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2) CHALLENGE to the skeptics- you stated that you ‘could duplicate any psychic experiment’: duplicate these materializations experiments and get $500,000. But if you do NOT succeed, you have to hand over to the medium David Thompson $500,000. Details to go on my website shortly.

Skeptic Michael Prescott (hereinafter called ‘the skeptic’) attacks directly and indirectly, with negative nuances and negative imputations, the genuine materializations of David Thompson, a materialization medium with an international reputation.

Indirectly the skeptic attacks my objectivity, implying I lean too much in favor of the materializations which are taking place and taking the world by storm. This uninformed skeptic ought to get his facts right first before attacking genuine materializations.

The skeptic’s fallacies:

1. “Victor Zammit, an Australian lawyer who strongly defends the reality of the paranormal ..”

Victor: I do NOT strongly defend anything. I empirically investigate any aspect of the paranormal and report on it. I put a ‘mirror’ to the evidence. In that way I am being objective. But reporting objectively a phenomenon that was empirically validated does not mean I am ‘strongly defending’ anything.

2. “Materializations séances are an area that has always been rife with fraud.”

Victor: That is far too general a statement especially considering the huge number of materialization mediums who have been validated by scientists. Whilst some people may agree that materializations séances are an area of potential fraud, when a skeptic tries to belittle all materializations, the onus is on the skeptic to specifically identify which materialization medium he is talking about – and tell us exactly when and where fraud took place. Stating that materializations have always been ‘rife with fraud’ is meaningless and is part of a ‘seeding process’, of mind control - programming the reader to expect fraud in the materializations I am involved with. That statement is inadmissible and is more in line with specious propaganda than a legitimate admissible statement.

3. “The condition of absolute darkness seems to encourage misbehavior on the part of the phony mediums.”

Victor: The skeptic reveals his lack of experience in the testing of the paranormal. First, who are these ‘phony mediums’ the skeptic is talking about? Here again is part of the skeptic’s seeding process to impute fraud in all materializations. The skeptic shows he knows nothing about the nature of ectoplasm, its function and why it is critical that there be absolute darkness for ectoplasm to work and for the safety of the medium. Ectoplasm reduces the vibrations of the etherians to make them as solid as we are on earth. Ectoplasm is also used to create voice boxes so that etherians can speak to us. Any professional investigator will thoroughly investigate the premises, will get to know the sitters and will make sure that security is absolutely one hundred per cent scrutinized all the time, even in the dark. And of course we would all like to be able to introduce light to the sittings- and the medium’s control, William, has told us that in the future, conditions will improve and light will be introduced.

4. “And the claims are extraordinary …”

Victor: The claims are extraordinary for those who had never properly investigated the paranormal, especially materializations. For those empiricists who did this research, the claims are not extraordinary at all.

The archives of the Society for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical research contain numerous accounts of materialization mediums who were investigated for years by some of the top scientists and professors of the day—people like Sir William Crookes, the greatest chemist of the nineteenth century, Professor W.J. Crawford and Dr Gustave Geley.

Some of the most famous materialization mediums of the last two centuries include Daniel Dunglas Home, who was investigated in a laboratory by Sir William Crookes, Franek Kluski, the Warsaw medium who was notable for materializing large numbers of animals and mediumship was verified by Dr Gustave Geley, who participated in Kluski's seances at the Paris Institut Metapsychique International and by Prof. F. W. Pawlowski.

Other famous materialization mediums were Stainton Moses, an Anglican clergyman, Rudi Schneider, Minnie Harrison, Eusapia Palladino, Elizabeth S and May E Bangs (known as the Bang Sisters) of Chicago, Illinois, Florence Cook, Margery Crandon, Stella Cranshaw, better known as 'Stella C.', Elizabeth Hope who worked under the pseudonym of Mme. d'Esperance, Frank Decker, Hunter Selkirk, Rudi and Willy Schneider, George Spriggs, Cecil Husk, The Eddy Brothers, William Eglinton, Estelle Roberts, Millie Perriman and Alec Harris whose wife documented his mediumship in They Walked Among Us..

Physical mediumship is only ‘extraordinary’ for high-profiled closed minded skeptical debunking intellectuals who never investigate with proper empirical equanimity – who attack, vilify, harass, use aggression and try to belittle everything in the paranormal as ‘extraordinary.’

