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QUESTION: REMOTE VIEWING: (from my weekly paranormal-afterlife reports) :You said three weeks ago that you know for certain that military 'remote viewing' works. How can you be so sure? Frank, Santa Monica West Coast U.S.

Read all background details below - I myself experienced 'remote viewing'.


(***REMOTE VIEWING: The psychic researcher Ingo Swan coined the term 'remote viewing' as a neutral scientific term to describe a process by which a viewer perceives information about a distant location using something other than the known five senses. Initially it referred only to situations in which a very disciplined research procedure was used by the US Military but gradually the term has come into general use as the ability to perceive hidden or remote information by psychic means irrespective of time and space - past, present, future. Military Remote Viewing is extensively used by the U.S. China - and other countries).

Victor: Before I retired as a lawyer I experienced a most remarkable 'remote-viewing' episode myself in a matter I was directly involved in. These - 'remote- viewing' - experiences I had before that led me to do research in the paranormal and the afterlife. I was not a particularly gifted 'remote-viewer' - but I did have some spectacular and dramatic remote-viewing experiences in the work I was doing part-time. Between 1980-2000 I was involved, part-time, with a highly secret parastatal ad hoc ‘intelligence' unit hunting down a particular highly placed Soviet mole inside a Western intelligence agency. Of course, I am completely retired now - and the intelligence unit disbanded after the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Picture, left, Victor in the Australian military).

One very clear and a most stunning 'remote-viewing' experience in a matter I was involved in - was when I in the year 2,000 was mentally ‘seeing’ - three dimensionally - a most interesting debriefing of a former KGB intelligence disinformation officer who - for money - was divulging secret KGB information – about the negative intelligence work he used to do.

In the 1990’s, after perestroika – the fall of the Soviet Union, there were many former then KGB officers (then Russian spying agency) who sold highly secret intelligence information to the U.S. One major, very well known CIA' 'chief in counter-espionage'- Aldrich Ames in the US who was a double agent - the most dangerous traitor in U.S. history - was found out by the information provided by these former KGB spies– the U.S. paying $7million to these ex-KGB spy chiefs for this critical information!

In this remote viewing I was witnessing this former KGB disinformation officer stating that the leadership of Malta in January 1980 passed over information (subsequently proved to be false information) to the KGB. Conduct shows that It was ‘concocted’ by the then hard line socialist Prime Minister Dom Mintoff and his pro-Soviet ‘communist’, anti-West Ambassador for Malta J Forace (who appeared to have been a 'baggage boy' for the KGB). It was suspected that this communist Ambassador J Forace when in Canberra, Australia was aided by the KGB and had critical knowledge that there was KGB penetration at a high level in one particular intelligence organization in Australia - ASIO.

This was part of an attempt to completely destroy the credibility of legitimate human rights campaigners and dissidents in Australia in the late 70's who were attacking the anti-West, extreme pro-Soviet Socialist leadership led by Prime Minister Dom Mintoff in Malta for violations of human rights. The matter is complex because among other things, the 'communist' Ambassador J Forace, in one of his drunken regular stupors, boasted in Sydney words to the effect that he was going to use international ways to get to those dissidents who were attacking his employer P.M. Mintoff. Forace is reported to have stated words to the effect he was going to "make fools and idiots" out of the British M16, Australia and American intelligence agencies. Those couple of 'yes-men' drinking with him encouraged him to speak - as he loved to talk a lot and to dominate the group he was with. They bought him Scotch - always his favorite alcohol until he was so drunk he could hardly walk. His weakness was that he was trying to impress about the power he had as an Ambassador. Before he was politically appointed as Ambassador, he was a real estate salesman.

Also it is important, that he had closed links with Bob Gould - another communist, but who had infiltrated the Australian Labor Party at Paddington. I was also a member of this branch. Interesting, this Bob Gould was the one who moved a motion to abolish ASIO, the Australian intelligence, when the the ALP attained power.

Through my remote-viewing experience, the seated, overweight, black haired, full roundish red-faced, wearing a dark suite former KGB disinformation officer- who obviously was being paid very well for the information - was asked why did he co-operate with Dom Mintoff and his communist Ambassador? His terse reply was - word for word, "I was obeying the orders of my superiors."

After the debriefing, I communicated directly with Dom Mintoff himself about the information revealed - that an ex-KGB disinformation officer was 'spilling the beans' on him. Dom Mintoff did NOT deny he fed false information to the KGB and other countries; he did NOT deny he misinformed the KGB in January 1980; he did not deny he wanted all criticism of his regime stopped by all illegal, illegitimate means. D. Mintoff did not deny he was being dangerously unethical by his own wilful disinformation to KGB - fraudulently passing on information to other countries etc etc.. - always impossible to prove in a court of law but only by conduct.

