A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Former KGB disinformation officer ‘spills the beans’:

My acceptance of the afterlife and the paranormal is primarily because of two things: my own paranormal experiences and my afterlife research. Around 2002 I had a particularly very vivid 'remote-viewing' experience about a major case I was involved in when I was in my law practice in Sydney. This was when I was heading a nasty ‘class action’ (which eventually became very hostile) against the Left Wing then pro-Soviet Socialist Prime Minister of Malta Dom Mintoff because of his blatant fundamental violations of human rights towards returning migrants. This heading to the United Nations (Human Rights) Court. I had enormous unfair opposition here in Sydney at the time where there was also hostile foreign intervention. The matter was serious as some five intelligence agencies including the CIA, M15, ASIO, the MOSSAD and the KGB became involved. I was in contact with the Australian Federal Attorney General/s all the time. My remote viewing clarified what happened at the time):


The Prime Minister of Malta deliberately misleads the Russian Intelligence agency, then the KGB.

In January 1980, the then pro-Gaddafi, the anti-West, Left Wing Prime Minister of Malta Dom Mintoff, together with his (pro-Soviet communist) High Commissioner J Forace, concocted false documentation to willfully mislead the then KGB claiming that I was specifically anti-Soviet And secondly, these two requested special assistance from the KGB to discredit me internationally by way of sending fundamentally adverse information about me. The KGB did not ask too many questions as they wanted a foothold in Malta knowing sooner or later they would penetrate Malta’s intelligence as they have, we are credibly told, penetrated every known intelligence agency in the world. (Mintoff had organized his intelligence agency modelled on the then communist East German intelligence).

The actual remote viewing - three dimensionally - was something like this: there was this former KGB disinformation officer at the head of the rectangular table. Roundish, reddish face, he looked in his early fifties. He had thick black hair combed from front to back. He was overweight in a suit but his lower facial flesh at neck level went over the white shirt he was wearing which made his neck look rather big.

At this remote viewing after the fall of Russian communism I very clearly remote-viewed a former KGB disinformation officer who was selling highly classified KGB information to the U.S. This was after Perestroika and the former KGB disinformation officer was "spilling the beans" on Dom Mintoff and J Forace - for money - telling Western intelligence that he was responsible for disseminating disinformation to Western intelligences about me.

Why, he was asked did he do it? “I was obeying the orders of my superiors” was his reply. Of course, I did get considerable assistance from powerful sources to neutralize the assault on my credibility - I would not have survived otherwise! At the time the CIA was more cautious than other intelligence agencies– and in the final analysis, it did not accept the KGB’s disinformation about me. So was the Mossad. In fact, a Mossad agent had asked a Mr Bonello, who lived in Australia, who was working full time with the Nationalist Party to give him one of my books THE DOMAIN SPEAKER - about my activities as a public speaker at Speakers Corner.

Remote viewing also identified that this High Commissioner for Malta J Forace as a long time pro-Soviet ‘baggage-boy’ for the KGB before his Ambassador post in Canberra, Australia. Mintoff had also misled Australian athorities about the history of his sycophantic High Commissioner. Relatively uneducated and without professional diplomatic qualifications and experience, he was appointed by Mintoff for his ultra-left wing (covert pro-Soviet) politics. Forace had also promised trade with Australia if he was appointed High Commissioner. Of course, this Forace turned out to be the worst Ambassador in the history of Malta-Australia relations. When deeply affected by alcohol – he used to boast – trying to give himself importance – about some of things he was doing – at least once hinting about a pro-Soviet contact inside a an English speaking intelligence, wanting to impress a few people at social functions. What he and Prime Minister wanted to do was to make fools of all Western and some other intelligence services.

It is on record that both Mintoff and Forace at a later stage suspected that either I was a member of an intelligence unit here in Australia or had contact with a high sources as I showed meticulously accurate information about certain activities which could only have come from higher national security sources.

Of course, this is only a fraction of valuable information which came through my remote viewing and which confirmed all that happened.

Some two years after Prime Minister Mintoff forwarded the lies to the KGB, I managed to get invited along with a number of other guests to lunch with Prime Minister Dom Mintoff at his villa at Delimara. I was with journalist Lawrence Dimech when we were both invited - Dom Mintoff did not recognize me then. But the night before the Sunday lunch, he was informed who I was by a Left Wing politician Reno Calleja. I brought with me a bottle of really good Scotch to give him. As I was approaching the front door of his Villa, I noticed no fewer than nine armed plainclothes police officers around him all eyeing me very carefully and wanting to know what was in the bag I was carrying. I was later informed that this security never happened before for a lunch with the PM.

Mintoff looked very weak, in fear and pale when he saw me walking towards him at his villa - a time when he identified who I was. The next day I was informed by one of his former Ministers that Mintoff made his gardner sample the Scotch I gave him to see if it was poisoned!!!)- and Mintoff was heard to say, "That lawyer Zammit has balls coming here."

Subsequent events confirmed my remote viewing about something which was very important to me personally.

For more on remote viewing read chapter (18) in my book.

Victor Zammit 7th August 2009