A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife





A silly couple of people defamed David Thompson and Victor Zammit. When someone says that a medium was caught using fraud during a seance that means the medium was dishonest and in defamation law ‘dishonesty’ is actionable per se. And if someone writes to or contacts third parties making defamatory remarks that David Thompson is a fraud or that Victor Zammit is in collusion with fraud– all lies – these are very seriously actionable. And if someone repeats or publishes the defamation about David and me to denigrate our standing in local and international society, that would is also defamatory and those people who are tacitly encouraging that kind of defamatory information in chatrooms will also procedurally be liable. Most decent people know that a person has a fundamental right to protect his/her reputation – especially professional people. Why is it then a couple of highly irresponsible people - hitherto information received is that there are those 'chatroom terrorists' who are doing a great deal of harm and were being allowed to exacerbate the injury to David and myself. That’s the information we received. Investigations are still going on. These offensive people must be put on notice that court costs alone in a defamation case can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars which does not even included witnesses’ expenses. A recent case in Sydney reported two days ago that legal expenses alone reached a million dollars - see the paparazzi and the Sydney Morning Herald case - the issue of Nicole Kidman.

NOTE WELL: investigations still going on: I very kindly ask those people from Australia, England and the U.S. - or anywhere else - who receive denigrating defamatory material about David Thompson and about me to forward the details to me immediately - especially what was stated, names and email and other addresses. Thank you. Victor. victor@victorzammit.com

Number 6.

I am very careful to use the right word to describe anything. But recently, I came across questionable material which I can only describe it to have been processed by some Spiritual terrorist. It was an attempt to use extreme violence to ambush, to destroy, to denigrate, to willfully do irretrievable harm, to knowingly defame and cause hurt and pain. That to me is ‘CHATROOM TERRORISM' – trying to use dirty, malicious tactics to try to destroy those who are doing great spiritual work which is helping people from more than a 150 countries. I was informed that one particular person with much evil, malice and unconscionability wrote to Oprah – the objective being to do much violence and harm to David Thompson who is helping many thousands of people come to terms with afterlife evidence, with spirituality for them to have a peaceful transition. Guaranteed – the above mentioned CHATROOM TERRORISM’ - the unleashing of negative energy will inevitably bounce back to the sender – absolutely, make no mistake about that!

****** I did not have time to answer more questions about David Thompson's materializations - that will have to come next week. This is because this week I had to spend valuable time investigating serious defamatory statements made against David Thompson - the information about the alleged defamation came from the United States. I warn those offenders to apologize. If I manage to serve you with legal documents - we'll see you in Court.

More questions, more answers:

Number 5.

QUESTION: The chief "spirit control," William Charles Cadwell, said he was born in London in a certain year and died there on another specific year. A thorough search of all of the UK Birth Death and census archives, by a British spiritualist turned up no William Charles Cadwell who was born or who died on those dates or in surrounding years.

Victor: William has stated that he wishes to retain his privacy about his own life and does not want to debate the matter Listen. I totally agree with him. There could be many reasons why he doesn't want the facts of his life investigated. The Controls in the Scole experiments took the same line. It is irrelevant and immaterial in the extreme where and when he was born and buried. The critical thing is this: even if we had all the specific details of William, all the specific details would not give what he says any more credibility. For the last time, get off this one – it’s irrelevant. We know of many other well known afterlife entities many of us unqualifiedly accept where we have no details at all who they were when on earth. Of far more interest is the physical phenomena he is able to produce and the quality of the evidence given by materialized entitites who are recognized by people they knew in life.

QUESTION 6: DT has claimed that he was investigated by Gary Schwartz, but there was no such investigation at best he met David Thompson to experience a trance session.

Victor: To my knowledge DT did not state that. Perhaps it was my fault for stating that. A couple of years ago I was communicating with Professor Gary Schwartz and he said he made some observations about David Thompson when he attended one of DT's sessions. I misinterpreted ‘observations’ for empirical investigating. No big deal about this one.

QUESTION 7: DT claimed that Montague Keen verified the earthly existence of William Cadwell but Keen never made any effort to do so. He claims that he met Montague Keen twice, he did not, the only meeting was for the séance written about by MK but not as research.

As far as I am aware Montague Keen attended a seance with Guy Lyon Playfair and it was Playfair who followed up on William. It is accepted that Montague Keen, a senior investigating member of the SPR, did investigate David Thompson and wrote a report about this investigation.