This anti-human rights, anti-dissidents disinformation initiated by Prime Minister Mintoff and masterminded by the KGB was related by me to the U.S. England, Israel, Australia and the rest of the Western world in January 1980 through the normal channels. Many of these countries were fooled initially by the then Prime Minister, Dom Mintoff. But intelligent as he was, he too was manipulated by communist J Forace (probably to give himself importance and to justify his position as an Ambassador in Canberra) by being fed false information about the activities of the human rights 'petitions' and 'protests' from Australia..

Intelligent services chiefs do not like to be negatively manipulated - certainly they do not like to be fooled especially by a small time politician of a very small country. Spy chiefs have excellent memories. They do not usually forgive - you kick them in the shin, they'll kick you back. No one saw it coming: Mintoff - a leader of one of the smallest nations on earth could actually negatively manipulate the facilities of the KGB in January 1980 for his own selfish political ends, to fool Australia, the U.S., UK, France and Western intelligence services and to waste their precious limited resources, to waste taxpayers money, energy and time - just to save his ego on an international level - and to delude himself how smart he is abusing his political power.

Political and intelligence experts stated that the then USSR would have tried to appease Mintoff himself because during the peak of the cold war he kicked pro-West NATO out of Malta, he developed close links with Libya - which at the time the media stated Libya was sponsoring terrorism - and the then USSR itself wanted an irretrievable connection in Malta.

But the KGB thought in 1980 doing Mintoff a favor - discrediting and trying to do harm to me and to human rights campaigners - was a small price for helping to get a foothold in Malta - a strategically positioned island as the British found out during world world two. No one in Malta really knows if Russian intelligence (who has one of the oldest intelligence services in the world) was able to create a permanent mole inside Malta's national security service.

Around 1973 Mintoff organized an intelligence agency for Malta based on the then communist East German intelligence agency. But it is on record that the KGB had been enormously successful penetrating every known intelligence agency in the world. Malta would not have been too much of a problem with a pro-Soviet communist as Ambassador for Australia and others which would have infiltrated the Mintoff's government.

The U.S. around late 1981 came to know the KGB forwarded the misinformation about certain individuals and that they too were misled about these human rights campaigners- in relation to the Australian connection. According to Victor Marchetti, a former CIA operative - stated in his book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, Dom Mintoff was once on the CIA hit list for assassination. This was because there was a concern that if Mintoff was elected in 1971, he would kick NATO out of the island - as he in fact did when he became Prime Minister. Mintoff was extremely fortunate not to have been assassinated by the CIA.

Dom Mintoff lived his old age in an old people’s home. But the rumor is out that he was apparently still in fear, extremely paranoiac and feeling guilty for trying to fool many countries by his lies just to save his ego - and really feared assassination even in his old age. People closed to him say that he is scared and extremely paranoid. One former Minister for Tourism in his government told me Mintoff is obsessed 'they' are trying to poison him. It is generally accepted that Mintoff made many powerful enemies when he was a Prime Minister.

The U.S., Italy, Israel and other countries, eventually accepted that the information trying to discredit human rights campaigners in Sydney, Australia - 'the Australian connection' - was not genuine, was disinformation expertly concocted by the KGB to fool the rest of the world - trying to make dissidents look like 'terrorists' - a national security problem for the dissidents.

But by that time Mintoff was kicked out of office and was never elected again. Political experts believe that he relied too much on his communist Ambassador from Australia, J Forace - who is on record for being one of the worst Ambassadors for Malta in Canberra, Australia. No Minister in Australia would work with him. The record shows that he did not achieve anything whilst he held that important office in Australia.

The above mentioned remote viewing experience - stated briefly - is one of the clearest I ever had in my life and all incidents raised in the remote viewing were later confirmed.

Other information acquired by remote viewing on the same issue:

  • There were powerful international enemies who showed that they were targeting Prime Minister D Mintoff. In the early eighties, one very hot summer's day in August, he wanted to go for a holiday. He with his close and trusted 'friends' attempted to go for a cruise on private yacht in the Mediterranean for one week. He returned within half a day. He had made too many enemies who showed him he would not be safe in open waters in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • When Prime Minister Mintoff was still in office and during the time of terrorism in Europe in the early eighties, one of his patrol boats was blown up a few miles off Malta one of by Libya's destroyers. That was a time when there was a fight between Gaddafi and Mintoff regarding possible oil exploration between Malta and Libya. Mintoff knew it was Gaddafi who ordered the blowing up of the patrol boat. But for Mintoff, Gaddafi was too radical and too powerful to do anything about the incident. The record shows that Mintoff did not inform his people that the patrol boat was sunk by a hostile country, he just told the public, "the patrol boat blew up by itself."

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February 2008