digital recorders have been used to be absolutely certain of catching every word with good clarity. I should not really be referring to this as an experiment—it has been a dedication and a way of life!

But, as presented, the project has the qualities and virtues so often looked for in the carefully conducted experiment, and it has provided answers to otherwise baffling or even as yet un-thought-of questions. In describing the participating group it will suffice to say: it includes an interacting mixture of mediums, scientists and two with strongly clairvoyant abilities—and of course other highly significant entities, not of this Earthly plane. If all data were presented a library shelf would be filled. Only selected items that seem especially relevant to the workings of mind and consciousness will be reported here:

1. The Full-trance condition: The entity known as ‘Salumet’ is of all-knowledge—a Guide and Teacher from Angelic Realms. Eileen Roper, his medium, ALWAYS slips into full-trance when this one visits. This means that her mind / consciousness is displaced or placed to one side, by Salumet, who then takes over her brain function to deliver speech and to control arm movements (also, should there be a throat-tickling cough, he will first apologise and then fix it). Eileen’s larynx is used in such a way as to yield a markedly different voice, of male genre richly imbued with love and compassion. This full-trance medium knows / recalls nothing of what transpires during a session; so that we are in the habit of briefly bringing her up to date later, when her consciousness has been ‘brought back’ which may take several minutes. Eventually she can listen to audio when a disc has been prepared. Salumet’s teaching and answers to questions may sometimes occupy as much as one full hour. There have thus far been 520 such occasions spread across 17-years, during which period we have used three different venues—in the scientific parlance, a very well replicated experiment!

2. All-knowledge within Void and its Access: Entities such as Salumet have full knowledge of that which is sometimes referred to as ‘Akashic Record’. And Salumet’s all-knowledge capability has been very well tested by many questions spread across 17-years—his awareness is astounding. Topics covered have included such diverse items as: Nazca Plateau markings, DNA upgrading, nuclear proliferation, Saint Columba’s journey to Iona – AD 563, The Siberian ‘Tunguska Event’, EVP (electronic voice phenomena), spontaneous combustion, multiple universes, government secrecies, RNGs (random number generators) and collective consciousness, craniosacral therapy, crop circles, The Great Pyramid – its construction and purpose, extraterrestrial beings etc. Much has been learned and our website1 fairly bulges with so many enlightenments.

3. Partial Trance Mediums: Our all-knowing guide has also been able to present, via mediums in partial trance, notaries from Earthly history to account their experiences first hand. Partial trance status usually means that the visitor’s own voice character (not that of the medium) prevails while the medium has awareness of what is being articulated by his / her speech mechanism; and there may also be impressions of the speaker’s feelings and appearance. The medium’s brain retains awareness without being in control. Memorable visits have included discourse from: Catherine the Great – Empress of All the Russias (1762-96), Mary Queen of Scots (1542-87), Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), Emma Hardinge-Britten (1823-99), Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), a spokesman for a South American pre-Inca tribe who took great delight in physically articulating his now extinct language to be recorded for posterity, Leslie Bone (our group founder)—and many others. A part of the principle that is involved here is not unknown to leading scientists and reference has been published referring to quantum vacuum substructure:
“....the ?-field constitutes a selectively accessible extrasomatic memory bank. Rather than in the physical confines of the brain, it is in this extended memory bank that a lifetime’s experiences are stored, and it is from here that they can be selectively retrieved.” The Creative Cosmos ... Ervin Laszlo 19932

The author refers to the selection of extrasomatic memories of a living individual. But, nevertheless, the principle of lifetime-memory-location within a ?-field substructure of quantum vacuum (and not within brain) is clearly put. It is a further step to consider the selection of ongoing living beings from this complex domain. It is our experience that such selections can be made by Salumet or by other guides, and not by the entranced medium.

4. Partial Trance and Extragalactic Connections: Again, it has been our guide who has arranged for mind-link communications with a physical being known to us as ‘Bonniol’, who lives on a planet in a far galaxy. Bonniol is supported by a meditating group of around 60 individuals, who all share awareness of what transpires. Their planet is both technologically and spiritually, more advanced than Earth. There have been thus far 73 communications spread over seven years, via a partial trance medium. Valuable points regarding modus operandi have been observed and discussed with both our guide and Bonniol. Mind-link communication across the universe is a truly wondrous phenomenon and has been characterised by:

1. The exchanges are virtually instantaneous without significant pauses. This really endorses the fact that the void is without space or time and cannot be regarded as part of space-time.

