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Number 18.

MODEL 1993

By Dr. Adrian Klein , MDD Israel

This is a summary presentation of an extensive work completed in Israel (1993), written in its original form in the Romanian Language.
From my today's perspective, some of the views expressed at that time seem to be quite out-dated, nevertheless I am amazed by the overall consistency of this approach with our lately developed Sub quantum Informatic theory.

The book is currently (2012) translated into English for publication purpose, as a primary reference stuff for a subsequent vastly updated edition scheduled to be released in the near future.

This abstract was shared in April 1995 with Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Yakir Aharonov at the Tel Aviv University and copyrighted May 1995.

Reality can be described either as inter-related orders or in physical terms. The hereby disclosed work is concerned with the first option.

The second one, relying upon a tremendous increase in the author's understandings since this work has been produced, will not only deepen some conceptual components hereby exposed, but at the same time update them according to the new Sub quantum Informatics, as
pioneered lately by the Author together with Dr. R.N.Boyd, PhD, USA.

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