A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

VICTOR ZAMMIT v GEORGE NEGUS: ‘INTERVIEW NOT LEGITIMATE’ - Last Tuesday afternoon I was invited supposedly for an interview for the G.Negus. 6.30 national television show. But it turned out it was not a ‘legitimate’ interview or a discussion. In relation to the paranormal, George N showed he does not have the skills, competence and the ability to perceive the paranormal with true scientific balance – because he’s an extreme-closed minded skeptic! This is because of his unconscious defences of 'rationalization through cognitive dissonance', 'cathexis' and 'deletions' I talked about elsewhere (see below "WHY CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS DO NOT ACCEPT THE PARANORMAL")


During the brief session, G Negus was cynical, irrational, intrusive and highly discourteous. He violated ethics and procedure. He seemed determined not to let me answer one question. He kept on butting in, interrupting every time I tried to say something.

I was led to believe that the questions would be on the material on my website. I was informed that he had a look at my 'afterlife' website and was satisfied it was substantive. On that basis I accepted to do the interview.

But immediately he brought up the Loch Ness Monster, and Elvis and asked, “Have you been to the afterlife and returned? If you haven’t I'm not convinced." Then he asked whether I was a medium and whether I could bring his all his relatives through to talk to him then and there. He said he was not interested in the findings of scientists who investigated. Finally, he said (showing he's a short term planner) that he is not interested in what happens when you die because he has 'enough problems here'.

I was totally misled. He had invited me to come into the studio on the pretext of discussing my afterlife research but once in the studio he:

- asked NOTHING about why the critical revolutionary evidence for the afterlife is now SCIENTIFIC,

- asked NOTHING why the critical evidence for the afterlife amounting to proof is objective and repeatable,

- asked NOTHING about the many brilliant scientists who used science to test the afterlife evidence and were convinced that the afterlife exists,

- asked NOTHING about the highly ranked tough skeptical police who conceded that gifted psychics and mediums have genuine afterlife contact - as I showed on my homepage,

asked NOTHING about the spectacular evidence of materializations where over 200 loved ones were reunited - the greatest proof for the existence of the afterlife to-day,

- asked NOTHING about my $1 million dollar challenge and why the genius skeptics and genius scientists and materialists failed to beat it,

- asked NOTHING about why some scientists do not accept the afterlife,

- showed he did not understand - or his skeptical unconscious did not want him to know about the value of Scientific Methodology when doing afterlife experiments - something which could have shattered his closed skepticism,

- showed he did NOT understand the difference between subjective evidence (beliefs) and objective evidence,

- showed he did not want to discuss the huge success the Windbridge Institute had in using science to test mediums

- showed he had NOT read the material on my website,

- showed he did not understand and did NOT want to understand that contact with the other side can be made only under special controlled conditions – not in ten seconds during a studio interview - as he demanded,

- did NOT understand when I said I had communication from the other side from my younger sister who talked to me in the same voice as she had when on earth about things we discussed before she died - he dismissed it as it never happened.

Would anyone call that a rational, intelligent and proper interview? Of course not!! Clearly he is motivated by his deep negative anti-paranormal prejudices and his own negative beliefs (I 'believe' here is nothing he said) which cannot be independently substantiated.

Only last week I outlined why CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS do not have the ability, the skills and the competence to accept the evidence for the afterlife- see below. G.Negus should go to a psychologist to explain his irrational blind closed-minded skepticism so that he will be able to SEE the most important evidence we have in this world with true empirical and scientific balance.

I think the ONLY reason I was invited in was because he thought he would be able to use me to ridicule the paranormal and the afterlife. This he would do to try to justify his closed minded skepticism. But I was just as tough and assertive as he was.

Once I realized that no-one would gain from seeing the "interview" I asked that it NOT be shown - there was concern that manipulated editing would denigrate the paranormal and the afterlife. The same day I received confirmation it would not be shown.

I really don’t know why he bothered to call me in to the Network to waste hours of our most precious time!

