A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


CHRISTIAN REFORMATION URGENTLY NEEDED: It is time for Christians to have a final reformation and make their beliefs consistent with what the paranormal scientists and afterlife investigators have discovered:

1. Eternal damnation - to be removed from religious beliefs: we are informed directly from the afterlife from highly credible sources that there is no such thing as 'eternal damnation'. Eternal damnation was artifically put into the Bible by MISTRANSLATING the word 'eaon' to mean eternal. The original Bible in the Greek language contains no such word as 'eternal'.

2. CONSCIOUSNESS: does not and cannot die. Immediately we physically die consciousness CONTINUES to survive in the afterlife dimension. This means we do NOT stay in limbo 'until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead'. We continue to survive with a solid body in the afterlife - usually in the Third Level.

3. The Law of Cause and Effect: directly from the afterlife we are credibly informed that no one on earth has the power, authority and jurisdiction to change the Law of Cause and Effect. This universal law has been in existence for millions of years and also exists in the afterlife dimension.

4. The Spark of the Divine: Each person on earth has the 'spark of the Divine' - one of the reasons why we live forever. This spark of the Divine is directly linked with the law of Progress - we continue to spiritually evolve in the afterlife.

5. Being 'religious' or 'spiritual': religions have to make this very important distinction. We are informed from higher sources that just going to Church or to the Temple or a place of worship, or sing hymns or just praying - these usually will NOT increase the level of spirituality. But when we practice selfless service, we are being 'spiritual' - which means we will be increasing the vibrations of our spirit-soul - becoming more spiritual. On crossing over it is how spiritual we would be not how often we went to Church or prayed - but how much love and selfless service we performed.