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'SPIRIT ATTACHMENTS' - some psychiatrists accept spirit attachmens and possession- such as Dr Carl Wickland, Dr Kubler Ross

QUESTION: Victor, I’m a little confused about ‘spirit possession’ - that these afterlife entities could harm you. Can they be exorcized? What’s your view?

Victor: First, this is mostly not objective, but subjective evidence for activities in the afterlife. Much of what I say has been confirmed by other afterlife investigators such as Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Dr Carl Wickland and other psychiatrists who accept 'attachments' and 'possessions'. You would need a whole book to explain this complex subject. But my own investigations over the last 22 years shows:

1. Yes, it is possible for those still living on earth to have ‘energy attachment’- traditionally known as ‘spirit possession’.
2. Some 'spirit attachments' are regarded as 'possession' because they tend to stay with the person all the time and adversely affect the person still living on earth.
3. But not all afterlife ‘energies attachments ’ are bad – some are good and will try to help you, some not - will try to be mischievous. In some instances you may get the good temporary 'attachment' - loved ones who will be ‘attaching’ with you – e.g. former loving partner - or could be an extremely loving parent.



4. ATTCHMENTS WERE ONCE HUMAN: Highly credible information transmitted from the other side, eg Mons. Hugh Benson (in his Anthony Borgia transmissions) tells us these afterlife negative energies (religiously known as bad spirits, demons and devils) were once ordinary humans on earth. They chose to do the wrong things and end down in the lower Astral, darker afterlie region. Breaking spiritual laws would lower their ‘energy vibrations’ (seriously lowers their spirituality) and on crossing over get stuck in the Astral darker Level – the level below the level of the Light. They continue to be mischievous.

5. FREE WILL: Since we will still have free will in the afterlife dimension – these ‘negative energies’- former humans - will still have a choice to return to the light or continue to be mischievous as when they were on earth.

6. Exorcism: if the ‘negative attachment’ is mischievous and knows nothing about Christian religion, an exorcist (Christian) priest will have no success removing the mischievous entity. Usually the Catholic priest mentions ‘Jesus’, shows the ‘crucifix’, sprinkles ‘holy’ water – all these would be meaningless to a negative attachment who is not familiar with them. But could be useful if the negative energy attachment was himself or herself a Christian and thoroughly believed in Christianity.

7. KARMIC CONSEQUENCES: it is also possible that spirit- possession will take place because of karmic consequences. This means that the person on earth will have attachment to pay off karmic debt when in the distant past he himself - when he was in the afterlife - was mischievous when he attached himself to someone. No one gets away with it - and if one caused problems to others, then the same one will have to experience all the problems, all the invonveniences he caused to others when he was attached to someone on earth.

8. CAN MAKE TELEPATHC CONTACT: Some mediums are excellent exorcists – because they can actually make telepathic contact with the mischievous spirit. Many times it was found that these energies who attach themselves to physical humans on earth just do not understand that they are dead, they don’t know what to do and stay with someone indefinitely sometimes. Dr Wickland’s work THIRTY YEARS AMONG THE DEAD showed this very clearly.

9. THE MORE YOU KNOW THE BETTER: Consistent reading about the conditions in the afterlife will virtually guarantee you to reach the Level of the Light immediately on crossing over.

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