2. There is no language barrier. It is the thought—thought behind the words—that passes from one to the other. Brain acts as a computer to download the thought of another to its known language.

3. Minds can link at any physical distance—even beyond the observable universe. The physical distance exists but is simply irrelevant in mind-link communication.

4. Meditational mind-link is the favoured mode of communicating used by advanced physical beings inhabiting this universe—because it is instantaneous and obviates language problem.

The instantaneity of processes reaching across universal distance is not unknown to scientific literature:
“....through torsion waves in the vacuum the A-field links things and events in the universe at staggering speeds—a billion times the velocity of light....The rediscovery of the A-field will also change our world itself. When people realise that the age-old intuition that space does not separate things but links them has a bona fide explanation, the genius for innovation inherent in modern civilisation will find practical ways to make use of it.”

Science and the Akashic Field ... Ervin Laszlo (2004)3
Clearly, other more advanced civilisations inhabiting this universe do indeed make practical use of the A-field for their communicating. And it is our understanding that Bonniol’s planet—Planet Aerah—enjoys such communication with ten others. And the work that has since followed the EPR experiment proposed by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolski and Nathan Rosen in 1935, endorses the reality of virtual instantaneity of processes.

5. Clairvoyance Transmission: There is much more to extragalactic mind-link than virtually instantaneous download of thought to brain’s known language. During some Bonniol communications, our two team members who have pronounced clairvoyant abilities received visual scenes of Planet Aerah. They experienced the same pictures simultaneously and were able to discuss the details between themselves during session! On another occasion our ET-friend appeared to be accompanied by a party of friends from another world—Planet Crogaria. We all communicated, and the Crogarians said that they had visited—teleported—to Earth in earlier times—Nevada Desert region. Clairvoyant Jan could actually ‘see’ the visitors quite clearly. Proof?—Well yes! In this instance I can offer forensic-science-style evidence for Jan’s clairvoyance.

At the close of session I asked her to sketch the beings—slender, two legs and two arms with three-fingered hands, and heads with extra wide extensions in the position of ears, described as sensory lobes. Next day while transcribing, the Nevada Desert again came to mind, and I vaguely recalled something about rock drawings and checked the Internet. The Atlatl Rock Petro-glyphs depict beings with wide heads and three-fingered hands, the same as Jan’s contemporaneous sketch! On showing Jan the downloaded photo the following week, she was utterly astonished at the resemblance, and all present were witness to that astonishment. There is more—the Crogarians had also revealed to Jan during session, their curious birth process involving pods growing on stems and tadpole-like shapes with zigzag umbilical cords. This ‘nursery scene’ was all there in the rock drawing photo—a record thought to be Anasazi art dating from around AD 500. At the top of the rock picture is an atlatl or spear thrower—hence the name ‘Atlatl Rock’.

Much data of the above sections 1-5 has been published in book form4, 5. It is furthermore understood that the more advanced civilisations of this universe are able to teleport objects between planets—although attempts to demonstrate this, involving our combined energies, have as yet been unsuccessful. We also understand mind-power creation to have replaced some modes of manufacturing industry. And there have been wise words concerning the continued advance of science and technology: Advances MUST go hand-in-hand with mind /spirit development, or be short lived [The 20th-century misdemeanours brought us so close to nuclear catastrophe and there remain still many missiles to be decommissioned!]

There is clearly much yet to be discovered concerning the mysterious void—aether—?-field—spirit—mind. The EVP explorations, RNG interactions and GCP linked RNG experimentation, whilst highly commendable, merely scratch the surface. And considerable funding from governments has been poured with some enthusiasm into SRV (scientific remote viewing) development. Perhaps we should accept that the fuller understanding of mind and consciousness cannot come from using the laboratory hardware of yesteryear, but must involve practical meditational mind work. Some will doubtless see this as a voyage into spirit domain and must therefore be considered unscientific. But the results of Bem’s experiment I think prod us firmly in this direction. Should, however, the 17-year project outlined above, be seen by some as no more than a ‘crackpot idea’, then perhaps it would be fitting to conclude with a verse from Omar Kayy?m’s Rub?iy?t:

And, strange to tell, among that Earthen Lot
Some could articulate, while others not:
And suddenly one more impatient cried—
“Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?”

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