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Highly Persuasive Physical Mediumship- The Rainbow Circle.

Victor Zammit

Without doubt, communicating with afterlife intelligences is the greatest discovery in human history. I find physical mediumship the most persuasive evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

I have been fortunate enough to have had conversations with materialized spirits, even holding them by hand. I was fortunate to converse with my own crossed-over sister, Carmen, in one of David Thompson’s materialization sessions – where she spoke to me from just an arm’s length. And I have been privileged to witness more than fifty other crossed over loved ones making contact with sitters in séances.

I witnessed a huge number of physical objects- trumpets, drumsticks, tables etc flying through the air in a controlled manner– sometimes as high as the ceilings – far too high for the tallest human being to reach. And many times I actually participated in discussing afterlife matters with William, David Thompson’s guide, where a number of times we touched hands – and I could hear him breathing and even smell his particular afterlife smell he brought with him.

So when my wife Wendy and I were invited by the Zerdin Phenomenal to participate in physical mediumship in England, at Jenny’s Sanctuary, Oxfordshire, a mecca for physical mediumship, we had no hesitation in booking a flight from Sydney Australia to take part in a special treat.

It was wonderful to finally be at Jenny’s Sanctuary and meet Ron Gilkes who has created a perfect place for physical mediumship with not one but three specially constructed light proof rooms. We had heard from so many people about the wonders they had experienced there with brilliant materialization mediums Colin Fry and David Thompson and others so it was wonderful to be able to hear first hand eye witness accounts from Ron and his wife Jean.

It was also a joy for us to meet Dennis and Ros Pearman whose tireless work for spirit through Zerdin phenomenal we have admired from afar for so long.

So on Friday 25th September 2009 we found ourselves part of an excited international group of around thirty people from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, South America, and of course a number from the United Kingdom who assembled for the first séance. Among the well-known faces were of course Ros and Dennis from Zerdin Phenomenal who organized these important séances; Dr Hans Schaer whom we knew of from the Scole Experiments, Ron and Jean of Jenny’s Sanctuary, Kai Muegge from the Felix Circle in Germany, Dr Ken S from New York, Jonathan the television producer and many others.

The first night was given to the Rainbow Circle under the direction of Terry and Kath. We assembled in the reception room of Jenny’s Sanctuary for a briefing before the séance began. Dennis Pearman from Zerdin Phenomenal gave us a warm welcome on behalf of Ron and Jean Gilkes, and after the welcome, we emptied our pockets and were all procedurally searched before moving into the large lightproof séance room.

The sitters were placed in an inner and an outer circle. Right in the centre was the fairly substantial small table- about 1 metre wide. Kath and Terry began by showing us a table full of children’s toys all tagged with luminous tape which was on the outside of the double circle of sitters. On the back of several chairs were inflated balloons tied by string.

Table tilting or tipping is a method of alleged spirit communication used by spiritualists for more than one hundred and fifty years. A group of sitters, working in darkness, put their hands lightly on a small table marked with luminous tape. Given time the table starts to rock and levitate and answers questions by tilting to the right or left. Skilled users are able to get the table to respond using an alphabetic code.

Skeptics claim that the energy that almost always the tables are moved by “involuntary and unconscious muscle contractions” – experienced by séance sitters while parapsychologists learn toward labelling it psychokinesis produced by the “collective minds” of the sitters. But neither group understands it or is able to explain how it happens and most have never experienced it in a fully developed form. One has to experience advanced table tilting to really know and understand that the responses are made by spirits.

Certainly anyone sitting with the Rainbow Circle would be forced to rethink these explanations.

As soon as the lights went out, even before Dennis Pearman had said the opening prayer, you could hear the table (of considerable weight) which had been placed in the centre of the inner circle bumping around on the ground for all the world like an excited large dog ready to play. People were calling out that table was climbing on their laps.

Terry addressed the table and asked “May I have your name please?” He then ran through the alphabet at a terrific speed while the table bumped each letter in synchronization- stopping at the letter to be communicated. Initially he got to R- then said Red Cloud- which was confirmed by the table. The next words tapped out quickly were “welcome” and “enjoy”. We were told by Terry and Kath that this was the same very well known and wise entity who was Estelle Roberts’ guide many years ago

Another communicator came through and using the alphabetic code identified himself – Terry and Kath recognized him as Kath’s dad, a regular communicator of the Circle which has been working together for twelve years.

