A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



COMMENTARY: Another uninformed professor lowering University Standards- This time at the University of Minnesota Morris:

This Associate Professor PZ Myers shows he’s too cowardly to rebut the empirical evidence for the afterlife, see A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE His attempt to attack me personally also shows that this Myers does not have the intellect or the empirical skills to rebut the admissible empirical evidence. Otherwise he would have done so.

He carefully avoids at attempt at rebutting twenty two different areas of empirical afterlife evidence. Why? Is it because of his own deeply entrenched negative blind prejudice against survival of the soul? He shows he lacks the fundamental, essential skills of a professional debater and shows that he does not have the professional skills of ‘empirical analysis.’

Instead he descends to a scurrilous mud throwing exercise. Hmmm – most unbecoming for an associate professor! If he had the rebuting skills (and if he had the testes), he would have shown where, when, why and how my evidence can be rebutted. But he FAILED to do that. So this academic coward tries to throw mud at someone whose evidence has never been rebutted!

He knows what he is doing: intentionally and willfully misleading the readers by his self confessed entrenched anti-religion, anti-afterlife, radical materialism. Why should this associate professor be allowed to use the name of the university to illegitimately attack legitimate empirical afterlife research, an area where he shows he has no expertise?

So, for the record, what does this ass. professor do or state?

Does he rebut the empircally validated afterlife evidence?


Does he try to rebut the evidence EVP or ITC or The Scole Experiment or Mediumship?


Does he rebut the evidence on Near Death Experiences?


Does he rebut the evidence on remote viewing?


Does he show he understands the functions of non-physical energy?

Absolutely not. He shows he's completely ignorant of that - and has not studied the works of Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett, Sir Oliver Lodge. Nor does this associate professor show he knows anything about quantum physics and the research of modern physicists in relation to the afterlife. As an introduction to this important research see chapter 25 QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE. Some of the leading physicists cited include Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Josephson and others:

Consistent with Neurolinguistc Programming he unconsciosly DELETES any information fundamentally inconsistent with his own cherished deeply entrenched subjective beliefs.

So what DOES he do?

He quotes out of context from my chapter 29 "What happens when you die?" information which is NOT my own information and which comes from fifty sources of afterlife information. He erroneously writes it up as though it is my own information!

He writes it up out of context to try to denigrate and to try to ridicule without being able to intellectually counter the sources from which it was taken. And this half-wit guy is an associcate professor?

As one observer pointed out that when he attacks my work, he is also attacking the beliefs of the formally recognized religions of Spiritualism and Spiritism– the only religions to base their beliefs on empirical findings. That is a most heinous fundamental transgression.

He knows that his work as a lecturer is to teach the university syllabus only. He knows he is violating his position of trust when he abuses his position and uses the name of the university as implied authority to disseminate his own pernicious, subjective materialist propaganda - which does not have the substance of science. His materialist beliefs are purely subjective and are subject to complete invalidation.

Notice very carefully: as a biologist, he is not using science to rebut my evidence. Why not? Scientists agree that because my evidenec is objective and repeatable - it can NEVER be rebutted. Otherwise he would try to beat my million dollar challenge.

What a discrace this academic is to the Minnisota Morris University!

What academically low level of analysis by this associate Professor bringing the Minnisota Morris University into disrepute.

What next Myers? Does this ass. professor intend to ridicule the afterlife beliefs of Christianity? Or of Islam? We know the consequences of trying to ridicule the religion of Islam could be horrendous for this uninformed ass.professor and the university!

Finally, wake up Myers! Do you not have the intelligence, the empirical knowledge and the moral courage to rebut the objective evidence – and beat my million dollar challenge to show the world that I am technically wrong?

Or are you just an introverted, pen pushing, professionally irresponsible coward?

And here's an easy one for you Myers...
for $500,000 try to duplicate the psychic results we, seven open minded skeptics, get in our weekly meetings with our materialization medium David Thompson. See my website for details.

If this alleged academic dosn’t he’ll be pushing cowardice to its extreme – “the American intellectual coward Myers from the University of Minnesota Morris”!

Wake up, and get a life COWARD!

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