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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



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Hello Allison, hello James,

I've been receiving a number of emails claiming that there are some fairly aggressive attacks by the JREF mob against you both on Youtube and on blogs to take on his ridiculous bogus challenge which we all know is impossible to beat.

Just for the purpose of the record: I suggest you refer that aggressive, insulting JREF sidekick propagandist to me. We know that he has to earn his position as the second in command at the JREF by attacking the best known established mediums. Of course it’s all propaganda, but it would be only human to be frustrated with all these unfair attacks.

One suggestion is to put something on your websites that before you'll even think of taking on the challenge there are three conditions:

1. JREF first has to refute the existing evidence for the paranormal.
To do this the JREF has to get JR to take on Victor Zammit’s million dollar challenge. JR himself has miserably failed to show in TEN YEARS where, when, how and why the existing evidence for the paranormal and mediumship is not valid. Victor is still waiting!

2. Second condition: The JREF has to show that those senior police officers, police detectives and other independent police officers who have gone on record about the assistance they received in solving cases from psychics are lying. In the PSYCHIC DETECTIVES and PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS television series highly credible police officers from different states repeatedly tell millions of people around the world that they CONFIRM psychic phenomena and mediumship are valid.

3. Third condition: That the adjudicators for the challenge will have to be totally independent, highly qualified but must not have a record of being anti-paranormal or anti-psychic or anti-mediumship. No one from JREF, no skeptic is to be adjudicator of any psychic testing. This has to be done for equity and justice and also to remove the huge intervening problem of the ‘Experimenter Effect’ – a skeptic testing will always get negative results.

But, WARNING, the history of it shows it is the greatest bogus challenge in paranormal history. So, why bother?

These JREF tricksters have no real challenge – but they are big on propaganda.

But hopefully making these points clear will at least negate their dirty attacks!

My very best wishes.

Victor Zammit

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