A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


From Mons Hugh Benson's book MORE LIGHT 1995 ed., page 27:

"Whatever a man sows upon earth that will he reap in the spirit world. Such is a full statement of the text. That is the law. The great, inescapable, inevitable, infallible law of cause and effect. It is minutely exact and (Mons. Hugh Benson, left) perfect in its operation. It is incorruptibale; there is no bribery that will touch it; no privilege can lodge a claim against it. It operates alike upon ALL men, regardless of age or sex, regardless of social position; regardless of ocupation. Whether 'king or commoner,' cleric or layman, rich or poor, all come alike under the supreme law of cause and effect, and it acts in exactly the same manner with each individual.

There is no deviation, or variation. It is constant and invariable, precise and exact. It cannot be tampered with; it cannot be evadded through the supposed offices of another person or whatever spiritual status. It is unremitting and unrelenting. It permits the exercise of no mercy. It is frididly just. Indeed, it is justice itself. It needs no administration. It administers itself, truly absolutely and irrevocably. The whole is comprehended in that brief text: Whatever a man soweth, that also shall he reap ..."

... Could any law be more perfect?

(on page 29, second para):
What does the Church know, for example, of the natural law of cause and effect, for that is one of the Father's laws? The answer is that the Church knows nothing whatever, guesses a great deal - and wrongly and presumes to know so much. And the Church has assumed to itself the care of men's souls on earth. What a preposterous state of affairs concerning matters that are so vital, so urgent, of such supreme importance.