QUESTION 8: DT used to work regularly at the same venues as Colin Fry, who was, purportedly, caught cheating when the lights came on in one of his séances back in the early '90s. The methods of restraint used for DT, and the conditions under which he works, are exactly the same as Fry's.

Victor: Your question contains many negative unproven imputations. Millions of people are convinced that Colin Fry is a genuine medium, both mental and phsyical, because of the results he produced. There are only a limited number of venues safe enough for a physical medium to work in, so of course they would work the same venues. The absolute truth is that DT is tied up the way in a way that allows the unimpeded flow of ectoplasm while still satisfying investigators- See Montague Keen's report. Whatever happened to Colin Fry is for Colin Fry to comment on. But it is stupid in the extreme to try to correlate by imputation that IF one medium was caught cheating therefore David must be cheating too. Don’t be ridiculous! That is a disgusting imputation and it’s a non-sequitor.

QUESTION 9. JW has to mention it only once that he is barred from attending David Thompson's materializations. What's wrong with that?

Victor: you may say what you like in your chat room, but at professional level, any person who attacks another eg JW attacking David Thompson, has to preface any attack by divulging that he was banned from attending David Thompson's materializations. This is about ethics, about procedure, about credibility - that the attacker is not objective in his attacks. There is a duty of disclosure and JW did not disclose he was barred before he attacked DT knowingly he could trick other people into accepting his argument. That is the rule of debate which shows the complainant, JW's encumbured position when attacking the DT. Your attack was aimed to hurt not to clarify anything. Would anyone accept the crediblity of some hooded Ku Klux Klan Wizard about his assessment of the African American? Of course not!

Q. You (to Victor Zammit) claim you are an empirical empiricist, but maybe you should hand over to a professional scientist to investigate ... J.W.

Victor: That highly prejudicial comment is aimed more at trying to hurt Victor than at clarifying any issue. I am a professional empiricist with professional expertise in the admissibility of evidence and have University qualifications and 20 years experience in Scientific Method. Who the hell are you and what are your qualifications? The critical issue in afterlife matters is the admissibility of evidence not about scientific theory. You make the layperson's error by thinking that a scientist know more about evidence than a lawyer. Wrong! Scientists may know a great deal about their area of specialty, but when it comes to the admissibility of evidence lawyers know more than scientists. In afterlife matters, I have a comparative advantage over scientists as to what would be admissible evidence in any of David Thompson's materializastions experiments. Interesting JW, your attack does not reveal you are the same person who was banned from attending any of David Thompson's materializations. Too embarassed to disclose you are arguing from a position of extreme weakness and with great envy and without credibility? Get a life JW and become more spiritual. Guaranteed, you will not escape the Law of Cause and Effect.


More answers next week


(I plan to deal with the issues by way of a preface plus a couple of questions and next week I will be dealing with the other issues raised V.Z.)


I have been attending and investigating David Thompson’s materializations, mental mediumship and direct voice mediumship for the last eighteen months. For the record, I’m fully qualified to do investigations – as I stated before I have expertise in the admissibility of evidence at a professional level and in scientific method. Although I am a retired lawyer of the Supreme Court, I still do some pro bono work. My partner Wendy is also a professional psychologist with scientific method qualifications. My partner and all the members of the Circle know medium David Thompson to be highly spiritual and an honest, decent person with high integrity.

Accordingly, I state that it is dirty and scurrilous in the extreme for some uninformed critic to try to impute that David is or will indulge in any dishonesty or in any fraud as one or two people try to suggest.

I know all the regular sitters of the members of his Circle of the Silver Cord. They are all highly intelligent, highly respected professionals, highly spiritual and all of them decent and honest people who give a great deal of their time to continue to help to prove that there is an afterlife.

The Circle leader is completely honest, diligent and is brilliant as a Circle leader – and we all feel the same way about him. We have an extremely cohesive and harmonious group. It would be most unfair – most disgusting to try to expressly state or imply in any way that Circle members at any time are being dishonest or participating in fraud or are in some conspiracy or are willfully misleading the public.