This G Negus reminded me of that Pope who told Galileo (pictured) that he was NOT going to investigate the scientific evidence which contradicted the Pope's personal beliefs. It took the Church over 330 years to admit it that it was the Pope who was wrong in not investigating the scientific evidence. From George's conduct, it seems reasonable to say, it will take him just as long to accept the evidence for the afterlife - except that he's likely to cross over in the next couple of decades.

NOTE CAREFULLY: Old time atheistic, materialistic closed minded journalists like George are out of touch with the modern situation. People today are VERY interested in scientific explanations - in the scientific evidence for the paranormal. They are not interested in beliefs and blind faith.

Surveys show that between 70 and 80% accept the paranormal and the afterlife- even though fewer than 20% attend church on Sundays. It may come as a shock to the conservatives, that more people to-day in the Western world accept the paranormal than are going to Church on Sundays.

When American paranormalist-medium John Edward visited Sydney, some 20,000 went to see him at short notice. That gives some indication as to the rapidly changing trends. Many Christian clergy now admit the existence of the paranormal - even the Vatican these days has its own paranormal department. They did not beat us - they are joining us!

Andrew Greeley the sociologist found that only 5% are closed minded skeptics. This means that a staggering 95% of the people are receptive to the evidence for the afterlife.

This George N should obtain the professional services of three non-aligned scientists who would have the capacity and the competence to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity (keep away from those closed minded skeptics who did NOT investigate and have not rebutted the afterlife evidence - showing WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the afterlife evidence ought not to be accepted). The non- aligned scientists will explain and educate George that there is value in science - that science is cumulative - from the Tiger Moth aeroplane to sending rockets to moon, mars and to the universe. These scientists will tell George that when some of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived scientifically investigated the afterlife evidence and accepted the evidence that should be enough to accept the afterlife.

Finally, George N should get an attorney/barrister to explain and educate George what technically constitutes admissible objective and repeatable evidence. The attorney will explain to this George that in professional debate, no one on earth can ever rebut objective and repeatable evidence. That's why no one can ever beat the afterlife evidence. But there will never be enough evidence for those irrational, unreasonable, closed-minded skeptics who will not accept any evidence not consistent with their own cherised negative blind beliefs.. - see below why this is the case:-


1. Psychology defence: a) 'rationalization through cognitive dissonance': a defence the skeptical mind puts to information which is fundamentally inconsistent with cherished conditioned beliefs. The skeptical mind rationalizes that the inconsistent information cannot be right because, if allowed to get through, the information will cause a 'dissonance' - conflict - and anxiety to the skeptic’s ‘comfort-zone’. This means the heart will beat faster, the blood pressure will increase, he will start to sweat a little. So the skeptical mind says NO - and goes into complete DENIAL- says the information cannot be right - and rejects the information even if the inconsistent afterlife evidence is scientifically proven to be correct.

2. Cathexis: this refers to the skeptic's mind being irrationally and powerfully bonded like super-glue with 'closed minded' skepticism which forms a core part of his identity. Of course, cathexis also refers to other people being irrationally and psychologically bonded to other things or other ideas.

3. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) talks about 'deletions'- when information fundamentally inconsistent with the skeptic's world view is automatically deleted without examination. According to NLP the skeptic's mind will 'delete' that information to keep the mind and body of the skeptic in the 'homeostatis' (peaceful) condition - calm, tranquil, undisturbed in its comfort zone.

4. Beliefs determined by environment: if the closed minded skeptic was born to a devout Hindu family in India, the skeptic is guaranteed to have a belief in the Hindu religion. If born in Iraq or Iran or in any Islamic country, this skeptic will have Islamic beliefs. If born in Israel to an orthodox Jewish family, the skeptic would have Jewish beliefs etc...

So the challenge for the skeptic is to rise above his early conditioning, remove the mental blocks and learn how to perceive all information in a scientifically balanced way

Victor Zammit, retired attorney. October 2011
A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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