A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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Wonderful Christmas Gift: Ann, my dear wife, returned to spirit 18-months ago, a little before her 80th birthday. On 9th December, our Kingsclere Group (son Mark and me included) held our Monday evening séance meeting as usual—all fully recorded. As this amazing meeting concluded, Jan [the medium] began to receive clairvoyant messages from Ann: Reminding that she often made tea and sandwiches while we played Scrabble and she’ll be popping in to do the same at the planned family party. I said we’d LOVE her to pop in and she’ll be most, most welcomed by all of us. Giggling, she said: I HOPE so! Adding that we still have her china cup and we are to put it out—and a saucer! Words of love were exchanged and kisses blown, and she declared our other son Paul to be enjoying his trip to Peru with Sabine.

But then spirit friends were encouraging Ann to move forward and SPEAK via Jan [i.e. through the medium in trance] , which she then did—about the party:

“I’ll be there.”

Mark [Son of George and Ann] : “You’ll come to us all for Christmas?”

Ann: “—Absolutely darling!”

Mark: “We’ll tell Sara.”

Ann: “Yes; I’m getting braver now—I haven’t done this before.”

Mark: “I’ll tell ‘em—you’ve done it so quickly!”

Ann: “Well I’ve given a message but I haven’t spoken, so this is new.”

[ Ann had been through before with clairvoyance via Jan. George moved across the room so that he could hear better, as Mark praised her newfound ability and she referred to Salumet- the cirlce's main guide]

Ann “Well I had a good teacher, didn’t I? We’ve all had a good teacher. This is so much better than I thought.”

Mark: “Lovely to have you.”

Ann: “Mm, I don’t want to go now.”

George: “We don’t want you to go. We want you to stay!”

Ann: referring that time of her time of transition:
“No, I wish I could have. But I needed to go, you know that don’t you dear?—it was my time.”

George: “We understand.”

Ann: “I couldn’t stay longer—I’m with you all the time.”

George: “Yes—yes. I say a few words every night.”

Ann: “I know—I hear you. I shan’t repeat it now—it’s embarrassing!”

Much laughter!

Ann: “I feel the same—okay?”

George: “Yes.”

Ann: “I love you all.”

George: “We all love you.”

Ann: “I’ve got to go now, okay? Bye.”

George: “Love you!”

Ann: “Bye. Don’t forget, I’m always here—bye.”

And of course, we put out the china cup and saucer at the Christmas party. This is reality of course—there is no death; there are just those occasions in our travels when we have to change trains.