A couple of skeptics from one chat group, who – as usual - do not have the moral courage to put their real name to their indirect attacks – just do not understand what happens in our materializations sessions. There is nothing more ridiculous than to be informed that a couple of spiritualists or anti-physical mediumship skeptics state or imply that William and Timothy and Honest Jack and Conan-Doyle and the other afterlife entities who spoke to us AND all the relatives from the other side who met sitters during David’s séances – are nothing but David pretending to be each one!!

For the purpose of the record, we the members of the COSC attend materializations to help William prove that the afterlife exists. It is not an easy task especially when malice is detected in one or two attacks. It costs us precious time to do this work. But we are highly dedicated to proving the afterlife – and we are all co-operating in these investigations.

William made physical contact with me when he put his hand on my shoulder – and I converse with him every meeting we have.William has also made physical contact with the other members of the Circle.

He says that he is not infallible or omniscient. On crossing over we remain how we were when we were on earth – there is no miraculous transformation to becoming all knowing or all powerful. William never stated he was spiritually advanced like Silver Birch for example. When somebody asks him a question he is expressing his own view about the matter from his knowledge and experience and the level of spirituality he has. He said himself that others on earth may not agree with him. He’s entitled to his view.

As to the other regular entities – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Timothy, Houdini, Louis Armstrong – we do not have any objective evidence that they are who they claim to be. Their attitude is if someone doesn’t accept who they are, he/she is free to go elsewhere – they’re not going to debate with you. The COSC is patient and understanding hoping as time goes on that more information will be transmitted and at the same time we’ll be obtaining clearer voices.

We record what they tell us and we examine, analyze and evaluate what they tell us. I do not necessarily agree with everything these entities say – they are human beings in another dimension who are expressing their views from their knowledge, experience, understanding and level of spirituality. We have to give them the benefit of the doubt but at all times remain extremely cautious.

When I wanted to cross-examine Houdini he would not answer my question about his wife Beatrice - saying words to the effect, “Oh … you want to cross-examine me … no!” That’s how Houdini was at that moment. Perhaps in the next twelve months he may allow us to ask questions about his time on earth. But note carefully, just because he refused to answer questions about his wife, that in itself does not mean he was not or could not be Houdini. We have to be and we are very patient indeed.

We are a ‘developing Circle’ which means we have not reached the ‘ideal’ level or fully explored what is possible yet. At this stage we had small segments of some séances in red light but cannot have full séances in light. We have made a good start on filming in red light.

We are limited also by the fact that some of those from the otherside cannot easily verbalize because of their inexperience. But someone like William and Gordon Higginson and one or two others have mastered verbalization - when materialized - and their voices are mostly fairly clear. Arthur Conan Doyle stated that speaking under the given materializations conditions is like trying to speak with your head underwater.

We are extremely fortunate to have these materialization sessions which are giving us a huge advantage about knowing with absolute certainty that there is an afterlife. This is a privilege, not a right, and we have to respect and co-operate with those who are participating from the afterlife.

Skeptics, materialists, the negatively minded, the unfair criticisms – these are NOT going to stop us from continuing our spiritual work to help people around the world to know and understand that there is an afterlife and that there are huge consequences to the afterlife. Judging by the response we get, the critics are less than one per cent.

Let us never forget that materialization, is the greatest discovery in human history – and we do have to be patient with it to fully understand its huge consequences.


"Two escape artists have told me that DT could easily escape from his restraints and then slip back into them, and have given a good general idea of how this is done. They proposed an alterative way of securing DT, but the Zammit-Thompson team ignored this advice continuing to insist that the restraints are escape-proof."

As a professional empiricist and an eye witness to what is happening during the séances I tell you with absolute certainty that the issue that David is an escape artist is irrelevant in the extreme. Why? Because there were times when during the séance and in red light I saw David in trance and then immediately afterwards I was holding the gag around his mouth with my left hand while the spirit voices were coming through. It is impossible for voices to have come through David himself when he was in trance, with a gag tightly around his mouth when I was sitting near him. I know with absolute certainty, as a professional empiricist, that the voices which came through from the other side of the room were and could not have been David’s voices. For twelve months I challenged the closed minded professional skeptics from the East Coast of New York and from around the world to duplicate what we do or to show that fraud was taking place. For half a million dollars if they won and half a million dollars they if they lost, no one was absolutely certain about their objections – and no one took me on this one. No escape artist in the world would allow me to physically hold the gag around his mouth and with my other hand hold his foot as he produces different voices as I did with David. Need say more on this? Of course not!

