Magicians refuse to be tested by scientists ...

Continued from commentary:

As well he would have to move objects around in the dark without falling over one of twenty people seated close together and close to him, make voices be heard from all corners of the room, including some twelve inches from the ears of various sitters.

He would need to move a trumpet and other object at tremendous speed in the pitch dark, missing people's noses by the tiniest fraction of space. He would need to be able to duplicate the voice of his control and answer detailed questions about the afterlife, keeping the voice consistent for many years.

He would need to duplicate live fingers and hands which are seen on a luminous plaque and be able to walk across the room and stand on the toes of people sitting together. Sometimes he would need to split himself when two people materialize at once.

And most of all he would need to be able to duplicate the voices and intimate knowledge of the deceased loved ones of at least three people in the audience. And he would need to be able to do this not once but hundreds of times, often with the same people remembering what he had told each one some ten years previously.

I offered $500,000 for any genius magician or any genius skeptic anywhere in the world to duplicate the phenomena produced in the Circle of the Silver Cord seances. NOT ONE applied - partly becaue they knew they could NOT duplicate anything we can do. Perhaps they were also put off by the condition that if - and when - they failed, these skeptical magicians would have to pay us $500,000.

Highly professional James Webster, a master magician from England stated no magician can do what the gifted mediums in the Scole experiments did- that says it all