5. “I felt that the three voices heard in the excerpts could easily have been produced by the same man.”

Victor: As I stated on my website, we need time to continue to research this stunning phenomenon by empirically examining all voices. This is not dissimilar to talking to a group of friends by telephone in some other country. You may have a strong sense of who you’re talking to, but to prove it – that would need empirical testing. So far I put the voices of those who materialized through AUDACITY – the voice analysis software on the computer and the results indicate seven very different voice patterns-- seven different graphs of the voices. That is objective. Also subjectively, in younger years I was a musician and I can detect voice vibrations and can discriminate between levels of voice vibrations. Certainly to those of us present in the room the voices are definitively identifiable and very different and coming from different places as the beings moved around the room. When William materialized both my wife and I heard his voice up close and immediately in front of us and moving around us.

And we have to take into account that the voices are being produced energetically- we are told that those who are coming through have to remember what their voices sounded like in life and project that memory through the ectoplasm which is influenced by the medium’s physical and intellectual makeup.

One also has to keep in mind that these are relatively early days and greater things will be achieved in the future.

6. “The one voice that participants in the séance might have recognized from life was that of Montague Keen. Perhaps not coincidentally, the voice of ‘Keen’ was rendered as a hoarse whisper.”

Victor: Voice correlation computers ought to be able to pick up vibrations even from a whisper. As I stated on my website, we need patience and time to empirically test the voices. I never guaranteed that the voice was that of Montague Keen – what I guaranteed was that materializations WERE taking place and the voices procedurally need empirical testing. But that does not mean that materialization of some entity did not take place. What is critically vital at the moment to me is that materializations of etherians ARE TAKING PLACE. I made physical contact with three of them, conversed with them and even shook hands with one of them – with Arthur Conan Doyle whose right hand was some three times the size of the medium’s.

7. “… both ‘William’ and ‘Doyle’ used the same catchphrase, “My friends.” More than once. ‘William’ used it repeatedly, ‘Doyle’ less so, but both did use it. If the same man was impersonating both spirits, we might anticipate some overlap in verbal mannerisms.”

Victor: One has to understand that phrase correlations can be made between two totally independent persons and may get high positive correlation - similar phraseologies. If Arthur Conan Doyle has been a regular visitor to William’s meetings for many years, it is not unreasonable to hear some phrases which are similar. That to me is not a valid objection on two counts: any impersonator would not fall into the trap by using similar phraseology for the two entities. Secondly, more relevant is to give the content analysis of the two etherians to an expert to see if OVERALL the expressly stated statements are similar. But the analysis has to be holistic: put them through a voice recognition machine or computer voice analysis to see if they are the same voices. Again, instead of trying to ridicule by implication the skeptic fails to give credit where credit is definitively due – that materializations – given the circumstances and the information, have taken place.

8. “Whoosh sound of the entities materializing and dematerializing … the sound struck me as not much different from a person’s sudden loud exhalation of breath.”

Victor: Here again, without conducting empirical experiments on the whoosh sound the skeptic postulates that it is man-made. ‘Audacity’ – the software I used shows that the patterns of the whoosh sound is quite distinctive and fundamentally different from human voices. The skeptic keeps on hammering that the sound was not genuine because he states directly and indirectly that the materializations could not have taken place – notwithstanding the occasional words to the effect, ‘oh yes, … of course, I believe in the paranormal” to try to confuse the reader.

9. Fakery took place … “someone in the circle of sitters might have been working as the medium’s accomplice.”

Victor: That could have only been uttered by someone who knows absolutely nothing about what actually occurred in the materialization experiments I attended. Not only were all the sitters holding hands during materializations, ALL sitters continued to converse with the materialized spirits from the position they were in before the lights went out. It would have been utterly impossible in the extreme for any one of the sitters to move from the semicircle without being detected. More impossible would have been to try to speak in a different pitch, different tone, using different pace for over an hour in the case of William’s address last week. The materialized spirits’ voices were heard from where they were – sometimes from a high position, sometimes low, sometimes a middle position and from the back position, sometimes the voices were very deep and other voices were high pitched.

10. “And the sitters apparently did not take the precaution of holding each other’s hands throughout the séance … Night vision goggles are small and fairly easy to conceal …” (Meaning it would have been relatively easy to cheat).