Also see Montague Keen’s detailed report where he wrote:

"The nature of the ties would have prevented the medium, no matter how strong or agile, from escaping his bonds without first managing to cut the ties. Even had he been able to do so, he could not have regained his seat and retied the knots unaided, employing a new set of uncut ties, unless he had been helped by someone able to work deftly, accurately and swiftly in pitch dark. No-one in the séance room could have attempted that without ready detection. Moreover my careful examination of the chair showed no sign of any movable join. Finally, the reversal of the medium’s cardigan while he was still bonded to his seat defies normal explanation. The precautions here were superior even to those employed by Schrenck Notzing on Eva C, who was sewn into a single garment, or on the physical medium Jack Webber, where less sophisticated tying methods, and materials, were used."


" The voices themselves could not have come from the gagged medium. The only other "regulars" on whom suspicion might rest were ...., his wife, ......the leader who was seated next to me, and whose voice and location would have clearly identified him, and DF, the host, who was seated at the opposite end of the room from the medium. Any of these possibilities would have easily and immediately detectable by those present, as well as likely to be defeated by listening to the tape recording."

See also Howie Abraham’s article “Authenticity of a David Thompson Séance” in Zerdin Phenomenal Journal 17th December 2007 pp. 21-23.2.

* * * * *

Question 2. "When Houdini materialized, he spoke with a Southern accent, even though the real Houdini was raised in Wisconsin and New York. Zammit explained that Houdini's energy had gotten mixed up with that of Louis Armstrong (an American of African decent), and Houdini had acquired Satchmo's accent."

First, let’s correct that statement. Houdini did not speak with a Southern accent all the time. When Houdini first materialized he had a slight Southern accent. At first he was struggling to vocalize, he then was able to say a few words with a Southern accent but before he left his accent was no longer purely Southern. People should never try to superimpose their own environmentally induced expectations and rationale onto afterlife matters. This is because the afterlife physics is totally different to the physics on physical earth. The use of the afterlife energy makes it possible for someone new materializing during one of David’s séances to vocalize when otherwise there would be no vocalizing at all. But 'Houdini' learnt very quickly how to verbalize and a week later was able to control his vocalizing and his authentic New York accent. Uninformed skeptics/spiritualists can’t be dogmatic - and demand that ‘Houdini should have come through the first time with his own authentic accent and he should answer all questions put to him..’

(More questions answered next week)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Number 3


There were just a couple of people who asked me that question. It may come as a surprise to learn that the income from séances does not always cover the expenses.

First, for the purpose of the record,

1) David Thompson does NOT charge money for his weekly materializations and direct voice communication nor does he charge people to access the audio recordings which are made available to the world.

2) It is fair to state that his weekly sessions cost him altogether some four hours of his own time – when every week he has to drive to the meeting venue, wait for other members of the Circle, go into the venue to trance. And it is extremely inconvenient, almost painful for him being tied fairly tightly for sometimes over an hour and a half. It is spiritual service he does to help people around the world understand that there is an afterlife.

3) But when he and his team travels, there are significant expenses: airfares for three people– for David, his Circle Leader and for his manager,

4) There are accommodation costs on occasions when the organizers cannot find accommodation for David with friends.

5) There are also costs for hiring of cars, eating in restaurants, insurance, computers, software, equipment etc.

6) Sometimes he and his team have to take leave without pay from full-time jobs to travel to perform his spiritual services.

7) And here is something that very few people understand: unlike mental mediums where hundreds and even thousands can attend one session, the nature of materializations does not allow for great numbers of people and this restricts his potential recompense. In New Zealand we averaged twenty paying a relatively small fee. In Western Australia around twenty. In the UK around thirty.

8) Some people have complained that the cost per person would work out too expensive if there were fewer than twenty people - just five or six people. Quite honestly for his safety David needs to sit only with well established spiritual groups and from my point of view as there are so many people on the waiting list it would not be a responsible use of the small number of public séances available to stage one for less than twenty people.

9) David is also a highly gifted mental medium but by choosing to do the much rarer physical mediumship he is restricted to the number of materializations he can do.

10) In any event the standard charge for this once in a life-time experience is calculated on the basis of the cost of less than a person attending a musical performance in the City. I don’t consider this as unreasonable. A pensioner told me just recently that she spent SIXTY dollars to do her hair because it was a special night with her friends.

