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First Hand experiences of John of God.

I have been getting mixed responses regarding the healer from Brazil called John of God. There are many who say yes, he's a powerful healer who generates amazing energy. Various website claims thousands of cures. Oprah went in 2013 and wrote very positively about her experience.

Can I have some personal responses from our readers who have had a personal experience with John of God and especially from anyone who experienced an improvement in health?


1) From a medical doctor who had psychic surgery in Brazil.

My husband and I went to Brazil around 6 -7 years ago.
We both underwent psychic surgery and felt as though we actually had undergone a material surgical procedure.

We were not physically ill prior to going to see him but my husband had previously had a huge amount of parental abuse which culminated in a stress induced pituitary tumor,semi coma, electroshock therapy etc etc - from which he recovered but with many psychic scars--I would say that he did experience some healing and we personally witnessed others who had sustained even more dramatic healing.

We both became more psychically proficient and experienced some very interesting capabilities enhanced I think by the environment and the Quartz lode beneath the area of his center. At that time it did not seem to me that there was much monetary charge at all. He is a completely unconscious trance healer in whom spirits of a healing embodied past corporealize within him.Thousands of people come to see him, many of whom are very poor.
He has been studied by numerous scientists and has been found to be an honest trance medium healer.

That being said, it certainly could be the case that his handlers are using him for profit purposes, especially when he is in other countries and out of his own element.
There are numerous reports that he is a less effective healer when he's away - there are many spirits present in his center as well as it being in Abadiania, a town built on top of the aforementioned Quartz lode. Quartz is silica which has many properties that enhance spiritual capacity.

Parenthetically,we noted that many individuals who experienced some healing while there, relapsed a short time later because they did not deal with the internal spiritual mental emotional issues that were causal.

John of God himself in his normal state has said that his abilities do not make him more spiritually advanced in his conscious state and that he has his own demons to work through as much as the next person. This is true in allopathic doctors as well -

In sum, as in all things, caveat emptor- and as well, one can go to many sorts of healers but it begins and ends within our own bailiwick.

I always enjoy writing to you about various evocative matters in your wonderful weekly publication!

Blessings to you and Wendy.


2) Person who received healing in Brazil

I have been to Abadiania twice, once in 2001 and recently October 2014. I have not attended any of the events out of the country.

It cost me $1500 to spend a week in Abadiania with a guide who picked me up at the hotel in Brasilia, interpreted for me, provided a place to stay, Spirit blessed water, 3 meals per day, a taxi ride to the sacred waterfall and the taxi back to the airport and a crystal bath treatment.

It costs around $100 to get a visa processed by mail. The airfare round trip was $1800. That’s over $3,000. Now, I could do all the travel arrangements, hotel, going to see John-of-God myself and saved about $700, but I found it worth it to have someone else do all that for me. Plus this guide promises that part of the fee is also a donation to the Casa and I didn’t have to worry about signing up for an interpreter. Seeing medium Joao is free. The sacred water costs a little, the crystal beds sessions cost, and the herbs cost. All are negligible compared to the airfare!

In 2001 I went because I had been asking Spirit to show me a human that can heal and I was led to John-of-God. The details of this story can be found at I did experience what others would call a miracle of healing. Mine was painful metatarsal arches and a growth on my shoulder. I heard Spirit talk with me – minor things like “Okay you’re done” at the Sacred Waterfall, and “wiggle your toes” as I sat in current and my metatarsal arches popped and I’ve have not had any pain in 13 years. The growth on my shoulder rolled off my skin with the touch of my finger. This was a simple healing. This last time I took my daughter who is facing back surgery with a deteriorating vertebra in her lower back. She did not get a miracle, but now feels confident that everything will go well with her surgery. My knee was causing me pain and it was almost immediately gone, but I still must stretch to keep it from stiffening up. I was not put back to my pre-injury condition. I do believe some other things I asked for were taken care of that I don’t wish to divulge.

What people don’t understand is that this is not God performing miracles through medium Joao. When we cross over we decide how we are going to help others and continue our journey toward enlightenment. Most of us reincarnate to continue learning, but some who are healers continue their help through various mediums who have agreed to allow the spirits to work through them. The medium is only ‘special’ in the sense that he/she has the ability to allow healing spirits to work through them – that’s it, a conduit. God’s part in this is that it is allowed through the great organization of the universe.

