A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

Psychic detective threated in Canada

by John Ramses of Ghost Radio Australia

"My client, Robbed Thomas, is a native of Sarnia, Ontario Canada. He is a well known psychic criminal profiler with a long list of accuracies as well as testimonials from both families and law enforcement officers. He's also my friend.

We are launching this tour from his home town of Sarnia. One month ago, after Robbie did his first interview for the tour on in the local newspaper, a hate-group, led by a certain individual named Tom Klaasen, began posting defaming statements and threats to Robbie Thomas.

They emailed him with the same. On three occasions this past week, they called his home and threatened him.The threats were to inflict bodily harm and to ensure his premier event was disrupted to the point of failure. Robbed has been quite upset and frightened. I ordered him not to engage them in any form. But the silence from Robbie seemed to aggravate them only more ...".

If this happened in Australia, these mischievous, stupid violent skeptics would all have been served with a summons for defamation as well an AVO court order to keep away from the medium.

Vindictive, illiterate and inarticulate bunch of thugs and cowards - shame on you - and guaranteed, one day you will pay the price for your violence against a medium ! Of course, we are winning!