11. CRITICALLY SERIOUS: I know with absolute certainty as an empiricist with some twenty years experience that every time David Thompson does materializations privately and in public, he is risking DEATH. David has to have full trust in his Circle leader, full trust in his manager, full trust in the person guarding the entrance door, full trust in the organizers and full trust in the sitters. NEVER underestimate these huge considerations.

Do you now understand why so few mediums want to be ‘materialization’ mediums?

Yet, we read about those few cruel critics – some calling themselves ‘spiritualists’ who lack spirituality – who try to attack an honest, decent medium whose contribution I believe is slowly but surely changing the world's attitude to the afterlife. And a couple of people grumble about having to pay some money primarily to offset the heavy expenses!

12) I have been contacted by many people who are willing to pay the expenses to fly to Australia to sit with David. Even in these cases the key factor in deciding whether to invite them is not money and they are treated the same as anyone else.

13) Whilst all this is fundamentally spiritual service and certainly is NOT a business venture, one ought not to ignore that air and motor traveling, doing séances, sleeping in strange beds, traveling to different venues, putting up sometimes with the occasional hostile complainer not wanting to sign the entry conditions, sitters demanding to see David on one-to-one during David’s own time etc.. all these are stressful.

Why should David not get paid for his time, for his rare gift, for his contribution? How many professionals deliver their services for nothing? Is this not about a fair exchange of energy?

* * * * *

Spiritualists chatting
Quite honestly with the research I do and the volume of work I have I just do not have the time to visit chatrooms and forums. And while I am fully aware that there are some ‘spiritual’ people and some very much less ‘spiritual’ in any Spiritualist group I am still disappointed with reports about those calling themselves ‘Spiritualists’ who show they are NOT spiritual at all especially in the way they become so negative about the materializations of David Thompson. They don’t show compassion, understanding, sensitivity, co-operation and spirituality. Instead they show envy, jealousy and negativity that do not belong in any Spiritual group. What are they doing to spread the message that life is eternal when there is so much darkness in the world to-day? Patience, I’m told, patience. They will see the light one day.

Scole Communicators refused to give real names

The communicators in the Scole experiments refused to give their real names. One of them said it was because he was working off a karmic debt and details of his earth life might impede that; another, the mistress of ceremonies known as “Emily Bradshaw” claimed she was using a pseudonym because she wanted to protect members of her family still alive. How different is this from the way many people assume pseudonyms in chat rooms and for their avatars? One very interesting thing that I came across with those Spiritualist/skeptics who attacked David Thompson’s afterlife convener William Cadwell because he could not prove his identity or chooses to use a pseudonym. GUESS WHAT? All those who attacked William actually hid behind a label – behind a pseudonym. They did not have the moral courage to put their true names – did not have the stomach TO BE IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES! Isn’t that hypocrisy pushed to its extreme?

Empiricists do want to investigate materializations.
Empiricists including Prof Gary Schwartz (U.S.) (direct voice, healing), others - Montague Keen and Ron Pearson (U.K.), Victor Zammit (Australia), C Perrson (Sweden), Ken Pretty (New Zealand) have already investigated and confirmed the materializations of David Thompson. Empiricists from the West Coast of the USA have applied to come to Australia and investigate his mediumship. Professional investigators from Europe – from Russia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark want to investigate materializations with David. It is a question of timing as to when, where and with whom these investigations take place. William told us to be patient – because even greater things will happen in the future.

Let's agree to disagree
For the record, I never ever attacked anyone who disagreed with me by name – unless I was provoked. I welcome informed discussion of ALL genuine issues. For example, Michael Prescott recently raised the issue of the medium’s jumper. If I were in Michael’s shoes with his restricted knowledge and experience, I would also ask the same questions. Relevant issues need to be explained – ALL OF THEM! But intelligence has to transcend personal prejudices and parties have to say words to the effect, “So, OK, we don’t agree on this issue. Let’s agree to disagree.” And let us also understand who are the real opponents of the paranormal who are disseminating so much darkness in the world to-day.

If Michael states he is not a skeptic - and that's fair enough - perhaps he should share with us:

a) what aspect of the paranormal he accepts,
b) which mediums he thinks are genuine and
c) what paranormal/afterlife evidence he unqualifiedly accepts.