Victor: True that the sitters do not hold each other’s hand during the experimental séance. But EVERY TIME a materialization takes place William or Timothy directs us to hold hands. Then when a materialized spirit dematerializes, the whoosh sound is heard and we then can relax and let go of hands. During this time we hear direct voice, voices without materialization taking place. It must be remembered that throughout the experimental materializations, sitters are constantly talking to each other and with absolute certainty we all know each other’s physical location all the time.

10. “If one sitter was missing, the two sitters on the either side of the empty chair would end up holding each other’s hands. They would not realize that there was an unoccupied seat between them.”

Victor: This observation by the skeptic is quite ridiculous because if one sitter in the middle is missing, the sitters on each side of the empty chair would immediately know about it. They would have to stretch their hand over an empty chair! And that would be immediately recognizable distance. Why does not the reader here try it him/herself? Have three chairs next to each other. First try to hold the hand of someone immediately next to you. Then leave the middle chair empty and hold hands with someone on the other side of the empty chair. There would not be one person of average intelligence in this world who would not immediately recognize that the middle chair has been made vacant.

11. If you find this unlikely, let me point out that it was common practice in the materialization séances of a century ago for a fake medium to arrange matters so that the sitters on either side of her were holding each other’s hands. This was called ‘substitution’, and there were fake mediums who had it down to a fine art.

Victor: The skeptic here is sowing more suggestions hoping the reader by now has been programmed to accept that fraud is taking place. Again, sadly no medium of any reputation is mentioned – and it is cowardly in the extreme this skeptic keeps talking in generalizations hoping he will mislead the reader by not identifying which mediums he is referring to. More serious is the ignorance showed by this skeptic about the seating positions of the experimental materializations I participated in. Our medium was placed in a corner. He was NOT part of our own circle. The sitters were in a semi circle facing the medium from one wall to the other wall. It was a physical impossibility for one of the sitters to leave the chair without the other sitters knowing about it – utterly impossible!

12. “ … why not have each of he sitters smear his or her hands with a different color of chalk powder? One person’s hands will be purple, another’s will be yellow, and so on. Then when the purple and the yellow sitters hold hands, the distinctive colors of chalk powder will be smeared together. Later in the light, it will be easy to see who was holding hands with whom. If a substitution was carried out, the chalk stains will tell the tale.”

Victor: It would not be difficult for an expert to color the hands immediately before the lights are turned on to make them compatible with was expected. Even if that was done, inevitably the skeptic would say, aha, fraud has taken place in the coloring of the hands!!


I welcome informed feedback – but in terms of evidence and empirical methodology this skeptic is an amateur – which accounts for his naive observations. The expressly stated twelve points raised, the nuances and other negative imputations stated show that Michael has never been involved in materialization mediumship or in empirical investigation of mediums. He is criticizing and attacking the validity of the materialization experiments without knowing what actually occurred at these critical materializations which have the potential to shake the world out of its complacency regarding communicating with materialized beings.

After investigating many mediums in the last sixteen years, this is the very first time that I am convinced absolutely that materializations and contact with those who crossed over have taken place.

The materializations experience was absolutely stunning and definitively unmistakably genuine. The results are beyond the boggle threshold. Fraud, in absolute terms could NOT have taken place. But note, I never guaranteed that the materialized etherians are who they claim to be – they may be. That will come later as I stated in my report.

Objective psychologists know that any information which is fundamentally inconsistent with the skeptic’s negative beliefs, will elicit huge biological and psychological negative consequences on to the skeptics – that’s why then they attack the source of their frustration, try to denigrate the empiricists who scientifically show that psi is real and try to over-rationalize their cherished negative beliefs.

The greatest challenge by the skeptic was his ‘accomplice’ theory. But I showed how the 'accomplice' theory could NOT have taken place and it was physically IMPOSSIBLE to have taken place.

There is some high profiled closed-minded skeptic from Florida who keeps shouting and boasting that he can duplicate any psychic experiment. Now let’s put this closed minded – and other media seeking high profiled debunkers like him to the test. If he (and those like him) does not take me on, he would go down in the history of the paranormal of the world as the greatest coward of all time:

I will be making a challenge to anyone - including those flamboyant closed minded skeptics on the East Coast US, in the UK and others - in the world to try to duplicate these world shattering controlled empirical materializations experiments - to either put up or shut up.

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