There are many conditions we might have that are simply part of our life plan and they are not going to be healed no matter how much we wish, pray, or hope, or how many healers we see. We shouldn't be hurt or confused that some get healings and we didn't. We have to have faith that the spirits who can see our auras know the root cause of our illness or pain and fix that first. Sometimes there is simply not enough time or not enough energy to fix the condition, i.e., my daughter’s back, but they (the healing spirits) will align my daughter with the human that will be able to fix her. I am confident they will watch over her and the surgery. This is how it works. I always recommend to people to not expect a miracle, but to expect healing from the inside out.

I don’t know about the person who complains about Medium Joao charging too much for his trips to foreign countries, but he doesn’t, and can’t, travel alone. Arrangements for the event are done by someone who should get paid, the event location has to be paid, the sacred water has to be paid for and shipped, everyone that travels with him must have a place to sleep, and food to eat. All the travel arrangements are made by someone who should be paid. When one looks at the lifestyle Medium Joao lives you can tell he’s not spending on himself or his family, read John of God by Heather Cummings. He does have charities he supports and he continues to improve the Casa buildings. Spritism explains everything about the spirit world and our interaction with it. It is clearly spelled out in The Spirits’ Book, edited by The Allan Kardec Educational Society and there are other translations. Anyone who is confused about the many ‘opinions’ there are about the afterlife need to read Kardec’s 5 books and use them as a foundation for their search for enlightenment.

Was $795 too much? Who’s to say? It sounds like sour grapes to me. The person could certainly see him for free in Abadiania, but the cost to travel & stay far exceeds thecost they spent in Australia.

3 ) Person who received distant healing

I have sent you my feedback about John of God before. But since this is coming up in your newsletter again I feel I need to send my feedback to you again. The reason why I feel so compelled to do this is because I and my family have been so blessed by a healing that took place in 2011 - I feel I need to speak out whenever I hear people doubt. I am in no way associated or have another other interest in John of God, but I am in awe of my own personal experiences with this great medium.

I am well aware that many people don't see any change after their healing with him and I personally know many who have contacted him for healing and seen no change, I don't know why. Perhaps they didn't follow the instructions (no alcohol, spices etc) or maybe there are some karmic barrier? I don't know.

But there are also thousands and thousands of people around the world who have had amazing results, me included.

The first healing I had was in 2006 or possibly beginning of 2007. A friend recommended I send my photo for distance healing for a minor discomfort. And so I did. My photo received an X and I was given the option of using a surrogate for my surgery or go to Brazil in person. I chose the surrogate. All I had to pay for was the herbs, which was well under $100 and then it was recommended I donate a small amount to the young student who was "sitting in" for me. I followed all other instructions and on the night of the healing, at the time when I had been told the healing would take place (Friday morning about 1:30 AM or so), a powerful force flung me up in bed (in a sitting position) and with a wide open mouth I heard myself scream while watching stuff coming out of my mouth. My partner had also woken up and was watching, but he didn't hear the scream, he said he saw me being flung forward and sat silent and frozen with my mouth wide open. The next day I had a large bruise on my inner thigh. The minor discomfort which had originally caused me to contact them for healing never got any better and since I am always in very good health the only thing I can think of is that I might have had a Melanoma as I was once diagnosed with a malignant Melanoma. Whatever it was, what stays with me is the fact that I witnessed something extraordinary that night. No doubt in my mind that it was all real.

In 2011 my dog was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She was visibly dying, she had stopped eating, drinking and eliminating, she only had days left. We took x-rays and it was lung cancer and the vet gave us no other option but to put her down. She was beyond treatment. I ordered a distance healing for our dog online and paid for the herbs, then Adrianne (who arranges the distance healings with John of God) contacted me back to say that she had refunded the money for the herbs because pets and children don't need them. She promised to take Amber's (our dog) photo before John of God that day. Amber began eating and drinking within 24 hours of the healing. And slowly but surely she recovered. She had 4 distance healings in total. We never paid a cent. I believe she was fully cured about 18 months after the first healing. She is still with us today with no signs of illness and going on 12 years of age. A few months after the initial healing I contacted the vet to find out if there could have been a misdiagnosis to which she said no.

So that is my story. The fee for the event you mention in your newsletter is rather steep, I will agree with that, but people do have the option of distance healing, which is no less effective than to being there in person. It costs under $100 dollars (postage, packaging, herbs) and affordable to most people. Perhaps all the money that they make from the event goes to help the poor? I don't know. All I know is what happened to us and I will be forever grateful, not only for the healings but for opening our eyes to the mystical reality in which we live.

I believe John of God is the greatest medium/healer on the planet today and it is up to each person to discover his healing power through direct experience, only then can you know for sure. There will always be criticisms and controversy around people like him.


4) Person who had an after death contact.