Soon people were calling out in delight as they were being touched by tiny spirit hands and we could hear a large drum being beaten.

Next the table tapped out “rope” and we could see the skipping rope marked with luminous rope moving around the room while the table moved into the air, tuned upside down, sideways. Exciting cries came of “it’s flying”. The people in the inner circle had to stand in order to keep their fingers lightly on the table top.

Kai Mugge and others called out that they were being touched very gently from the shoulder to the forearm by a hand while at the same time we could hear balloons being moved around the room. All the while we could hear the table squeaking as it moved. Lots of laughter and excitement.

Then the table tapped out ‘trumpet’ and could see the trumpet moving from the outside table into centre of the circle while people claimed they could see tiny fingers on it in the light of the luminous tape. The trumpet then joined with the table on its side moving around as some people said “like a submarine periscope”. Kai echoed the sentiments of the group when he said “unbelievable that all this should be happening at the same time.”

The table then tapped out “Luc.. picture now”. This was taken to mean that Lucius, one of the sitters, should take a photo.

Before we had started Dennis had explained that at times during the sitting different people would be identified and asked to take a photo of persons of their choice standing in front of a mirror at the back of the room with the aim of getting spirit extras in the photos. The photos would be taken using a camera with regular film using a flash- the lights would be turned off before the photo was taken.

It was then realized that the camera had been left outside the room which had been sealed for light so that activity had to be deferred until after the lights were turned on later.

Soon after the table began to move around again, turn upside down and touch people around the inner circle.

Then the communicator tapped out “God Bless” and a new communicator took over. The table tapped out as MONTY and then moved across the Circle and “embraced” Hans Schaer. We asked whether the communicator was Montague Keen, the famous psychical researcher who had been a close friend of Hans. The table answered with one tap- the code for yes and then tapped out “Glad you are all together” and then “bye”.

Then the table tapped out “Luke” and a hula hoop was moved from outside the circle and used to touch various sitters. We could also hear balloons being bumped and moved at the same time as very loud rhythmic drumming on a large drum. People were calling out that they were being touched by small hands.

Dennis Pearman commented on the luminosity in the room and said that he could almost see the ceiling.

“Luke” asked to play with some light cardboard rings and then tapped out “I like Lucius” and the table moved onto his lap. It then tapped out “Hans” and moved toward Hans Schaer. It then tapped out “Victor” and moved toward me. It then tapped out “Will you be my uncles” and “Can I visit you.” Both Hans and I said that “Luke” was welcome to visit at any time.

The next communicator identified herself by tapping through the table as “Pretty Lucy” and tapped out “ Hello Uncle Ken,” referring to Dr Ken S. who had attended a sitting with the Rainbow Circle some months before. She then spelled out “I love U” before asking for a keyboard whereupon we could hear someone playing London Bridge is Falling Down, Jingle Bells, Old MacDonald Had a Farm while the keyboard could be seen moving around the room. Soon we could hear the keyboard playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and other tunes while the big drum boomed in time. Lucy then tapped out “I have got to go.’

The next communicator identified himself as Red Cloud once again. He tapped out “You have created a wonderful energy. Thank you.”

Terry then asked Red Cloud if we could ask questions and was told we could ask one question each. Many of the sitters were too overwhelmed to ask anything and simply expressed thanks for the wonderful phenomena to which Red Cloud replied “You’re welcome” or the table gave a little shake which Terry explained was a chuckle.

The following questions were answered with one tap for yes:

* Do we talk to you when we go out of our bodies at night?
* Is the energy being used here a combination of our energies and yours?
* Is Monty happy where he is? (This one by Monty’s friend Hans).

The Circle was closed with a lovely declaration of love and thanks and the singing of “Let there be peace on Earth” during which the table moved and tapped in time.

When the lights came on all were surprised to see all the toys that had been moved including the balloons that had been tied up elsewhere.

At that point the camera was retrieved from the outside room and each person was asked to select people to stand in front of the mirror and take two photos using a flash. Terry and Kath later sent us photos in which they outlined a spirit extra they named as Montague Keen in the same photo as his friend Hans Schaer along with what looked like a small dog. Another photo showed distinct orbs.

This report only captures the bare bones of what happened. No words can capture the heightened energy and joyful surprise that all of the sitters experienced. These are things that have to be experienced to be understood.

Those of us who experienced it had no doubt that the phenomena were paranormal and that we had been honored with spirit communication.

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