A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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THE LOWER DARK REALMS. QUESTION: In the past you talked about the lower, darker Astral realms. What evidence is there for these dark regions in the afterlife?

Continues: (here Mons Hugh Benson with his two spirit friends visit the horrible, darker lower Astral region):

”Dimly, we could see through this miasma what might have been human beings, crawling like some foul beasts over the surface of the upper rocks. We could not think, Ruth and I, that they were human, but Edwin assured us that once they had walked upon the earth-plane as men, that they had eaten and slept, and breathed the earthly air, had mixed with other men on earth. But they lived a life of spiritual foulness. In their death of the physical body they had gone to their true abode and their true estate in the spirit world …”

(Describing those living in these dark region)”

”The hand were shaped like the talons of some bird of prey, with the finger nails so grown as to have become veritable claws. The face upon this monster was barely human, so distorted was it, and malformed. The eyes were small and penetrating, but the mouth was huge and repulsive, with thick protruding lips set upon a prognathic jaw, and scarcely concealing the veriest fangs of teeth.”

We gazed earnestly and long at this sorry wreck of what was once a human form, and I wondered what earthly misdeeds, had reduced it to this awful state of degeneration …

(Describing one unfortunate spirit in these dark region):

”That he had been several hundred years in the spirit world could be seen by the few tattered remnants of his garb, which bespoke a former age, and he had spent the greater part of his earth life inflicting mental and physical tortures upon those who had the misfortune to come into his evil clutches

… Every time that he had committed against other people had, at last, reverted to, and descended upon, himself. He now had before him – he had done so for hundreds of years- the memory, the indelible memory, of every act of evil he had perpetrated against his fellows …

When he was upon earth he had acted under a false pretence of administering justice. In very truth, his justice had been nothing but a travesty, and now he was seeing exactly what TRUE justice really meant. Not only was his own life of wickedness continually before him, but the features of his many victims were ever passing before his mind, created out of that same memory which is registered unfailingly and ineradicably upon the sub-conscious mind. HE CANNOT EVER FORGET; HE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER. And his condition was aggravated by the anger of feeling like a trapped animal.”

“He had judged himself and condemned himself, and now he was suffering punishment he had, solely and entirely, inflicted upon himself …”

Here was no case of an avenging God inflicting condign punishment upon a sinner. The sinner was there, truly, but he was the visible manifestation of the unalterable law of cause and effect. The cause was in his earthly life, the effect was his spirit life …”

“Both Edwin and his friend told us that we should be appalled at the catalogue of names, well known in history, of people who were living deep down in these noxious regions- men who had perpetrated vile and wicked deeds in the name of holy religion, or for the furtherance of their own despicable, material ends. Many of these wretches were unapproachable, and they would remain so- perhaps for numberless more centuries – until, of their own wish and endeavor, they moved however feebly in the direction of the fight of spiritual progression….”

”We could see, as we walked along whole bands of seemingly demented souls passing on their way upon some prospective evil intent - if they could find their way to it. Their bodies presented the outward appearance of the most hideous and repulsive malformations and distortions, the absolute reflection of their evil minds. Many of them seemed old in years, but I was told that although such souls had been there perhaps for many centuries, it was not the passage of time that had so dealt with their faces, but their wicked minds.”

“There is no light in the lowest realms; no warmth, no beauty …But there is hope – hope that every soul there will progress. It is in the power of each soul to do so, and nothing stands in his way but himself. It may take him countless thousands of years to raise himself one inch spiritually, but it is an inch in the right direction …”

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