By way of a preface, let me inform you for the purpose of the record that I’ve known medium David Thompson for some couple of years. I know him to be spiritual and highly dedicated towards proving that there is an afterlife. He is a decent person, with high integrity whose capacity for spiritual service astounds me.To impute that he cheats would be absolutely vulgar in the extreme - especially when some seven empiricists oversee the materialization proceedings.

Week after week, Sunday after Sunday he unselfishly helps to bring messages from the afterlife dimension to give hope not only to the members of the Circle of the Silver Cord, but to people in some one hundred and forty countries around the whole world. We get a lot of response from so many people from so many places expressing their appreciation for the work being done by William, David and the Circle Of the Silver Cord (COSC).

I’ve known the members of the COSC for some fifteen months – and every one of them is highly intelligent, honest, decent with high integrity – and all of them are spiritually evolved. These are very busy professional people and they too unselfishly give their time to help people around the world understand more about the afterlife.

But there are just a handful of critics, calling themselves Spiritualists - and a couple of skeptics – who want to aggressively impose their own particular priorities, their beliefs, their values, their restricted knowledge and their negative prejudices. They aggressively demand us to superimpose their illogical priorities over the guidance we have from the afterlife team directing the experiments. Totally uninformed and ignorant of the basics of our materializtion, they want things done their way. But it cannot and it will not happen that way.

Accordingly, whilst I do accept there have been legitimate questions raised about what the COSC does in relation to the materializations – these questions have already been answered in private emails. Accordingly, I will take some time out to show why the few other mischievous cynics are totally wrong. The following come from a couple of the negative posts and emails I received.

First, I am not impressed by those who do not have the courage of their conviction to write their FULL name when they attack me. I state it is cowardice pushed to its extreme for anyone who hides behind some “webname” to try to throw mud at those who have shown themselves to be honest, decent, dedicated and highly spiritual – as our medium is and all members of the COSC are.

For example there is the extreme coward ‘neffy’ and others who cowardly hide behind labels because they don’t have the courage and the conviction to put their full name to what they say. Do they have any credibility? Of course not.

Neither I am impressed by that Spiritualist who applied to sit with David but was refused by the management of the COSC because of his ongoing blatant negativity. Ethically and procedurally, he should FIRST, before he attacks, disclose that he was banned from attending any of David’s materializations. Any objective observer would not give this guy any credibility at all – he’s got a huge axe to grind. And they call themselves ‘Spiritualists’!!

And the other coward who tried to point out an error about Wiliam's name. He maliciously went to a public forum to try to score a cheap point, to try to denigrate and to be dirty! By contrast, I had an open minded skeptic – certainly not a Spiritualist - far more decent than this guy who emailed me quietly and privately when he noticed a misspelling on my website. And this Zerdini calls himself a Spiritualist? What a lot of deeply entrenched negativity in these people!

For the record, no one took me on about the materialization challenge:

By way of reminding closed minded skeptics with their silly blogs and those negative and envious Spiritualists who have been maliciously virulent in their attacks against materializations and our medium that I had a challenge of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS for twelve months for anyone to show that materializations were not taking place or if they could show fraud or if they could duplicate our materializations. No one, no skeptical scientist, no skeptical biologist, no physicist, no empiricist, no psychologist – and no skeptical debunker had the courage, the knowledge and the conviction to take me on regarding the unrebutted materializations of David Thompson. Why not? Because deep down professionals know that it is impossible to rebut objectivity and repeatability.

‘Victor admitted he did not investigate fake mediums’

That itself is a most ridiculous objection from someone who shows he’s uninformed. What is a ‘fake medium’? ‘Fake mediums’ are immediately subject to police prosecution – and in some instances jail. Who is going to accept they are ‘fake’ mediums? I also came across a few who were NOT mediums but confidence tricksters who cheat, lie and deceive the innocent public. I tell my readers at all times never go to a medium unless you get attestations from those you trust that the medium they went to was accurate.

MATERIALIZATION Number 1 December 14th 07.

1. Is William Cadwell (the spirit control of medium David Thompson) a real person or a figment of the mediumís unconscious imagination?

There were a few questions put to me by a number of people, including some Spiritualists. The first question was about the details of William’s birth/death. The argument is that they have not been found in British registries or that if they have been found they are not accurate– and the implication is that we should not accept William as a true entity or not to accept his endeavours in any way whatsoever.