I just received a nudge from a friend to write you and tell you about my experience in Brazil with John of God.
I traveled to Brazil in October of 2012. I travelled with my mother, who had bladder cancer our friend Annmarie, who is a very spiritual person, Yogi and Healing Touch practitioner. She was very helpful for us, as I was so new to all of this..including the very fact that I AM energy. Only a few months before had I learned about chakras. This is relevant because what I experienced in Brazil came from the Divine, not from any pre conceived design of my own.

Our cost was $1700.00 to the guide (She lives only a few miles from me near Buffalo NY) and the airline. The $1700 paid for the two week stay in our Pousada, three meals a day, 2 Crystal beds. The only extra cost is airline ticket, my Visa and the ride to and from the airport. There was no cost to go into the Casa, the area where we could walk from our Pousada, where John of God saw individuals three days a week. The gates were open 7 days a week 14 hours a day. One could freely pray, meditate walk around and explore. The gift shop is as you would expect...a gift shop. Crystals, postcards, pendulums, statues etc.... Reasonably priced. $10 a pendulum.

The Blessed Herbs were $25 at the time. This is were the controversy comes I believe. For a minute let's just embrace the concept that John of God in trance, has incorporated into one of many healers and has given you a "prescription" for healing. Your role is to ask for what you need, to follow the instructions (no spicy food, no sex, no alcohol for 40 days ...while taking the herbs). If you have had a spiritual surgery before, the "no sex" is for only 7 days. This is so that the Entities can work on your energy.

When one takes the herbs three times a day for 40 stop what you are doing, become present, and be grateful. That's it. Stop three times a day and say a prayer of gratitude. (What a nice thing to do anyway . Isn't it?)

So I decided to do what I was told and dive right in. No particular expectations for me or for my mother.

While in Brazil I could feel subtle changes in energy that I wasn't certain I was feeling. Tingling in ,my fingers for instance. This tingling started during mediation at the Casa and stayed with me for weeks after returning home. One of the most profound experiences was when I meditated, and during the mediation our leader led us wight he Hail Mary. Every time we said the Hail Mary...I could feel tingling, almost painful tingling at my crown Chakra and a dense wave of energy bath my body from above, fill my body to the point where I could not move my upper body. I was essentially paralyzed, This wave sent down to my fingers, and stay red there with the entire prayer. When she was finished, it tenderly lifted from the bottom up..through my head again. I sat there, eyes closes, tears down my face absolutely stunned at what I had just experienced. This did not happen to me when we prayed the Our Father. Why was this significant? Raised Catholic, I abandoned the church as a teen and never looked back. I found a protestant church I liked, but mostly for my kids, I as never religious. God was a concept, something good to think about, and one day I would know the really didn't matter if I "believed" or not.

Why did Mother Mary let me know she was with me? Because after my son passed on May 2011, I prayed to her. I prayed to her our of fear that my son might be lost, that as a mother she would understand my angst and find me. I would ask her to find him, to love him as only a mother can and help him find his way home. I did this from the deepest part of my being. I didn't know at the time how real this was, how she was truly helping Matthew and how she would one day let me know this. Mother Mary entered my body, her spirit with mine, to let me know she hears me. She did this every single time I meditated at the Casa for the two week period. Every single time. The same experience.The same beautiful wave of energy filled me up, and left through my crown chakra.

I went to Brazil hoping to heal my mother, never railing I was being healed. Our guide helped me formulate my requests of John of God. The first Wednesday I waited in line, was able to hold his hand and look into his eyes, he looked right into me. No other way to explain it. I asked for 1, A communication with my son, 2, to forgive myself and others, 3, to experience joy again. (The following week I would have an opportunity to ask for something else.)

Victor, I received everything I asked for. Everything in due time. He took my hand and said in Portugese; (he did not speak to everyone)

"Your son is not ready to communicate with you, he is fine, relax."

I was stunned. Disappointed. I had traveled a long way to have his tell me what everyone else was telling me. Matthew was ok. What I wanted was at least a dream visit. So many of my family and his friends were having dream visitations from Matthew. Many of them directed to me, where he specifically told them to give me a message. I had not received one in 18 months. I wont go into details here, but they were pretty incredible visits.

A few days after meditating with John of God, and making my request, I as lying on my bed listening to the CD Matthew made for me shortly before he died. He was a classical pianist and this CD was all I had left of his voice and his music. I lay on my bed, ear buds in place. I began to sob, sb as I haven't in quite awhile. I begged Mathew to forgive me or not being there of him, sobbing into my pillow, so that other wouldn't hear my screams. And then I felt him. AS soon as the music started his CD, I felt the wave of energy similar to what I felt at the mediation. This time, it didn't enter my crown, but came down on me from i lay, covering my whole body. A heavy weight, one again as if I were paralyzed frilled me up like a heavy blanket. For the entire 28 minutes while that CD was playing, I couldn't move, nor did I want to. I was being lovely held, cradled, calmed. I didn't over think what was happening. I just let it happen.

