Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination Montcabirol France


Olaf Van Der Hoeven MSc (clinical psychology)

I have sat in physical mediumship circles more than 15 times in the last one and a half years. I have witnessed all kinds of physical phenomena. Apports, materialisations, direct voice, transfiguration, flying trumpets and tables, I have even shook a materialised hand of a spirit once in 2009.

On the sixth of March I sat with the Yellow Cloud Circle Of Eternal Illumination with Tom, Kevin and my mother Lidy at Montcabirol in the south of France. It was the most incredible and most powerful sitting I have ever witnessed, almost all possible phenomena occurred in one and the same sitting.

We had almost three hours chat with John Campbell Sloan, Irene Simms , Jonathan Sinclair and Yellow Cloud...transfiguration, matter through matter, direct voice, flying trumpets and tables, instruments being played, we were gripped firmly by the spirit hand of John Sloan, he even showed us his hand on a luminous board, we had an apport of a very old glass marble......Yellow Cloud transfigured in red light, he stood up out of the chair with his chest enlarging, his arms went straight through the velcro straps which were tight and firmly holding Tom's arms to the arms of his seat...YC walked towards us with his hands raised in the air and spoke to us. He stamped his feet a few times in front of us, as he stared at us there was a MASSIVE flow of energy coming from him, so powerful...such an enormous powerful Spirit...this feeling was truly incredible. Watching the full personality of Yellow Cloud standing in front of us and looking at me made me feel so small and humble. It was the most incredible and impressive sitting I have ever been in without a doubt.

At the end of the sitting we heard something make a noise in front of us....Kevin put the light on and Tom was sitting right in front of us still strapped to his armchair and still in deep trance....the cabinet curtain was closed behind him...Spirit had transported him through the curtain....I was invited to check the medium several times during this sitting and each time I checked, Tom was still firmly strapped to his chair.

The Yellow Cloud Circle can touch the hearts of people and beside that Tom and Kevin are wonderful, loving and humble persons themselves.

John Sloan, Irene, Jonathan, Yellow Cloud and many more of the Spirit team are there to help everyone on their Spiritual path to the truth, and that is continuous life.....It would be such an enormous benefit to mankind if more circles and more healers helped humanity with this very special and life changing work.

Olaf Van Der Hoeven

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