My personal experience with William

I have talked to William regularly through David in trance and whilst he was materialized for the last fifteen months. On some occasions William has been present in the room while two other entitites have been materialized. I have heard him talking while I had proof that David was unconscious and gagged.
I asked him questions and he answered them intelligently. At one time I had my left hand on David Thompson's gag which was tightly around his mouth and could still hear voices of William and Timothy. I find William to be responsible, spiritual, understanding, extremely diplomatic, someone who tries to help the world understand that there is an afterlife. He is extremely human with his own emotions quite separate from David’s. He says himself that he does not have all the knowledge as some people think he has. He works extremely hard to make materializations possible – especially in public materializations. He helps to re-unite people from the afterlife with those on earth. I witnessed more of than forty such reunions myself. My own wife’s father materialized; she has no doubt whatsoever that it was her father who materialized – nobody on earth knew about the information related to her except herself. Besides there were issues of familiarity of voice, idiosyncrasies, attitude, nuances and other communication variables. Having known David closely over the last couple of years I am also totally convinced that William is a separate entity from David.

What about his birth and death certificate?

When you get to the afterlife you will understand that time erases memory on matters that would be unimportant in the afterlife – such as the date of your death when on physical earth. We remember our own birthday on earth because we have to write it frequently on documents. Try remembering the date of the death of your parents or grandparents. William would be some 167 years old to-day – and no wonder he would not be sure about dates.

What is immediately critical is his endeavours to show that there is an afterlife. No one can teach us NEW spiritual lessons. Silver Birch, White Eagle, the great teachers before the Christian era and other great spiritual teachers dealt with the same spiritual lessons. There is nothing new they can teach us. That was also stated by Silver Birch himself – spiritual truths never change.

As to whether or not we can find the accurate and specific details of William’s birth and death to me is totally irrelevant. Don’t waste time on this issue – it is immaterial, irrelevant and totally unnecessary. Why? For example, did you know that we on earth do NOT have any details of the birth/death of Jesus? That we do NOT have any objective evidence about Jesus genealogy – notwithstanding there are records of births/deaths at the time of Jesus? Did you know that no contemporaneous historian ever mentions Jesus? Did you know that only Josephus – a historian - Jewish by birth and by religion mentions Jesus for a few lines – but nothing about his birth/death? In any event ALL information about Jesus is hearsay – inadmissible evidence. Yet a couple of billion on earth seem to accept Jesus's mission on earth.

Further, one of the most impressive afterlife teachers is Silver Birch. We on earth have no objective evidence about his existence or his genealogy. Yet he too influenced millions and the past and is influencing millions to day.

Further, William could have nominated birth and death dates so that they could be confirmed. But he didn't. If he was some kind of a conman, a fraud or a trickster, that would be the first thing he would have done.

Further still, as an empiricist attorney with experience in professional litigation at Supreme Court level, it may come as a surprise to many people that I would not accept William to be who he claims to be just because his credentials and details could be objectively confirmed by records on earth. If the matter was litigated, I would insist on fingerprints. That would give him some ninety five per cent certainty that he is who he claims to be. Even then, just because his fingerprints (if it were possible) were validated, I would NOT accept everything he says just because he can objectively identify himself.

What is important, relevant and what is absolutely essential is what the quality of what William says and what he does. That is the objective test we apply to Silver Birch's transmissions - and that is what I apply to William and any other entities transmitting information from the otherside.

Of course, there may be those who do not agree with some of the things William says – as there are those who do not agree with what Jesus supposedly said (sinners will go to the fiery of hell for eternity) or what Silver Birch said (about euthanasia).

No one is forcing anyone to accept what William is saying. If you find what he says and does do not suit your particular spiritual proclivities – you are free to go somewhere else.

What I find that is pure gold in William is not so much what he says, but what he does. As abovestated, there are no new spiritual truths he can tell us. But investigating his materialization and the materializations of those entities he brings to the seance room is extremely important for all the world to know.

And we do this by putting on the internet - my website and the Circle of the Silver Cord website, selected audio transmissions which many people tell us are helping them enormously to make sense out of life on planet earth.

There are very many people around the world who do accept William and his magnificent endeavours to help us to understand that the afterlife exists and it has huge consequences.

More questions and responses next week.

Victor Zammit 8th February 08

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