This was not the dream visit. I would receive that gift a few weeks later once home.

The rest of our time in Brazil was wonderful. My mother and I were spending much needed time together. I hadn't seen her so relaxed in a long time. There were no sign that she might be improving physically, but there was a spiritual change in her. She was skeptical, quietly skeptical. After the two weeks she wished we could stay. It was all good. We would never be the same.

I believe that because of he blessings hat my mother received in Brazil, she was able to communicate so powerfully after her passing. A few days after her passing, while my sisters and I were going through her clothing, the side table flight was flickering. After jiggling the tangle and cord to no avail, we stepped back and my sister exclaimed " I think thats mom!".....The.....the light went on, the light went off. "Quick Patti come see this" I shouted to my other sister ...

"Mom, show Patti"...the light went on, the light went off. My mother turned the light n and of ON DEMAND several times for us.
Two days later, my mother came to me, I could feel her walk across the room and stand near me. I paused the TV, my hands shaking, tears running down my face and asked her to come closer. I cool feel her cool touch on my right cheek, at he same time I could feel (what has since become familiar when err spirit is around me, or when spirit wants to let me know they are around!) energy surround me...

I could feel my mother joy. I could actually feel her joy. She wanted so badly to communicate with me, to show me, that Matthew was fine as well.

I saked John of God for Joy. I thought I would alway feel dead. Normal for my had become numbness, I was ether distraught or numb. I remember exactly what street corner I was parked on when I felt JOY. I was singing to the radio, I felt happy and all of the sudden I was light and happy. I as enjoying the song..and I could not stop giggling....Oh My God !!!!! I am feeling JOY!!!!! Oh My God. I have been able to elevate my mood much more easily, I have tough days for sure, but I have more joy now that I have ever had in my entire life. John of God sacrifices his body to give us this opportunity. He changed my life.

The dream visit from Matthew??? Another Oh My God!!! This dream was not the typical "vividness" that others told me about, or what I had read. This dream started very dark, colors were muted. I was In a boutique, I was trying on clothing in a dressing room and someone nudged me out tot the dressing room, I big black man. I left and went out tot he boutique and found myself at the end of a large horseshoe shaped counter. Matthew was at the opposite end. He was asking toward me. Actually he was swaggering with a handsome smirk on his face. As if to say..." You wanted this...Well here you go!".....
I was not surprised to see him, I told him "Your late, you were supposed to be there by 8, now its you better go". Matthew walked closer to me and casually hugged me goodbye. Then......I said " Oh My God Matthew THIS IS REAL. " and...

With that I realized we were stuck together, no other way to explain it. I could feel has body leaning sown to hug me, I could feel that we weren't coming apart......and once I said I knew this was real......something came in between us (kinda of like a butter knife trying to separate two pieces of ice) if wedged itself between us and POP...I was back in bed. POP like I actually fell into bed.

It was 5:30. My husband was sleeping and I lay incredibly happy.No sad that I missed him, but happy that I was WITH him. Every single one tot my fingers, both my hands ere burning. Tingling and burning..literally. I was LITERALLY hugging my son in spirit. My hands burned for hours afterwards....

John of God changed my life. I have become sensitive to al energy, my ability to communicate with spirit is enhanced.....actually I did feel spirit around me ever before and certainly didn't think abut it. I KNOW my son is ok, and furthermore, I know that I am an eternal being. I feel joy, I can't wait for my reunion on the other side and I get excited about my future here. I have taken the first course in Healing Touch and I and so surprised that others can feel the energy in my hands...I seem to have a gift since returning from Brazil, for healing.

$1700 for all of this, and $25 bucks of Herbs??? Worth every penny.

Thank you Victor for hearing my story, and for asking.


P.S. I have seen John of God in Toronto and at the Omega Institute just recently. Although the format is very different when he travels, my experience was powerful. It would take another long email to tell you about them! You do not have the opportunity to touch him at these events, although some did. It has to be run differently so that more people can see him, and have the blessing.
Many people were not following the rues, and staying in bed for 24 hours, drinking the blessed that the Entities can work on them. After Toronto....i could actually FEEL them in the room, working on my chakras, working on my physical body while I lay there.......Wow....God is good ad he wants us to KNOW the truth. It's not a secret.

Seek and You Shall Find.......its all out there...

Thank you Victor, for helping the Seekers....


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